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  • Science fiction
    September 2016

    Evil War

    by David Braña, Juan Alarcón, Manoli Martínez

    The Earth has been destroyed and the surviving humans have settled on another planet known as Iahoon. There the intentions of starting a new life learning from past mistakes is firm, but everything is truncated when they discover that they are not alone. In Iahoon, an army of demons commanded by Lord Nymbroth and his daughter Satirya become a deadly threat, and the war baptised Evil War breaks out. There seems to be no hope for humans, weaker and more maladaptive than the demonic hordes. However, a soldier named Mayorick, with a secret he doesn't even know himself, will be the key to decanting the result towards one of the two sides. Evil War is conceived as a unique and self-concluding work divided into 6 chapters.

  • Graphic novels
    May 2017

    Freehand Robbery

    by Lundi, Javier Ara

    "Being a cartoonist is suicide these days if you have to raise a family, but what is really tragic is being the widow of a cartoonist. Robbing a bank may be your last option. Let me explain in my graphic novel how I did it." Lundi drew this work during the last years of his life, when he was already aware of his fatal illness. In order not to leave his daughter and his wife abandoned with debts and without resources, he came up with a seemingly crazy solution: robbing a bank. What was unknown until now is that Lundi had drawn this comic to explain to her daughter Elisa the reasons why he decided to rob the bank. However, the handwritten work that Elisa received when she came of age was unfinished, and the author in a posthumous note asked Javier Ara, the draftsman who was his assistant to fix his drawings for years, to finish it. Javier Ara accepts the task, but his hatred of Lundi makes him embark on a much larger undertaking: expanding the comic by unmasking Lundi and finding out whether the bank was actually robbed.

  • Comic strip fiction / graphic novels (Children's/YA)
    December 2019

    The Great Battle of the Gusis

    by Javier Ortiz, Javier Ara

    Hector is a little boy who spends the afternoon with his family in the country. There he meets, by chance, a little pink and friendly-looking being who asks him for help. This encounter will cause Hector to embark with his sister Estel and his two cousins, a little older than him, in an epic adventure that will pit them against the security forces of a world unknown to them. The four children will discover a parallel world that cannot be accessed by just anyone. The story is designed to entertain children and adults alike. If you like Smurf stories, this is your comic book.

  • Graphic novels
    January 2019

    The Violet

    by Juan Sepúlveda, Antonio Mercero, Marina Cochet

    Valencia, 1955. Bruno falls into a trap set by the police at the Ruzafa cinema to arrest homosexuals under the law of social danger. His entry into prison at the age of eighteen, and the pressure of his family, will force him to make decisions that will mark the rest of his life. The violet is a graphic novel about the persecution suffered by homosexuals during Franco's regime in Spain, and the coexistence of the women who married them. A story that brings to light the concentration camps for homosexuals that the regime created and that historically are being forgotten. It is a unique and self-concluding work. Marina was nominated as the best Spanish cartoonist in the Heroes Comic Con Valencia 2019 for this work.

  • Adventure
    April 2020

    Yumi and her Band

    by J. Olloqui

    Yumi is ten years old. She wants to be a drummer in a rock band to be rich and famous. Now I play drums in a band with my friends. We're not famous yet, and I don't understand why, because we're so cool. Apart from my band, I have Alimaña, who's my best friend, although he's pretty dumb. Besides, my parents spend their lives scolding me, my older sister has a disease called adolescence, and my little brother is a criminal mind locked up in the body of a two-year-old. A children's book similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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