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Science & Mathematics

Insect Pest Management - Head Work

by David R Dent, Richard H Binks
Insect Pest Management

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Author Biography

David trained as an agricultural ecologist/entomologist, has invented and commercialized a herbicide adjuvant, managed the development and licensing of the biopesticide Green Muscle for locust control, established the spin-out company Conidia Bioscience Ltd to develop a diagnostic kit for the airline fuel fungus and realized the commercial opportunity offered by a nitrogen fixing endophytic bacteria for substitution of nitrogen fertilizer that lead to the founding of Azotic Technologies Ltd. A former MD of CABI Bioscience, David has a wealth of experience managing international science-based and commercial projects, establishing, raising funds for, and working in spin-out companies, as well advising governments and business on science, technology and innovation.; Richard trained as an applied biologist and has spent over 25 years working as an IPM specialist and entomologist in horticulture and agriculture. This included 6 years working with ADAS as an entomologist and crop advisor. R

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