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    • Children's & YA

      Just a Small Town

      by Paul Linggood

      A small town that could be anywhere: industry is in decline, streets are in decay, many have left, while those left behind take short-term joy in drugs. Four young people are among the left behind. Alex consumes heroin to escape his abusive father. Jim hides from guilt after the death of the friend he didn’t save. Chelsi’s brother killed a local boy, and ostracism pushes her towards a rival gang, prostitution and loneliness. Danny is a hustler but needs protection from the drug gang that supplies him. Can any of them survive the addiction, gang life, isolation and manipulation? Their small town could be anywhere.

    • Fiction
      March 2020

      small red women

      by Marta Sanz

      A novel about the dead and the disappeared, for whom the search still endures, and against a far-right that has never left and turned into a universal threat. A noir novel that prolongs the possibility of the political novel. Paula Quiñones arrives in Azafrán as a volunteer to help locate civil war mass graves. Little by little, she integrates herself into the community and gets to know its power dynamics, governed by a family whose patriarch has just turned one hundred years old. The story becomes obscured, and the village becomes a threatening space in which Paula’s discoveries begin to put her in danger. Who were the dead that Paula is looking for? Who do the voices, that chase her like a tragic chorus of kids and women, belong to? A novel about economic and cultural violence, and about violence against women, that dissects accounts of memory. «Sanz has few possible competitors in her generation. If someone is called to remain in posterity, it’s her (…) She has talent, brightness, and nerve. It's literature in its pure state (…) With each narration that carries her signature, the miracle of good literature is produced» (Ángeles López, La Razón). «small red women—like so, in lowercase—is a subversive game that becomes a homage. The story of Paula, a middle aged inspector who arrives in the imagined location of Azafrán to work on a project of historical memory (…) The far-right’s boom in Spain and around the world has given this story an unexpected urgency. Or maybe not so unexpected (…) The novel takes from many genres and at the same time transcends them, manipulates them. But, like the previous two parts of the trilogy, it bathes in the noir and plays with it» (Juan Carlos Galindo, El País).

    • Women's Fiction
      May 2017

      The Admiral's Baths

      by Dana Gynther

      The Admiral’s Baths is composed of four inter-connected stories, each told from the perspective of a different woman in her own time period. The story opens as a contemporary historian conducts research at the baths, making discoveries which lead us back in time. History unfolds through the stories of the struggles, desires, tragedies, and triumphs of these four protagonists. Although they are separated by hundreds of years, we find that what connects them is more powerful than the passage of time. The Admiral’s Baths (102,300 words) revolves around an actual monument in Valencia, Spain, a medieval public bathhouse which was open for nearly seven centuries and is now a museum. Some years ago, I translated several articles about the monument, covering its history, owners, architecture, and restoration. I became fascinated with the subject, and was particularly struck by its longevity. The Baths’ long history became an integral part of the story; instead of choosing one moment in the Baths’ – and Spain’s—history, I chose four: the 14th, 16th, and 19th centuries as well as the 21st.

    • Children's & YA
      January 2021



      Berta is tidy, never throws tantrums and never cries. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she just opens one of her boxes of emotions and shuts in her tears, fear and anger. But what would happen if one day she loses control? Berta will realize that emotions should be felt and not locked up inside boxes. A great contribution to help raise emotionally intelligent kids.

    • Children's & YA
      March 2020



      Why can´t Sam sleep? He decides to ask the other animals in the jungle to find an answer to his problem. But Elephant, Snake, Monkey, Tiger and Crocodile aren’t happy about being woken up. Will Hugo ever find out why he can't sleep?

    • Autobiography: arts & entertainment
      October 2020

      Taken by the Muse

      On the Path to Becoming a Filmmaker

      by Anne Wheeler

      Laced with humour and revelation, Anne Wheeler’s creative non-fiction stories tell of her serendipitous journey in the seventies, when she broke with tradition and found her own way to becoming a filmmaker and raconteur. Join this celebrated screenwriter and director as she travels south of Mombasa after calling off her wedding; attempts to gain acceptance in a male-dominated film collective; travels to India to visit friends who are devoted to a radical Master, and ultimately discovers her sense of purpose and passion close to home, sharing stories that would otherwise be lost about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Taken by the Muse: On the Path to Becoming a Filmmaker is a must-read for anyone open to exploring the possibilities of who they are and what they might do with their lives – and for those who love a good story told with integrity and warmth.

