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    • The Arts
      January 2018

      A Picked History of Chinaware

      by TU Ruiming

      How did Jingdezhen become the 'Porcelain Capital'? From the perspective of the history of crafts, this book discusses the aesthetics and culture behind porcelains. A Picked History of Chinaware selects ten important nodes in the development of Chinese porcelain. This book inspects the 'picked' porcelain pieces and illustrates not only a history of crafts, but also of culture, aesthetics, technology and trade. It focuses on the important role of Jingdezhen being the 'Porcelain Capital', and the porcelain industry revolution brought by the development of technology in Jingdezhen.   一本书回答“景德镇何以成为瓷都”。 从工艺史出发,畅谈瓷器背后的美学与文化。 选取了中国瓷器发展历史上十个重要的节点,通过一块块并不引人注目的、所谓拣来的破碎瓷片引出,以小小瓷片切入,从工艺史的发展出发,兼及文化、美学、技术与贸易的历史,并着重梳理了景德镇作为瓷都在制瓷史上的重要地位,以及景德镇的工艺技术发展引发的瓷业变革。

    • August 2017


      by LIAO Yimei

      Amber is one of the“Pessimism Trilogy”from LIAO Yimei, one of the most well-know script writers in China. The wave son Gao Yuan thought he got the naïve girl Xiaoyou already. But actually Xiaoyou has her own secret purpose. This is a sotry start from a “heart”.

    • Fiction
      January 2017

      Farewells on Earth

      by LIU Wen

      LIU Wen, winner of Hong Kong Youth Literary Awards, records stories about love, growing-up and courage of life in a huge, indifferent city.

    • The Arts
      January 2018

      Flowers and Children

      by LIN Xi

      Lin Xi’s paintings distinguish themselves with innocence and delicacy expressed, which often pay attention to blossoms, children and small items. Lin’s paintings reveal her distinctive thoughts and reflections on nature, art and life. In this book, Lin focuses on themes related to "flowers" and "children", and leads readers to a wonderful journey for discovering the subtle, beautiful, and moving moments in everyday life. Through these lovely paintings, we may find possessions that really matters in our life. 林曦的画作朴拙天真、细腻灵动,尤其喜画花朵、孩童、案头玩意等美好小景。画集是林曦对自然、艺术、生活等的一份内心独白,以“花”和“童”为主题来反观日常生活中细微的美好、感动的瞬间、烂漫的时刻。在花间寻天真,重拾宁静美好的天然本性;于童心得热忱,找回生命中珍贵的持有。

    • Business, Economics & Law
      August 2018

      Founder's Notes

      by JI Qi

      Founder’s Note is a collection of essays written by Ji Qi, the founder/co- founder of three Chinese billion-dollar enterprises: Ctrip Travel Network, Home Inns Group and Huazhu Hotel Group. This book is divided into three parts: Heaven, Earth and Man. “Heaven” reflects Ji Qi’s philosophy of life, which has a great impact on his business. From this, we can see how the spirits of the founder bring about the rapid development of the business. “Earth” records Ji Qi’s thinking and experience in his down-to-earth founding, development and operation of these three enterprises, including his “darkest moments”, the most important business decisions he has made, and his assumptions and understanding of some significant topics, such as China’s services, China’s dream and the future of hotels and so on. “Man” is more personal. In this part, he talks about people and food in his hometown, his study of wine, experience of traveling, and views on friendship, poetry, contemporary art and so forth. By reading this book, readers could understand the different and special perspective of the representative Chinese entrepreneur of the 1960s generation. Readers will not only gain nourishment from Ji Qi’s successful experience, but also absorb energy from his philosophy and life aesthetics.

    • October 2017

      Give Myself up to the World Meet the Unknown

      by SHI Lingzi

      As the hostess of Travel Channel, Linzi wrote down all the beautiful and mystical places around the world she has been which witness her thoughts and growing-up.

