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    • Talking to Blockheads

      Sometimes Arguing Means Losing

      by Peter Modler

      Rules for smart resistance Everybody saw Donald Trump pulling faces behind Hillary Clinton’s back. We’ve all witnessed a boss brush aside well-reasoned objections with a short putdown or a colleague using grand gestures to rule the meeting room. All of these are clear signals of power. Discussion is never just about the power of argument—some people seem to get by without any reasoned arguments at all. But there is a way to resist such people. Peter Modler, a renowned coach and bestselling author, analyses situations in business and politics in which bullies seem to have the upper hand. And he uses these examples to develop ten concise rules for standing up to them. Beat the blockheads by turning their own weapons against them: It’s all a matter of technique! - How to beat the blockheads and show you won’t be pushed around!

    • Habitus

      Are you ready for the leap to the top?

      by Doris Märtin

      Don’t be caught out in sweatpants … … if you want to get ahead in life. You don’t need Karl Lagerfeld to tell you that. Other codes might be subtler. Doris Märtin, an expert on style, language, and etiquette, lays open the dos and don’ts of getting ahead in society and succeeding at work. Her book offers an entertaining mixture of stories, interviews, and sociological research. In it, she explains…. - what makes elites tick - what codes signal belonging - how each of us can learn the art of living from those at the top of the ladder Once learned, these lessons will stay with you for good. - The elite’s secret manners and codes explained simply - Performance is not enough to get ahead in society - The seven types of capital for social advancement: knowledge, money, culture, social milieu, language, body, and mind

    • Children's & YA

      The House of Dragons

      by Pablo C. Reyna, Mónica Armiño

      Marcos is obsessed with the book series "Dragon Races". However, he can't find the final installment of the series anywhere. For some unknown reason, the author J. T. Lekunberri hasn't published the book. The boy will have to go in search of the writer in order to find out why he stopped writing and help him to pick up the story where he left off. An exciting story in which the limits of reality and fantasy become intertwined and give way to a friendship between a writer and a reader that will go beyond the pages of the books that bind them. A novel that mixes adventures and fantasy with more deep and delicate topics, such as depression.

    • February 2021

      Weaning is Yours!

      Practical handbook to your child’s auto-weaning

      by Carla Tomasini

      Weaning can be the scariest phase for a parent, but it’s actually simpler than it seems. We only have to engage our children into meals, to let them watch us and accomodate their behavior. They’ll let us know what they need. A practical and engaging handbook that answers every common question about weaning that might be worrying new parents. A fresh and effective approach to get through a worrysome phase, to enjoy meals and grow together. Weaning doesn’t belong to the pediatrician, to the nutritionist, to the influencer or to your neighbor telling you what to do: Weaning is Yours! Parents and children can take this important step together with confidence, this book will guide them in the discovery of eating well and safely. The «safe cuts» photographic atlas, clear pictures showing how to cut over 100 different foods to make them safe for the child to eat and avoid waste. Carla is a true authority in weaning and child nutrition, she reassures parents in the clearest way and clarifies any doubt they might have. This book’s approach is extremely practical, well supported by technical and scientific evidence, then made simple by a familiar style.

    • Travel & Transport
      December 2020

      Railway Modernity in China

      The Temporal-Spatial Experience and the Cultural Imagination of Trains, 19840-1937

