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  • Fiction
    February 2017


    by Roberto Santiago

    Ana Tramel: With A for attorney. With A for addicted to alcohol, pills and sex. And with A for anaesthetized (to emotions, adjectives, and sycophants). In this story absolutely everything revolves around her, the protagonist, narrator and dynamo of the plot. In her forties, she’s about to experience a journey to the dark side of the gambling world, and to come up against an international corporation that deals in thousands of millions and has hundreds of lawyers on their payroll. Said with the utmost humility: from this moment on, we are all AnaTramel. In ANA nothing is what it seems. Not one of the characters is exactly a saint. And as Patricia Highsmith said of one of her stories ‘they are going to see a woman do what no male protagonist in literature of the past forty years would dare: behave with compassion, heroism and expose her body and soul to humiliation’.

  • Fiction
    October 2020

    El indio ciclope (The Indian cyclops)

    by Guillermo Roz

    Not so much an illustrated novel as a technicolour delirium. Martin Scorsese meets Jack Kerouac under LSD. Enter, read and discover. The grotesque and fearsome Diotisalvi brothers control all the illegal business in New York. One day, completely by surprise, multi-millionaire Camel Horovitz exiles them and imposes a new reign of terror. Old Camel will only allow the Diotisalvi to return to New York on one impossible condition: they must find a way to rid him of the double hump that has earned him his nickname. The Diotisalvis embark upon a crazy adventure in search of a solution, a journey that will take them to Ushuaia, at the very ends of the earth. There, they will encounter Carlos Gardel’s albino twin, Charles Darwin’s lost son, a Madrileñan bullfighter and his bulls, a woman who is crossing Patagonia on foot and gradually becomes black, a dinosaur, a vast ship, a forgotten jazz singer, the Japanese creator of Godzilla, an Indian woman who speaks 364 languages... And a Cyclops, that mysterious legend, a phenomenon capable of performing a thousand and one miracles. “The words that could have come from the writer, are providedhere by the illustrator. One might think that going through life withonly one eye would impede a person’s vision but in the case ofthis Patagonian native it is an advantage, because it enables himto do something that the rest of us – mafia hitmen, albino singers,dinosaur hunters or black servants – cannot: to see the comic sideof tragic situations. We invite the readers of this book to follow suit.To laugh, because life is short and it usually ends badly. And that’sthat.” - Oscar Grillo illustrator of the novel

  • Fiction
    March 2019

    El sueño de la razon (The dream of reason)

    by Berna Gonzalez Habrour

    DASHIELL HAMMETT PRIZE 2020 (Best Spanish crime fiction) Can death be a form of art? A literary tribute to Goya’s black paintings. Commissioner Ruiz returns to Madrid to prepare her defence. She has been suspended from the force. The city’s local holiday is in full swing and the banks of the Manzanares River are thronged with people. But the appearance of a series of animal corpses following a fixed pattern is the first sign of a problem that will soon leave another lethal mark: what appears to be the ritual murder of a young art student at one of the dams that controls the flow of the river. And it won’t be the only one. The police investigate a range of hypotheses, but events begin to point towards a series of scenarios that will lead Commissioner Ruiz to the legacy of Goya, connecting a plot that is extremely disturbing – and difficult to unravel. Can death imitate art? Can madness become a form of creativity? Which is more important: life, transcendence or freedom? Without her team, her uniform, her pistol, María Ruiz is forced to confront a highly intelligent adversary, one who is driven by obsession and will stop at nothing to manipulate those around him. A chilling journey through a territory where mental disorder becomes obsession, to a point where death is considered a form of art.

  • Fiction
    February 2019

    La sospecha de Sofia (Sofia's suspicion)

    by Paloma Sanchez Garnica

    Some questions have to be answered. But family secrets can be the most terrifying of all. And the discovery of an unknown twin brother, one who has decided to steal your identity and supplant you in your marriage, inevitably, unleashes a succession of terrible events… and unexpected encounters. For someone trapped in East Berlin, is anything fair game in the search for freedom? Will Daniel's wife realize what’s going on? Or perhaps she has her own reasons for accepting the new situation?

  • Children's & YA
    June 2013

    Los Futbolisimos (The footballest)

    by Roberto Santiago

    4.000k COPIES SOLD IN SPAIN ALONE Number 1 in the Spanish Top Ten young adult best-sellers since 2013 Translated into 12 languages The Footballest is a collection for 8+ readers, where the main characters have to solve puzzling mysteries together, as well as playing football. Values: Sports / Friendship / Family Relationships / Social integration / Solidarity / Loyalty

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