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    • Technology: general issues
      October 2018

      Bonding technology

      Bonding-friendly constructions and applications in practice

      by Tim Jüntgen

      For many applications, bonding technology represents a reliable and economical alternative to established and traditional joining processes. Among other things, it offers the best prerequisites for the consistent realization of resilient lightweight co

    • Plastics & polymers technology

      Inline Measurement

      for Compounder Process Monitoring Systems

      by Thomas Hochrein, Ingo Alig

      Inline measurement moves the monitoring system right into the production process. This book contains the first complete synopsis of all currently available inline measurement techniques for compounding applications. In addition to describing conventional

    • E-commerce: business aspects
      January 2015

      Marketing – IT / IT – Marketing

      A type of dictionary

      by René Steiner, Thomas Lehning, Mirko Holzer, Andreas Dürr

      The book bridges the gap which separates marketing and IT management by shedding light on issues which arise at the interface between those two perspectives. It facilitates the understanding between these two disciplines which are of equal strategic impor

    • Business & management
      August 2008

      Recipes for success in projects

      The human aspect

      by Peter Siwon

      The author uses little experiments and tests to take the reader on an interesting voyage of discovery, revealing the human aspect of project work. The background stories and relationships prepare the ground for suggestions as to how the insights might be

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Lead Management

      by Norbert Schuster

      The text provides an in-depth overview of current lead management practices and helps inject new momentum into the new customer acquisition process. With an emphasis on practical application, it explains how companies use lead management to: • enhance the

    • Health & Personal Development

      Managing Your Life - The Ten Commandments of Composure

      by Rolf H. Bay

      "Faster," "better," "higher" and "more" seem to be the gospel of our highly-charged society. Can we afford to remain calm? Does that not make us look at bit indifferent or perhaps even arrogant? Absolutely not! Composure is a wonderful manifestation of se

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Standards and Regulations in the Plastics Industry

      by Frank Richter

      Most products and production processes in the plastics industry must comply with large and complex guidelines, regulations, laws and standards. Organized by industry, this compendium outlines the content and relevance of the extensive set: electrical/elec

    • Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies

      Plastics studies

      by Otto Schwarz, Friedrich-Wolfhard Ebeling

      Plastics: definition, origin of plastics, design and structure, thermoplastics, duroplastics, elastomers, methods of identifying plastics, principles of plastics testing, special testing methods. Teachers, students and anyone else interested in this field

    • Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies

      Synthetic Materials Work Book

      by Walter Bischoff, Friedrich-Wolfhard Ebeling

      A work book with learning assignments intended as a supplement to technical books on the science and processing of synthetic materials. To enhance the learning experience, solutions to the questions are not presented. Mathematical questions are used to il

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Plastics fabrication

      by O. Schwarz, F.-W. Eebling, B. Furth

      Introduction to the material science of plastics, conditioning, calendering, coating of substrate webs, extrusion, blow moulding, film casting, injection moulding, injection blow moulding, thermoplast foam casting, pressing and transfer moulding, foaming,

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Plastics compendium

      by Adolf Franck

      An extensive overview of the production, composition, processing, application, environmental behaviour and characteristics of thermoplastics, polymer alloys, elastomers and thermoset plastics. The book is written for both tutors and students at technical

    • Geography & the Environment

      The basics of environmental engineering

      by Matthias Bank

      This basic work for the core subject fields Water, Air, Waste, Noise and Legislation is based on the years of teaching experience acquired by Germany's first state-run college for environmental engineering in Frankenberg (Eder). A special effort has been

    • Mechanical engineering & materials

      Centrifugal pumps and centrifugal pump systems

      by Walter Wagner

      When it comes to the conveyance of material flows, centrifugal pumps are the preferred choice in all branches of industry. As centrifugal pumps are turbo-machines and therefore possess characteristic performance data, the desired delivery flow (working po

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Water and Steam in Industrial Engineering

      by Walter Wagner

      This volume provides a clear description of solutions to problems that arise in water and steam systems engineering. The steam unit, non-condensable gas constituents (inert gases) and the effective drainage of condensation products are becoming increasing

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Planning in plant construction

      by Walter Wagner

      Step by step, the author explains the complex procedures involved in the planning of new plant. He draws up both technical and business specifications and instructions and delimits the various activities which together make up the planning process. The re

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Heat transfer

      by Walter Wagner

      Introduction, heat conduction, convection, condensation, evaporation, radiation, special forms of heat transfer, heat transmission, heat exchangers, summary of most important equations, physical values. Calculation of temperature distribution and heat exc

    • Mechanical engineering & materials
      May 2017

      Selection of Plastics

      A Practical Guide to Material Selection

      by Frank Richter, Bernd Schöneberg, Christian Henne, Daniel Gertsch, Walter Zink

      Plastic materials are typically used for series products. Choosing the wrong material can cause thousands of defective products. To avoid costly callbacks and the related loss of image, the selection of a suitable plastic material should be based on a com

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
      July 2017

      Industrie 4.0

      Identifying and Tapping the Potential

      by Thomas Schulz

      Identifying and Tapping the Potential of Industrie 4.0 | The Reference Book on Digital Transformation in Industrial Production Digitalization has transformed the concept of industrial manufacturing substantially. The Internet of Things, machine-to-machine

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
      December 2017

      OPC UA Best Practice Guide

      Fundamentals – Implementation – Upgrade – Practical Examples

      by Miriam Schleipen

      The complexity and functional scope of OPC UA are both a blessing and a curse: All details are documented in specifications, examples and numerous articles. At the same time, however, this abundance of data is in fact the biggest challenge. After all, the

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture
      January 2017

      Drive Engineering in Practice

      Energy Efficient Fixed Speed or Variable Speed Drives

      by Peter Brosch

      The Reference Book on Practice Oriented Layout and Control of Connected Drive Systems Industrie 4.0: To implement extensive connection of industrial production facilities across the entire value added range, digitalization of all related processes is requ

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