    • Drugs trade / drug trafficking
      November 2020


      My Time Undercover on the Granville Strip

      by Norm Boucher

      In his first true crime memoir, undercover operator Norm Boucher recounts eight months spent infiltrating Vancouver’s heroin scene, a world of paranoia, ripoffs, and violence. It is 1983 and the War on Drugs is intensifying. From his barroom observer's seat, Boucher candidly reveals the lives of heroin addicts who spend each day looking for their next hit. Their dangerous subculture, centred around three gritty hotels on the Granville Strip, becomes Boucher’s domain as he attempts both to gain acceptance in a world far removed from his own and to keep himself safe. With Horseplay, decorated RCMP officer Norm Boucher takes readers back to the assignment that shaped his outlook on the role of criminal law enforcement and the human side of addiction as it collides with the ruthlessness of the drug business.

    • November 2020

      Mont Babel

      by Keith Henderson

      “Where is everybody?” That’s the question physicist Enrico Fermi posed to his Manhattan Project colleagues now 70 years ago. They knew what he meant. Decades of reaching out to intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe, and no response. Zero. Nothing. A fact which remains true today .Mont Babel sling-shots off the Fermi paradox using the opposing forces of father and son. Jim Benedict’s a humanist, a man of the word, his son an engineer who’s bored by Shakespeare and likes the NFL. “In the beginning was the word. In the beginning was the Big Bang: two party bumper stickers of our current malaise,” writes Jim Benedict. Father and son rarely communicate. If they do, it is by email. What brings them together is the lovely Iris Doubt, Tom Benedict’s south African geologist girlfriend, one of the Ariel School children who claimed to have been visited by aliens. Now working in Canada, she spends her free time as invitee to UFO conferences and as investigator of impact craters, one of which is l’oeil du Québec, Mont Babel. Macrocosm meets microcosm in Mont Babel, quantum mechanics and astrophysics, neutrinos and black holes, raising questions about perception and consciousness, heaven and family peace.

    • June 2020

      Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

      by Zsolt Alapi

      The protagonist of this novel, Stephen, twice exiled, first from his birthplace, Hungary, and then from the United States as a Vietnam draft resistor who settles in Montreal, Quebec, becomes obsessed with W.H. Auden’s poem, 'Musėe des Beaux Arts' and Bruegel’s painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, an obsession about the nature of suffering and art that leads to his attempted suicide and to the subsequent chaos of his life. Upon his discharge from a mental institute, he attends several sessions with his psychiatrist with whom he has a comically adversarial relationship wherein they explore his false reliance on literature as the only way to define and relate to the world. Told through the first- person narrator, the novel explores the nature of suffering, of authenticity, and of the value of the written word as Stephen reflects on his past life, the dissolution of his marriage, and his abiding yet potentially destructive passion for books. After his discharge from the mental institute and while undergoing therapy and merciless self-evaluation, Stephen receives a mysterious phone call that leads him to an exploration of his failed relationships with women and a final surprise resolution to his search for meaning and redemption. Set primarily in Montreal, the novel also travels to the places of Stephen’s past: the Hungary of his childhood, Europe, the United States, and the Montreal of his youth through his memories and reflections. Despite its comic undertone, the novel explores the illusions we construct to provide value to our lives, the nature of love and the erotic, and the path towards compassion and meaning.

    • November 2019

      Kate Wake

      by Mariianne Mays Wiebe

      It’s 2008. Blue Hills is a haunted place. Katie fights to reclaim her life from the grip of a profound psychological crisis, tracing back a maternal thread through a stumbled-upon and uncertain family history at the nearby, now-abandoned prairie mental asylum. As Katie seeks to rehabilitate the present by understanding the past, her fate becomes imaginatively intertwined with that of her great-grandmother Kate Wake, an enigmatic independent-minded artist with a remarkable story of her own. In returning to a scene of loss, this elegant variation on the Eurydice-Orpheus myth reconsiders, with a fresh, unsentimental vision, the roles of trauma, madness, creativity and memory in relation to art and literary form. Sharply realized and fortified by a fierce, poetic grace, Kate Wake testifies to the timeless, urgent power of art and music with a delicately experimental, multi-genre story that unfolds its narrative mystery to reveal a shocking core.