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Glimpses of Gardens in Eastern China

      by TUNG Jun, TUNG Ming (translator)

      The architect Chuin Tung introduced the classic beauty of Chinese gardens to the world through this book The interest of garden appreciation: profound interpretation of the spirit and connotation of Chinese gardens  The method of gardening: comprehensive analysis of the details and techniques of garden construction (including architectural and planning, ornament and furniture, rockery, planting)  The history of gardens: detailing the difference between garden history and Eastern and Western gardens   建筑学界一代宗师童寯向世界介绍中国园林之美的经典著作 赏园之趣:深刻解读中国园林的精神与内涵 造园之法:全面分析园林营造的细节与技法(建筑与布局,装修与家具,叠石,植物配置) 园林之史:细述园林历史及东西方园林的区别

    • July 2017

      Looking for Su Dongpo in the Palace Museum

      by ZHU Yong

      This is a book telling stories of SU Dongpo, one of the most important poet in Song Dynasty, his entire life and works through the collections in the Palace Museum.

    • Fiction
      April 2017

      My Cat and I Miss You Very Much

      by Yanborenchangan

      This is a book telling lovely and warm stories between pets and human beings.

    • August 2017

      Rhinoceros in Love

      by LIAO Yimei

      Rhinoceros in Love is one of the“Pessimism Trilogy”from LIAO Yimei, one of the most well-know script writers in China. One man, obstinate as rhinoceros, fell in love with a woman. He overstated the differences between her and other women and did everything for her, a pure love story.

    • August 2017


      by LIAO Yimei

      Soft is the last one of the“Pessimism Trilogy”from LIAO Yimei, one of the most well-know script writers in China, about one woman doctor and a confused young man, what they ask and think about life.

    • Fiction
      September 2014

      The Gone Child

      by Zijin Chen

      Mystery novel by Zijin Chen, a web celebrity writer who is famous for his serial detective stories. A murder was caught by camera by three children accidentally. Instead of reporting to the police, these children took advantage of the evidence and plotted further murders. What made children who are supposed to be innocent so cold-blooded and cruel? How could they outwitted the police?

    • September 2017

      The Stories in the World

      by Mother Tigerskin

      This is a book telling stories about all the hot topics in China such as stock market, house slave, emigrant, old-age care, marriage, divorce, photoshop etc. Mother Tigerskin writes really sharp and deep around these topics as short stories.

    • August 2017

      Tokyo Coffee Time

      by Yiju Life Studio, CHEN Ruoyi, Jimmy Wong

      What are the things you cannot miss in coffee shops in Tokyo? Why can master baristas make the most memorable tastes? You will find the answers from Tokyo Coffee Time through coffee experts’ professional and harsh eyes. Including 140 coffee shops, 26 master comments and so on.

    • The Arts
      January 2018

      Useless Beauty

      by LIN Xi

      In Useless Beauty, Lin Xi analyzes the essential of art aesthetic education and shares the fun of Chinese calligraphy, the method of being focused, the cultivation of mental power and the way of learning art. From the perspective of a Chinese literatus, Lin Xi introduces the aesthetic taste in a contemporary world, explains what is “Useless beauty”, how to “be independent” in this fast-changing world, and seeks to discover ways to integrate traditional aesthetics into our modern life. 林曦以手艺人之道,解析艺术美育的本质内涵,分享写字的乐趣、专注的法门、心力的修炼及艺术的学习途径等;从中式文人的视角,观照当代生活的审美情趣,阐释何为“无用之美”、如何“独善其身”,探索让传统美学回归现代生活的践行方式等。

    • Fiction
      June 2017

      Worst Seller

      by Bighead Horse

      “Your biggest problem,” shouts a sadistic instructor at a confused group of writers, “is that you’re too mass-market!” The first story in Bighead Horse’s How to Write a Worstseller tells of an unusual workshop whose participants learn how to curb their sales appeal. This book generates from this story and fictionalises a writing contest with prize of 30 million RMB. The stories touch upon a rich range of topics and display a diverse spectrum of styles, while the author is concealed in the elaborated stories and hidden behind the different writer identities. This collection of stories demonstrates the author's command of writing novels in different styles and themes.

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