      by Li Siyi

      The railway was invented to make people rediscover the world! For a long time, railways and trains, as the most dazzling products of modern technological civilization, have naturally been regarded as symbols of modernity. It could be said that the railway was born to make people rediscover the world. It changes the way we feel time and space and reshapes our grasp of the world. It not only plays a practical role in the social economy, but also penetrates the powerful influences into the history and culture. Railway Modernity in China chronicles from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, to rethink many issues of modernity under the theme of time and space experience and cultural imagination caused by railways and trains in six different aspects: - The naming story of the railway - The visions and illustrations in The Dianshizhai Pictorial (點石齋畫報) - Controversy between Wusong Road (吳淞鐵路) and Western Affairs Movement (洋務運動) - Mr. Sun Yat-sen's (孫中山) railway planning and national construction - Railway journey and literary writing in the Republic of China - The railway experience and literary expression of the Modern Subject and Unfamiliar Other Li Siyi used the railway as a method, as an opportunity, and as the key to understanding the Chinese modernity. He explores how the railway is connected with the modern imagination and experience, through the impact and adaptation after the development of railway in late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China during about a hundred year from 1840 to 1937. When the railway has become an intermediary between human and the world, how do China and the modern Chinese use language recognition, visual perception, and event discourse to take shape in a simultaneous and indivisible relationship of “human-railway-world” since then. The story about the railway is endless, and there is so many about culture and thought behind it, which is worthy of our in-depth study. Because whether it is railways or modernity, we don't know them very well as we think.

    • Medicine
      April 2020

      Cultivate Spirituality

      by Kao Yao-Kai

      ★ Bestseller, #1 in Health Care ★Kingstone Bestseller, #3 in Non-fiction ★Elite Bookstore Bestseller, #1 in Health Coherence between “Medicine of Chi” and “Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine”, cultivate happiness of Chi sensation, Cultivate Spirituality will reveal the most effective regimen of solve anxiety and dissolve resentment Three moves a day to let you coherence between the heaven and earth and have the extraordinary luck ─ practice Tian Zhuang and De Zhuang, open Conception and Governor Vessels, and gather the Chi from belly button. Cultivate Spirituality not only makes you become healthy but also makes you fulfill highest CP value of happiness! ◆How to cultivate good spirituality: - Coherence between heaven and earth and eliminate your stress and negative emotions by only practicing Tian Zhuang (天樁) and De Zhuang (地樁) for 5 minutes a day. - A unique way to gather the Chi from belly button that can maintain heart, kidney, lung and liver. It’s the most easy and highest CP value of maintenance method. - Open Ren Meridian (conception vessel, 任脈) and Du Meridian (governing vessel, 督脈) by visualizations. - Connect the world and practice Yin and Yang combination to share a good magnetic field with the body and eliminate the negative energy in it. - Teach you how to find a place you stay where has good environment that can give you the best sleep. This unique way of cultivating spirituality principle was verified by Dr. Kao himself and combined with years of clinical medical practice experience. Dr. Kao selected the most effective core principles from many exercises. You don't need to remember a bunch of them, what you practice is focusing on happiness and physical comfort. As long as you spend a little time every day on practicing Tian Zhuang and De Zhuang, and cultivate good spirits, you will be keenly aware of any discomfort in every inch of your body when a sense of good spirits appears. When awareness is improved and emotions are digested, the feeling of happiness will also emerge spontaneously, and extends to the people you interact with, making everyone around you happy. Regardless of whether you have practiced Chi or not, your meridians will dredge slowly when reading Cultivate Spirituality. You will no longer be who you were before. Through the simple but effective method in this book, you will experience greater happiness.

    • January 2021

      My Little Saboteur can Take a Walk

      Sustainable living the simple way

      by Marco von Münchhausen

      Your Little Saboteur is fit for the future We all know that we should be doing more to save the planet. But then there are our ingrained habits, embodied by the Little Saboteur who interferes with our best intentions … Marco von Münchhausen shows us how to tame the Little Saboteur and even to trick him into working for a sustainable future, small step by small step. His most familiar excuses are exposed as a pack of lies, including: 1. It’s not like I can make a difference, what does it matter what I do? 2. Sustainability is more trouble than it’s worth 3. I’m out of here—after me, the flood 4. None of my business—let corporations and the government deal with it 5. It’s too late anyhow Münchhausen’s book offers practical, easily implemented advice for making everyday life more sustainable and shows how the Little Saboteur can be put to work building a better future for our grandchildren. - Exposed: the most common excuses keeping us from acting - How to build on good intentions and make everyday decisions more sustainable - Sustainability is on trend—and here’s what the well-loved Little Saboteur has to say about