    • November 2013

      The Roof Walkers

      by Keith Henderson

      Christmas, 1864, in the last years of the civil war, a twenty-year-old Irish Canadian, Eoin O’Donoghue, is newly hired as the personal secretary to the prospective head of the Irish Republican Army in New York, William R. Roberts. Appalled that the mayhem he sees around him is also being planned for his own country, Eoin offers his services to Gilbert McMicken, head of Canada’s secret police. So begins the trajectory of what Eoin himself calls, self-disparagingly, his “Judas informantcy.” Against a backdrop of fusion and collapse, 600,000 Americans dead, one nation, Canada, about to be created, another to its south in disarray, Irish militants plan northward raids to win a “New Ireland” on the continent (its capital, Sherbrooke, QC), to split Ireland itself off from Great Britain, and to avenge reverse, cross-border Southern terror plots hatched in Montreal and approved by Jefferson Davis. Under assumed names, safely housed in the Moffat Mansion on Union Square live the secret, illegitimate twin daughters of James Stephens, IRA leader in Europe. Who will capture Eoin O’Donoghue’s allegiance–his Fenian employer, Deirdre Hopper (Stephens), accomplished painter and musician and daughter of the leader in Dublin, or Canadian spymaster Gilbert McMicken, who regularly insists his protégé provide “less poetry and more police work?”

    • Health & Personal Development

      The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Marriage

      by Stephen R. Covey

      Making Your Relationship a Priority in a Turbulent World Dr. Stephen R. Covey has noted that strong relationships don’t just happen; they require the combined energy, talent, desire, vision, and dedication of all their members. The 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MARRIAGE provides a much needed framework for applying universal, self-evident principles that enable couples to communicate more effectively about their problems and resolve them successfully. By offering revealing anecdotes about their own marriage as well as helpful suggestions about changing everyday behavior, Dr. Stephen R. Covey and his wife Sandra – along with his brother Dr. John M.R. Covey and his wife, Jane Parrish Covey – offer insights and personal experiences in applying these proven principles to marriage and home. This book is built upon a recording of a live presentation, featuring Dr. Stephen R. Covey and his wife Sandra, on their 50 years of marriage. The training material in the book introduces the principles and practices of the 7 Habits of Marriage drawn from Dr. John M. R. Covey and his wife Jane Parish Covey’s 25 of years of teaching and applying the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Marriage in the lives of thousands of people.The book is full of wisdom about people who connect in committed relationships. The principles of human effectiveness will help you and your partner to thrive whatever your country of origin or your circumstances. This book will help you and your marriage to: Prioritize your relationship in today's turbulent world Build a happier and more effective partnership Unite around a common purpose, vision, and mission As an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant, and author, Stephen R. Covey's advice gives insight to millions. He sold more than 40 million books (in 50 languages), and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoplewas named the #1 Most Infl uential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. He was the author of The 3rd Alternative, The 8th Habit, The Leader in Me,First Things First, and many other titles. He held an MBA from Harvard and a doctorate from Brigham Young University. He lived with his wife and family in Utah.

    • Health & Personal Development

      Turning Tomorrow into Today

      10 wake-up calls to help you hit the reset button

      by Anke Fehring

      Stop hitting snooze on life Why ‘sometime in the future’ is simply too late What is your personal ‘snooze’ button? Do you work all hours to avoid confronting uncomfortable truths? Binge on TV? Retreat into daydreams, even as your real-life dreams fl oat ever further out of reach? Being totally honest: how often do you press the snooze button instead of getting up and taking control? In her new book, Anke Fehring describes the ten most com-mon ways in which we snooze our lives away and tells us how to wake up and press the reset button. Whether we delude ourselves, underestimate ourselves, compare our-selves with others, give into the pressure of expectations, retreat into distractions or dwell on doubt: we all know at least one (often very comfortable) excuse to press the metaphorical snooze button. The time is now to wake up and start afresh! The goal of this book is for you to feel, in the kindest way possible, that you’d been caught red-handed. Ironically, it is just when we feel like hitting snooze that we should be at our most alert. Such moments signal a need for us to correct our course and to make pressing changes to our lives.In which areas of your life do you have a tendency to press snooze? How does this manifest itself? Why do you do this? From now on: keep your eyes peeled!

