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    • Memoirs

      #Mariupol #Hope

      by Nadia Sukhorukova

      Could anyone imagine that in the twenty-first century, a city of an independent European country could be erased from the face of the earth, while its people were put on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe? For almost three months, in real-time, the whole world had been watching the Russian army slowly destroy Mariupol—one of the key cities of eastern Ukraine. “I was born in Mariupol and lived there all my life. It’s the city of my childhood, of my love and my happiness. I’ve seen it in different shapes and forms, but I’ve never thought that I would see it dead. I couldn’t even imagine that I would be describing its agony. The characters of this book are real people. They are my friends, relatives, and neighbors. During the blockade, bombardments, constant shelling, and hunger, we, the residents of Mariupol, tried to survive. I was writing down everything that was happening to us to keep my sanity. I didn’t think I had a chance to escape this hell and that’s why I described all events as they really happened”, writes Nadia Sukhorukova about her book.

    • Children's & YA

      13 keys to understanding yourself, your environment and your relationships

      by Anna Prosvetova

      This is the story of all women facing problems of personal life, self-awareness, communication with others. It seems that today there shouldn`t be problems with obtaining certain knowledge by young people. In practice, this should mean that today's teenagers should grow up informed, and therefore not repeat the mistakes their parents made. So why, then, in the 21st century, the problems of teenagers have not disappeared anywhere? Why do girls and boys get into "bad" companies the same way? Why do underage girls still "suddenly" get pregnant? Why do modern children suffer from depression? Having mastered this book, your child will understand that he/she is an individual, will learn to respect himself/herself, will easily find the right friends, will be able to achieve his dreams and plan his own happy future. This publication is recommended not only to teenagers, but also to their parents, because practice shows that many adults would also learn about the Keys that unlock the door to the world of Happiness.

    • Memoirs


      by Andriy Meronyk

      "24.02" is a war diary. The book tells a real story about a company of young people who found themselves against their will in the middle of the war. It is about how each of them froze either from fear or from cold when a rocket hit somewhere nearby and a powerful explosion broke some windows and activated alarms. It is about how each of them tried to be useful to the country, about the evolution of their fears and doubts. It is about what they discussed, what they thought about and what they believed in. This book is about ordinary people, ordinary Ukrainians.

    • History

      250 years of lies: Russian myths about the history of Crimea

      by Serhii Hromenko

      The book analyses more than 20 Russian myths fabricated to legitimise the annexation of Crimea. The annexation of the Ukrainian peninsular of Crimea by Russia in 2014 caused the largest political crisis in Europe since the Second World War. It also gave rise to the unprecedented growth of propaganda to justify the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world. Is Crimea really an original Russian land? Is it true that the Crimean Tatars are all traitors? Was the peninsula really integrated into Ukraine illegally? And what, after all, were the events of February–March 2014–the illegal occupation of the foreign territory or the “restoration of historical justice”?

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      30 essays on archaeological research of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

      by Sergiy Taranenko

      For the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, the team of authors of the National Preserve "Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra" has prepared a unique publication - 30 essays on the archaeological research of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. The book presents 30 sensational and most valuable archaeologically recorded objects and artifacts found in the period from 1991 to 2021 on the territory of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Each essay consists of textual and illustrative parts. Almost thousand-year history of the famous Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, always attracts not only Kyiv citizens, but also a lot of guests from all over Ukraine and various countries of the world.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      300 Years of Solitude: Ukrainian Donbas in Search of Senses and the Roots

      by Stanislav Kulchytsky, Larysa Yakubova

      In recent years, Donbas has been at the epicenter of a heated public discussion. This book is a comprehensive study of the historical experience of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. It highlights several problems of rapid social and economic growth and painful stagnation, powerful migration processes and the multi-ethnic population structure and, as a result, an unstructured identity and short historical memory. The authors explore the origins of the Soviet mythologemes of the "people of Donbas”, “All-Union stokehold”, “melting pot”, which have been influencing the formation of the consciousness of the region’s population and the collective image of the Ukrainian Donbas for a long time. This book presents a detailed analysis of the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the factors that preceded the creation of quasi-states, as well as possible ways and tools to overcome the social and cultural consequences of the military conflict.

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      36 and 6 Cats

      by Halyna Vdovychenko

      36 and 6 cats — that’s exactly how many fluffy tailed creatures appeared in front of Mrs. Krepova’s apartment on one rainy evening. The stubborn woman was reluctant to welcome the strangers in her house, but everything changed when the feline, sphinx-like Baroness appeared and completely won her heart. Neither Mrs. Krepova nor her nephew Stas could have ever imagined the outcome of the invasion of their small apartment by 36 adult cats and 6 small kittens.