    • March 2021


      Do you really know what else you can achieve?

      by Doris Märtin

      Emotional intelligence: the skill the future is made of The arrival of artificial intelligence in everyday life has opened up new spaces for people to pursue what makes humanity unique: emotional intelligence and ethical values. With her usual eloquence and wit, Doris Märtin shows how we can make the 2020s the decade of our personal excellence. It takes only nine Excellence Competencies (ECs) to make us excel ourselves—as long as we make them part of our everyday life and work. Based on comprehensive research findings and relatable stories, managers and employees alike will learn how to be the brilliant people that will take businesses and indeed society at large to a whole new level. EC 1: Open for venturing into the unknown EC 2: Self-reflection for a better understanding of connections EC 3: Willpower to see you through to distant goals EC 4: Well-being for balanced energy EC 5: Confidence under pressure—that’s where excellence shows EC 6: Empathy—to understand and convince others EC 7: Agility—for strong nerves amid sudden change EC 8: Responsiveness—because innovation is best achieved together EC 9: Leadership for a value-based approach to the future • Lists and describes the five crucial soft skills for success • For people looking to excel themselves • A top coach gives innovative advice for emotional intelligence

    • March 2021

      Pull Your Head Out of the Sand!

      The first aid kit for troubled times and career dead ends

      by Tom Diesbrock

      Don’t bury your head in the sand—look to the future! Across sectors, careers of all kinds seem to face an uncertain future. But to bury your head in the sand is to lose any chance of getting your bearings. This is where Tom Diesbrock comes in with his “mental first aid kit”. He’s here to remind you that many people are in the same situation and helps them to have more faith in themselves. What he will also help them to do is to analyze their own professional situation, to articulate what they want and what the opportunism lying ahead are, and finally to make the right decisions. His tone is relaxed and empathetic, and always with a smile and a wink to motivate readers to look to the future and look for their chances. • Combines career advice with psychological self-management • A noted author offering new ideas for new times • First aid in situations of career crisis

    • February 2021


      Train your perception and take your future in hand

      by Ruth E. Schwarz, Friedhelm Schwarz

      Take charge of your life happiness! Once you understand the psychological foundations of how perception and feeling interact, you will be able to control your perceptions and influence yourself. In their new book, Ruth and Friedhelm Schwarz bring together the most valuable new insights into human perception. Their Selfinfluencing approach is particularly helpful for people who want • to change themselves • to recognize outside influences and defuse them • to respond to changes in their environment and proactively take charge of their future. Where your personal development will take you depends above all on what perceptions you allow yourself to be influenced by. Take charge of who or what gets to influence you—or not. Selfinfluencers create surroundings for themselves in which external perceptions set internal development processes in motion and thereby allow them to choose the path to a happy future that is right for them. • The best of positive psychology—ready to go! • Targeted exercises in perception for a better life • Don’t follow the crowd—be your own biggest influence

    • November 2020

      The Wikipedia Story

      A biography of one of the wonders of the world

      by Pavel Richter

      The story of a (nearly) impossible achievement It made nobody a billionaire, it’s free of advertising—and yet Wikipedia is one of the world’s top ten websites. The web-based encyclopedia has become synonymous with knowledge itself, beating out competitors from the Encyclopedia Britannica to Google. And Germany has a unique part to play in its rise. Wikipedia is a social experiment and an important instrument of freedom while also seeming forbidding to newcomers and heavily influenced by insiders. Its biographer is Pavel Richter, a Wikipedian who was there when it all began and who was in charge of its operations in Berlin for five years. The story he tells is full of fascinating detail—and of scandals, incidents, fakes, and legendary editing wars. Wikipedia is one of the most exciting cultural phenomena of our times—and this is the book about it. • Twenty years of Wikipedia: an insider’s frank view • With a preface by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales • The biography of one of the modern wonders of the world