    • Health & Personal Development


      Increase your income, do your bit and achieve personal freedom: From a self-made millionaire with their feet (still) on the ground

      by Philipp J. Müller

      Your Step-By-Step Guide To Achieving Financial Freedom As the coronavirus crisis continues, increasing numbers of us live in fear for our economic livelihoods. Money is the central concern that affects us all and drives our actions. It’s never too early to take financial matters into our own hands. This new book by investment professional Philipp J. Müller shows how anyone can increase and safeguard their income on a long-term basis. Drawing on a wide range of examples and personal anecdotes, this seasoned financial trainer guides readers through the vast and often complex financial jungle. It helps them figure out what money means to them and shows them why the path to prosperity begins with personal development. ON THE MONEY teaches fundamental principles for a new understanding of money: one characterised by personal maturity, social and economic responsibility and a sophisti-cated appreciation of value. It equips readers to develop a responsible approach to money based on a new mindset, a change in fi nancial behaviour, the development of their financial character, a concrete grasp of the ways that mon-ey can be multiplied and, above all, an awareness of their financial ‘why’. Philipp J. Müller is a financial mentor and the owner and managing director of fi nancial academy ‘PJM Investment Akademie GmbH’, a state-accredited German educational institution. A lawyer by study, he moved sideways into banking and later founded multiple businesses in the fi elds of investment consulting, insurance, construction and real estate management.Philipp J. Müller’s approach is characterised by personal maturity, social responsibility and a sophisticated apprecia-tion of value. He is passionate about equipping his followers and students with a new understanding of money and the tools to guide themselves to fi nancial freedom and prosperity. His academy teaches the art of fi nance-related personal development and provides participants with a full-fl edged system for taking control of their fi nances and generating a regular income via the stock market.

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Desperately Seeking: Lateral Thinkers

      Why the future of business belongs to those who are willing to think unconventionally

      by Anne M. Schüller

      As we attempt to navigate the most radical paradigm shift in human history, companies need lateral thinkers more than ever before. The market players who survive will be those who are agile, nimble, smart and adaptable; who pursue courageous, unconventional and market-driven ideas. Within this context, the role of effective lateral thinkers – ‘organisational rebels’ – is pivotal for success. In her characteristically pithy and analytical fashion, bestselling author Anne M. Schüller exposes all the factors that can hin-der innovation in organisations. Taking her customary practical slant on the issue, she explains what should be done differ-ently and how lateral thinkers can argue successfully for the realisation of their initiatives. This is vital – since it is only with effective lateral thinking that organisations can embrace the future and thrive. With a foreword from Gunter Dueck, former IBM Chief Tech-nology Officer and economic philosopher, speaker and author. A practice-oriented contribution to the debate on the future of companies as we know them By a multi award-winning, bestselling author 15 work hacks – stepping stones on the path to the future With more than 20 years’ experience in lead-ership roles at various international service providers, Anne M. Schüller knows traditional corporate structures inside out. She left the corporate world in 2002 and has worked as a keynote speaker, management guru and business coach ever since, with a range of elite clients from the German-speaking busi-ness world. Her books are bestselling and award-winning. Schüller’s work has been honoured with a number of further awards and accolades. Her lectures on all aspects of digitalisation, humanity and contemporary cor-porate management enjoy a cult following and are lauded for their simultaneously informative, practical and entertaining style.