    • Comic strip fiction / graphic novels (Children's/YA)

      40 Rules to Survive the Apocalypse

      by Yuri Nikitinsky

      What to do if there was an explosion, zombies are wandering around, viruses or aliens are creeping, and the Angry Cockroach is crunching the on the cookies left in the kitchen? First and foremost, you should not panic and be prepared. Of course, the cases are very different - real and fictional - but the advice in this book is always valid and useful for each of them. So if you are seriously prepared, no apocalypse will get you!

    • Fiction

      50 Percent Rational

      by Boichenko Oleksandr

      Oleksandr Boichenko is known for noticing existentially important moments in everyday life and writing about them in plain, conversational language. "50 Percent Rational" is a collection of 50 short essays on the most discussed topics in Modern Ukraine: the language issue, European integration, the limits of tolerance, ways to find common ground for people of different ages and backgrounds. He also writes about Soviet times, 1990s, 2000s. Boichenko skillfully weaves lyrical notes from the private lives of famous individuals, comic and tragic situations in their everyday life into his essays about everyday life of the late XX - early XXI century in Ukraine.

    • Memoirs

      77 days of February. Ukraine between two symbolic dates of the Russian war ideology

      by Marichka Paplauskaite (Compiler), Authors: Inna Adrug, Anna Argirova, Kateryna Babkina, Tetyana Bezruk, Oleksandra Gorchynska, Inna Zolotukhina, Vera Kuriko, Olena Livytska, Olga Livytska, Svitlana Oslavska, Marichka Paplauskaite, Eva Raiska, Anya Semenyuk, Zoya Khramchenko, Margarita Chimyris, Iryna Yaroshynska

      As a child, she could not understand why people in films about the blockade of Leningrad were always lying down. And when Mariupol was besieged by the Russians, and she and her husband lived for many days without water, food and heat under constant shelling, she realized that when you lie down, you save strength and energy. "77 Days of February" included reports written by journalists of the Reporters media in the period between February 23 and May 9 — two symbolic dates for Russian military ideology. The invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine stopped the number of days and pushed Ukrainians back to the intervening time, where February — the month of the beginning of the great war — still lasts. In the meantime and in these candid stories, there is pain, fear, hatred, and sometimes despair. But the main thing is hope. This is a bare nerve and an honest voice of the new Ukrainian reality.

    • Graphic novels: true stories & non-fiction

      A Brief History of Ukrainian Feminism. Graphic novel

      by Mykola Yabchenko

      Feminism is a living phenomenon, but its history can and should be recorded. A number of serious works on the history of the women's movement and feminism have been published in Ukraine, but it is only recently that the history of Ukrainian feminism appeared in the form of a graphic novel. This book is our humble attempt to try and cover the vast history of Ukrainian feminism on a moderate number of pages. We have mentioned many outstanding personalities, but we have not mentioned even more names, for which we immediately apologise - after all, a lot has happened in 150 years and it’s hard to fit all into a relatively small graphic novel. This book may be of interest to those who have only recently become interested in feminism, as it is a brief introduction to the history of Ukrainian feminism. More experienced readers will be delighted to notice some additional details and stories to what they already know.

    • Children's & young adult: general non-fiction

      A Cool History of UkraineFrom Dinosaurs Till Now

      by Inna Kovalyshena

      Do you really think that history is boring and hard to under- stand? The heroes of this book thought so, too, at first. But just one interesting discovery pushed them to get to know history better — and to see that it can be fascinating, vibrant and so close to each of them. Four friends decide to explore the Ukrainian history and learn the truth: what kind of dino- saurs lived on our lands, who fought for Ukraine’s independ- ence, and why Ukrainians are the way they are. It turns out that history can be exciting and very important, even if it was back in the days of the dinosaurs. The subject of the book is the history of Ukraine from dinosaurs to today, which is interestingly and directly revealed. The main characters are children, in whom readers can recognize themselves. The text is written with humor and simple words, which makes the perception of information interactive. The book touches on important points of Ukraine's struggle for independence over many years.

    • Children's & young adult: general non-fiction

      A Delicious History of Ukraine

      by Masha Serdiuk

      What is Ukrainian cuisine? Who invented borscht? Where did the holubtsi (cabbage rolls) come from? And why are Ukrainian varenyky (dumplings) called relatives of Chinese dim sums? Answers to these questions can be found in this book. In an interesting accessible form, we tell children the history of the Ukrainian gastronomy. They will find out what famous Ukrainians loved to eat. We will explain in a plain way how the cuisine of Halychyna differs from that of Volyn and Polissya regions. We will also map all the “delicious” places in the country. Furthermore, of course, young readers will learn how to cook cult Ukrainian dishes.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      A Harvest Truce

      by Serhiy Zhadan

      Brothers Anton and Tolik reunite at their family home to bury their recently deceased mother. An otherwise natural ritual unfolds under extraordinary circumstances: their house is on the front line of a war ignited by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Isolated without power or running water, the brothers’ best hope for success and survival lies in the declared cease-fire - the harvest truce. But such hopes are swiftly dashed, as it becomes apparent that the conflagration of war will not abate. Serhiy Zhadan’s A Harvest Truce stages a tragicomedy in which the commonplace experiences of death, birth, and the cycles of life marked by the practices of growing and harvesting food are rendered futile and farcical in the wake of the indifferent juggernaut of war.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      A Ukrainian Christmas

