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    • MX Publishing Ltd

      MX Publishing, based in London, have two main divisions – coaching and therapy including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Victorian literature and history, in particular Sherlock Holmes.

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    • 2018

      Poems and biography of Li Taibai

      by Jin Taosheng

      This book is a biography written for the great poet Li Bai (Taibai) of the Tang Dynasty. Biography takes Li Bai's poetry as the key link. Through the in-depth interpretation of poetry, it reveals Li Bai's life and creative process, and reproduces the sorr

    • 2018

      Poems and biography of Du Fu

      by Jin Taosheng

      This book is a biography of the great poet Du Fu (Zi Mei) of the Tang Dynasty. Taking Du Fu's poetry as the key link, through the interpretation of poetry and implication, the poet's difficult and magnificent poetic life is reproduced, showing the grea

    • 2018

      Introduction of Zhou Yi

      by Liu Dajun

      This book is a representative work of the 20th century study of Zhou Yi. It has put forward many insightful views on the study of Zhou Yi, and it's worth to be published.

    • 2018

      Research on the History of the Three Kingdoms

      by Sun Qixiang

      The study of Shudao and the study of the history of the Three Kingdoms are two separate and related topics. The formation and extinction of the three countries are closely related to the Shudao. The war between the three countries also affects the deve

    • 2018

      National Treasure: 100 Cultural Relic Telling the History of Chinese Civilization

      by Tong Xun, Wang Yunsong

      The cultural relics carry civilization and culture. This book is a panoramic view of the National Treasures of the National Museum of China, the Palace Museum of Beijing, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, and the major museums in China, for each piece

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2019

      Fear Money Purpose

      How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose

      by Nancy Youssef

      Small business owners and entrepreneurs often face big money fears. Whether it is the fear of not making money, of not knowing what to do with the money they make or the fear of being financially responsible for staff, the fear is real. In FEAR

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2019

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing

      How to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property

      by Paul Glossop

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing is about how to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property. <a title="Paul Glossop" href="

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2019

      20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected property expe

    • Children's & YA
      May 2019

      Big Father, Bigger love

      by Li Maoyuan

      This series of picture books tells the story of the little tarsier's imagination of the world when growing up. Sometimes, the little tarsier will encounter setbacks and pain. From the story we know that growth will be a little painful, but if there is

    • Children's & YA
      September 2018

      Baby Bus(Good Habits)

      by Baby Bus

      There are ten topics on the growth of children, set a model for behavioral enlightenment for children. Each book has two small stories, and the language is simple and lively, the vividly description reproduces the daily life of child, covers 20 good ha

    • Children's & YA
      June 2018

      Baby Bus(Rescue Team)

      by Baby Bus

      This is a storybook full of childlike and imaginative, and a set of picture books that will help children fully understand teamwork and improve their ability to negotiate and solve problems. There are various tasks and problems in the book that not onl

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      April 2018

      Looking up at the stars in the abyss: the humbleness and pride of celebrities in Wei and Jin Dynasty

      by Bei Mingyu

      This book is a celebrity biography of Wei Jin Dynasties. The stories are authentic, which take us to review the Wei Jin Dynasties, and appreciate those interesting stories and souls

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2019

      New Journey of Great Powers

      From Economic Gaint to Economic Power

      by Zhang Zhanbin

      This book provides a general explanation of new theoretical trees, new development goals, new contradictions, and new historical missions. As a world power, how China, guided by the spirit of the Party ’s 19th National Congress of the Chinese Com

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Minorities in China

      an American University President's Photographic Journey

      by Sidney A. Mcphee

      This book is a compilation of more than two hundred pictures reflecting the traditional costumes, characteristic buildings, traditional activities, and traditional medicine of Chinese ethnic minorities. Each picture has the story behind it and the test

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2019

      Find the better self

      by Wen Liyang

      This book is a readme for a post-80s lady entrepreneur.Born in 1985, she became a part-time migrant worker after joining secondary school. At work, she pays attention and looks for opportunities; in life, she constantly learns and improves hersel

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation:

      Case Studies and Plans

      by Secretariat of the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo Organizing Committee

      China-Africa Economics and Trade Cooperation: Case Studies and Plans comes in 3 languages: Chinese(2 volumes), English(2 volumes), and French(2 volumes). This book series include 101 excellent case studies , which related to

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Study on Survival of Chinese Classical Opera

      by Wang Fuya

      The book mainly explores Chinese classical opera in terms of the existence, cutural essence and functions, artistic features, and the position in Chinese traditional culture. The author conducts study based on theories of popular culture and folk

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      January 2018

      Bamboo Engraving in Baoqing: Traditional Chinese Engraving Art

      by Zhang Zongfan

      As a national-level cultural heritage, bamboo engraving in Baoqing enjoys a great reputation. This book mainly introduces this precious engraving technique from five aspects: history, categories, materials and tools, production process, and artistic fe

    • 2013

      A Collection of Comic Books of China's Four Great Classical Novels

      by Xie Pengchen Chen Anming et al.

      A Collection of Comic Books of China's Four Great Classical Novels: Journey to the West, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Dreams of Red Mansions, and Wa

    • Poetry

      The Penultimate Cup

      by Moncef Ouhaibi

      A 420-page collection of poetry by Tunisian Moncef Ouhaibi, The Penultimate Cup covers a wide variety of topics. Rich in artistic, philosophical, literacy and historic values, Ouhaibi’s poems offer readers rich

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