    • April 2021

      Against the Self-Righteous

      How we can do better for solidarity and the common good

      by Sahra Wagenknecht

      Solidarity, not selfishness Urban, cosmopolitan, individualistic—for many people today, to be on the left has become a question of lifestyle. What is missing are political concepts for social solidarity that benefit low-earning women, poor migrant children, exploited temporary workers, and large sections of the middle class. In both Europe and the United States, an obsession with pronouns rather than equal opportunities and a dismissive attitude to culture and a sense of community risks alienating the left from large sections of the population while playing into the hands of the far right. In her new book, Sahra Wagenknecht outlines an alternative to a kind of left-liberalism that considers itself progressive, but in reality only deepens social divisions by being interested only in elite concerns and not taking social background seriously as a source of inequality. Here is a program to build a majority on the political left—for solidarity, not selfishness. • A new book by the bestselling author • Develops Sahra Wagenknecht’s idea of a “left conservatism”

    • February 2021

      Thinking About Money

      Make smart decisions, keep calm, gain quality of life

      by Nikolaus Braun

      “The key is not to be rich, but independent.” André Kostolany If you, too, want to live well without falling for the promises hawked by banks and brokers, then Nikolaus Braun is your man. An independent consultant, Braun shows you how to take the strain out of your relationship with money and free mental space for thinking about it smartly. Find out, what money is important for in your life and what values influence your choices. Building assets, investing capital and preparing for emergencies are all the easier if they are done according to your wishes—and not those of the bank. Braun puts a stop to needless complexity and shows you how to implement your own personal investment strategy in a style that is simple, transparent, and built to last. Money need not be a source of stress, but should bring you more quality of life—from the moment you start saving it to the joy of spending. • Build assets and live well without relying on advice from your bank • Invest your money according to your own needs and values • Look forward to spending it

    • February 2021

      The Self-Made Shareholder

      Why the capital market is your friend

      by Christoph R. Kanzler

      Financial markets: what you need to know Nobody enjoys worrying about money, let alone thinking about the details—yet an understanding of the basic mechanisms of our financial system is essential for real peace of mind. Anyone not participating in the stock market in some form will have to rely on a state pension, and that is a far riskier prospect than investing in an index fund or two. Christoph Kanzler encourages readers to think about this often forbidding subject and to lay the foundations for a worry-free financial life. He explains the basic strategies that make successful investments possible—without having to invest too much time. • Cuts through the thicket of financial products with easy-to-understand explanations • Answers pressing questions about investment and the right strategy • Become financially self-empowered!

    • March 2021

      On Stage

      Presentation or performance—how to rock any speech

      by Nils Zeizinger

      Rock your audience (like the stars)! Whether you’re called to lecture, to address your colleagues or to give a presentation in your company’s name—anyone facing an audience should be prepared to put on a good show. But many people take little pleasure in public speaking, never mind entertaining. Yet the prospect needn’t be a nightmare. On Stage shows you how to deliver a good performance without bending over backwards. This book tells you all you need to know for successful public speaking: • How to find the right words for your speech • What to do about stage fright or blackouts • How to use your voice effectively • What to do with your hands • How to deal with technical glitches or tricky questions • Be a performer, not just a speaker—and never bore your audience again • All you need to know to pull off a successful show • A combination of expert advice with funny rock star anecdotes

    • March 2021

      That’s Settled!