    • Business, Economics & Law

      The Leader as Influencer

      Want to lead? First, you need to be followed

      by Barbara Liebermeister

      The trendsetter as role model Managers and influencers have much in common. They are not born, but made – and both are ‘made’ by their followers. We live in a digitalised, globalised world: one in which the role of authority is ever less significant and the importance of networking is growing all the time. The leaders of the future are credible, inspiring and with a knack for eye-level communication: the very same attributes that propel an influencer to success. In the modern business world, the difference between success and failure depends on effective relationship management based on high personal credibility and integrity as a leader. True power results from personality. We need a fresh understanding of leadership based, in turn, on a new conception of human nature itself. We need team spirit. The author shows the mechanisms that make influencers successful and explains how business leaders can implement these in their day-to-day working lives. As the best leaders already know: it is those that can win over their employees as individuals that will truly reap the rewards long-term. Influencer success strategies applied to everyday business Concrete practical tips for leaders Examples from a variety of national and international organisations Barbara Liebermeister is an economist by education and a management consultant and keynote speaker by trade. After beginning her career in marketing and sales for international corporations such as Christian Dior, L‘OREAL and Hoechst, she went on to lead pro-jects for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Merck, Fidelity International and many more. Liebermeister is the founder and head of the Insti-tute for Leadership Culture in a Digital Age (IFIDZ) in Frankfurt, which researches the challenges faced by companies’ management cultures in an environ-ment characterised by rapid technological and social change. It develops strategies, methods and tools to impart the skills required by future managers and in-crease their effectiveness within their organisations

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Leadership begins with you

      A Leader’s Quest for Leadership Excellence. A business novel

      by Whitney Breer

      A story about a woman who went away to learn leadership Before Kathleen, an ambitious but not very emphatic manag-er, is entrusted with the management of the family business, her father sends her on a journey around the world. On this journey, which leads from Lafayette (Indiana) via Bangalore, Stockholm, Sao Paulo, New Zealand and back to the States, Kathleen learns a lot about herself and about the secret of true leadership excellence. Whitney Breer, international management coach and expe-rienced trainer, has been accompanying executives all over the world for 25 years. With this book, Whitney Breer has spun scientific proof and research, almost three decades of leadership trainings and coachings and hundreds of interviews into a story and a model which makes these learnings tangible for leaders around the world have been intertwined. She succeeds in the art of writing a business novel that presents the current state of research on self-management, leadership communication, teams, project management and other elements of leader-ship success in an entertaining and impressive story. Leadership Excellence is a marathon, not a sprint. The reality is that there are small steps and principles that need to be practiced over long periods of time in order to make these changes sustainable. Whitney Breer is an international Key Note Speaker, certifi ed trainer for Change Management and Positive Psychology and author on the topic of leadership. In the last 25 years she has worked with more than 60,000 people im over 25 countries in seminars, crisis interventions, or-ganizational development and executive leadership. It is Whitney’s goal to inspire and motivate people to take responsibility for and drive the changes they want to have.

    • Health & Personal Development

      Share the Load!

      How to delegate skilfully and with confi dence

      by Cordula Nussbaum

      The 7 steps of successful delegation Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Most of us have more tasks on our daily to-do lists than we can realistically achieve. Even for masters of organisation and time manage-ment, 24 hours in the day is frequently not enough. Our mod-ern workloads are often too great to be managed alone. Delegation – sharing the load – is the obvious solution, yet many of us struggle to relinquish control. The reasons for this are manifold: perfectionism, a desire for control, a fear of loss of reputation, a drive to be ‘nice’, a lack of trust in the work of others or simply a lack of knowledge about the right tools. Even where tasks are nominally assigned to others, we still scramble to do most of the work. In this entertaining, practical guide, renowned time manage-ment expert Cordula Nussbaum shows how things can be different. She exposes the pitfalls and hurdles to which we all-too-readily succumb and empowers us to convert our inner saboteurs into our greatest advocates. The book is a valuable tool for the art of “You do that, please!” As you read, you’ll realise that letting go and relinquishing control don’t have to be painful. On the contrary: successful delegation unburdens us of unnecessary drains on our time and unlocks new scope for creativity, innovation and the things that really matter. A seasoned business journalist, entrepreneur and 20-time book author, Cordula Nussbaum has long inspired an audience of millions with her guidance and wisdom on personal success. Her German-language podcast ‘Kreatives Zeitmanagement’ (‘Creative Time Management’) is among the top-rated in the self-help category; her blog,, is visited by thousands of readers every month. Her books have been translated into six languages to date and are featured in Lufthansa’s on-board entertainment programme. She has been named “Germany’s leading expert on the subject of time management” by German magazine SPIEGEL Wissen.Cordula has received a number of awards and accolades for her work, including ‘Trainer of the Year’, ‘Top 100 Success Trainer’ and ‘TOP 10 Trainer & Infl uencer 2019’. As a result of her widely respected work in the training and development arena, she was the second German woman ever to receive the globally coveted ‘Certifi ed Speaking Professional (CSP)’ title.