      by Nadiyka Herbish, Yaroslav Hrytsak

      Christmas brings the indestructibility of hope in times of the greatest hopelessness. As long as we celebrate this holiday, we can neither be defeated nor destroyed. This is the message that Ukraine is trying to convey to the world. And this is what our book is about.' From Christmas music to gifts and food, as well as a look back through the country's rich and troubled history through the perspective of the festive season, this beautifully illustrated and powerful book introduces readers to Ukraine's unique Christmas traditions. In a country where East and West meet, this is a fascinating and unmissable guide to capturing the spirit of one of the most important times of year and a powerful reminder of the strength of holding on to your culture and beliefs, even as others try to take everything from you.

    • True stories

      A journey to the afterlife. Mariupol

      by Evgen Shishatskyi

      As with every Ukrainian, on February 24, 2022, the author's world turned upside down. In Mariupol, my mother and friends were under fire, with whom I lost contact. Eugene decides to go to the occupied East to help evacuate people. "Journey to the afterlife. Mariupol" is the confession of a volunteer driver who miraculously got out of Mariupol. The author describes a real story about a journey to the "edge of frozen time", talks about people whose life choices and fate brought them here, about their choice, "this one, thoughtless, but conscious. In search of their own. In search of myself. With a fatalistic readiness for new experiences."

    • Children's & YA
      October 2021

      A tale about two brothers and a sister

      by Dara Kornii

      The World was beautiful and happy then. There was no hatred, malice, or envy. The earth gave birth generously, the sun shone gently, the sky poured with a bountiful rain, and children grew in harmony with nature. The Creator admired his beloved creation. Two brothers, Morok and Zhytnyk, and the youngest sister Veselka grew up in one glorious family. They were beautiful children, generously gifted with talents. Everything changed when one of the brothers wanted to feel like God and shed the first innocent blood. And the other brother did not stop him. Evil, envy, hatred, and temptation entered the World. The Creator knew in advance how everything would end for this World and decided to destroy people. But not everything is so simple, because this is a fairy tale. Who or what saved people from death? Why is it so important to value other people's lives, love the land you walk on, and reject temptations, even if they promise you omnipotence?

    • Literature & Literary Studies


      by Kostiantyn Moskalets

      The basis of Kostyantyn Moskalets's writing is a fine aesthetic taste, a good familiarity with works on philosophy, aesthetics, cultural studies, the ability to catch the trends of certain literary phenomena, and analytical thinking. Moskalets reveals a high culture of reception, the culture that was practiced in the Ukrainian literature by his favorite poets and critics Mykola Zerov and Vasyl Stus. The importance of this essay writing and literary criticism lies in direct, immediate vision, which respects the originality, individuality of all things and encourages reflection on the universal laws of the universe, leading to the appreciation of every moment of existence.

    • Biography & True Stories
      February 2020

      Andrey Sheptytsky. Biography

      by Roman Horak

      Fourteen moments of the Passion of Christ, called stations, were recorded by human memory on the way of our salvation on Calvary. Fourteen moments of our humiliation and humiliation of our faith... How many humiliation he suffered, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, who felt like a Kyrenian, who helped us carry our cross, when those who called themselves leaders abandoned us, and when our language was banned. ...And the Lord took pity on us. And as a great manifestation of love for us, He sent Him, who was destined to go with us on His way to Calvary. Let's not forget: he was always a stranger among those for whom he came into this world. His conversion to his ancestors' faith was perceived ambiguously. The book is based on documentary materials, the authenticity of which has been confirmed. It creates the impression of a real epic of time and relationships. In addition to memories of the metropolitan, the testimony of the press, which recorded his every step, denunciations on him, materials of special services, protocols of interrogations, reports of employees and special agents, who have been monitoring Metropolitan Sheptytsky since 1937, were used. For a wide range of readers.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Avatar. On the Nature of Duplication and Multiplicity

      by Taras Liutyi

      Humans are very fickle. On the deep psychological level, they are constantly reborn into the new surrounding circumstances, and trying to adapt to them. Some people are not thinking about the past or future at all, while others throw themselves into the whirlpool of scenarios, creating a lot of pain for themselves and others. When we think about probable and improbable scenarios of our life events, we technically create our own endless number of avatars. We duplicate ourselves. Why are some people cautious, some aggressive and some are completely resistant to the novelties? Why do we think we are complete, yet we constantly change? Why we sometimes marvel at something that is not available and finding it hard to appreciate our own talents and the talents of others? The book tries to find some answers to the questions of human mind. The book is devoted to the formation of a human personality, which cannot do without its own transformation, the experience of the Other and the Stranger, the bifurcation and maintenance of the unity of its self and many other aspects.

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