      How to ensure good decisions in agile surroundings

      by Michel Eggebrecht

      Reaching decisions the right way Working in agile teams and flat hierarchies is great, giving people the freedom they often lack in more traditional structures. Yet sooner or later, both staff and executives realize that agile structures may pose major challenges—usually when it’s time to make a decision. Who needs to be involved—and who not? What aspects need to be considered? And, not least: Can I decide for myself? And should I even? Lucky, then, that Michel Eggebrecht decided to provide much-needed orientation in complex decision-making processes. He provides a toolkit for getting results without having to put your foot down. • Orientation amid confusing responsibilities and competencies • How to implement agile decision-making processes • With helpful check lists for making decisions in agile contexts

    • February 2021

      Hidden Capital

      Why we need to reinvent value creation—and how

      by Ana-Cristina Grohnert

      Thinking business sustainably Barely an economy has weathered the pandemic as well as that of Germany, which is still doing remarkably well. But behind the gleaming chrome of luxury vehicles and global champions in multiple fields, a pile of urgent questions began to accumulate long before anyone even predicted a global pandemic. In digitalization, in the future of the key automobile industry or in decarbonizing the economy more generally: Many businesses lack an idea of how to switch to a sustainable model of value creation. Ana-Cristina Grohnert challenges us to rethink business. From a perspective that is both humanist and economically minded, she presents us with a blueprint for an economic system that puts people front and center without losing sight of value creation. There his hidden capital to be unleashed—here’s how. • A leading female executive’s call for economic sustainability • How businesses can make the Green New Deal Work • The author is chair of the association Charta der Vielfalt (Charter of Diversity), a German NGO involving leading companies

    • April 2021


      How leading corporate activists will save our futurePractice-based strategies for success

      by Jule Bosch, Lukas Bosch

      The secrets of sustainable business models Societies are drifting apart, the climate is running a temperature, and who’s to blame? Capitalism, obviously. Cause for despair? No, time to unite profits and a clean conscience! The people behind Forest Gum, Followfood, Hektar Nektar, or Parley for the Oceans are leading the way. And to help everybody else to follow in their footsteps, Jule & Lukas Bosch have personally interviewed and analyzed the most successful corporate activists worldwide. They found eight factors that make sustainability and business a winning combination. This book is for start-ups and established businesses alike. 1. Start with WTF?! 2. Take an active part 3. Better is good (because good is always better) 4. Figures for values 5. Market like you give a damn 6. Real world problems 7. Hedonistic sustainability 8. Regenerative business models • The handbook for corporate activists • Uniting markets and the planet—live by values, create value! • Business models that make clean profits

    • January 2021


      Tell your company’s story well in ten simple steps—with storytelling that brings brands and people together

      by Matthias M. Mattenberger

      The best of storytelling in a compact and visual format Competition keeps growing, product cycles keep getting shorter and brands mean more and more. That’s why it’s important to strengthen the story behind your brand—whether it’s for you as an individual or for a company, product, or service. This book shows you the shortcut straight to hearts of your target audience, to ensure that you will be remembered and succeed in the long term. The simple but scientifically-based instruments in the Brandtelling toolbox help you to create strong stories for brands in a few simple steps, whether you are working alone or in a team. Brandtelling is the book that your competitors will wish they had read. “Storytelling is a skill that can be learned, and this book gives you the instructions. In clear and easy-to-follow steps, it shows you how to win not just your customers’ minds, but also their hearts.” Kurt Aeschbacher, Swiss TV host, journalist and entrepreneur • The Brandtelling toolbox • Storytelling expertise using intuitive images and tools • Ready to use for individuals or in groups

    • March 2021

      Communicative Competence

      36 mentalist tricks for executives

      by Jakob Lipp

      A mentalist’s communication tricks Verbal or non-verbal—no successful executive would ever underestimate the power of communication. It’s about far more than saying or implying the right thing. Anyone wanting to communicate successfully needs to understand their counterpart and their view of things. And that needn’t be difficult, as mentalist Jakob Lipp explains: Most people give off enough signals to allow smart observers to ‘read’ all the information they need in a matter of seconds. Jakob Lipp offers 36 tried and tested tips on how to recognize and respond to these cues even when the going gets tough. • Tools and mechanisms for tomorrow’s expert communicators • Develop leadership skills with mentally optimized communication skills • Includes exercises and relatable case studies

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