    • Health & Personal Development

      Unbox Your Relationship

      How to draw people to you and build relationships that last

      by Tobias Beck

      Are you ready to have the best relationships of your life? Tobias Beck shows how you achieve them – at work and in your private life Thanks to our networked world, we have more relationships than ever before. We’ve never been in touch with so many people at any one time, and it’s never been so hard for us to open up to one another. We live in a world that strives for perfection and forgets that relationships are not a filtered Instagram selfie. Relationships exist alongside and because of us and, as such, are also like us: unique, flawed, and constantly changing. This is a good thing. Perfection is far too static a state for the colourful emotional world where our relationships reside. We need relationships to be happy, yet it is this unique emotional world that makes it so difficult for us to establish them in the first place. In this new book, Tobias Beck takes you on a journey aimed at achieving the best relationships of your life. As a first step, you must fall in love with yourself – because your relationship with yourself determines the standards of compassion, understanding, respect, and trust that is reflected in your relationships with others. Once you have learned to say goodbye to the beliefs that hold you back and to forgive the past and yourself, you will be able to intensively nourish good relationships and say goodbye to others. Your life deserves the best relationships you can foster. Tobias’ animal-based model of the four basic types of person - whale, shark, dolphin and owl - has already inspired millions online. It will help you figure out what the people around you feel and believe. What motivates them? What are the things they dream of? What scares them? In Tobias’ many humorous stories, you’ll recognise your partner, family, friends, colleagues and yourself, and thus learn to understand all these people better. By the end of the book, you’ll speak the language of the four animals and know why dolphins should never marry owls, why you should adopt a whale and what you should avoid so as not to be eaten by a shark. Tobias will take you on a journey to yourself and the people you love – with empathy, poignancy and plenty of laughs along the way. About the Author: With more than 250,000 seminar participants and 5 million Podcast listeners Tobias Beck belongs to the most in demand speakers in the German-speaking countries. Tobias Beck motivates you, gives you concrete tips and shows you ways in which you can free yourself from everything that oppresses you, that keeps you small. Learn to think in terms of opportunities and possibilities instead of first seeing problems and risks in everything. Go your own way and let your dreams and visions guide you. And above all, look for people who support you, who let you grow and help you to move forward - this is how you live your own life successfully and authentically BEWOHNERFREI®.

    • Health & Personal Development

      The Little Guide to Surviving A Crisis

      How to cope better in times of crisis and take advantage of unexpected opportunities

      by Marco von Münchhausen

      The 7 phases of emerging stronger from a crisis By their nature, crises often arrive unexpectedly, quickly and against our wishes. Crisis situations are a recurring and hugely disruptive feature of our modern lives. The good news is that each crisis brings with it the golden opportu-nity for a new start. Seizing these opportunities requires courage, self-reflection and an inner sense of stability. If we are willing to rise to the challenge and change the way we see things, there are manifold professional and personal opportunities for the taking. In this new crisis handbook, Marco von Münchhausen explains how – with the right strategies, tools and checklists – we can learn not only to weather the storm, but to use it to our personal advantage. Overcome your fear of the un-certain and develop a self-determined vision for the future. As you do so, ensure that your own needs are met – with structure in your daily life and a healthy work-life balance. As the crises eases, this handbook will guide you on your way to a new, self-determined reality. If you are prepared to confront upheaval head-on and contemplate a change in perspective, you can access important lessons and mas-sively increase your resilience. About the Author: Marco von Münchhausen studied law, psychology and communication sciences in Munich, Geneva and Florence and completed his doctoral thesis in law at the Max Planck Institute in Munich. Today, he is one of Central Europe’s most in-demand speakers and coaches. He travels within and beyond Germany to deliver lectures on work-life balance, self-motivation, stress management, self-management in everyday life and the activation of personal resources.Marco’s awards and honours include ‘Trainer of the Year’ (2002), the ‘Excellence Award’ for outstanding services as a trainer and speaker (2005), the ‘Conga Award’ (the Oscar of the events world) in the ‘Speakers and Moderators’ section (2007 and 2010) and ‘Speaker of the Year’ (2015). In September 2019, he was inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ of the German Speakers Association, the leading German association for the speaking industry

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