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      • KaleaBook

        We love books about everything and can’t get enough of them. Because books are much more than letters and colours on paper. Books are adventures, experiences and feelings. In books you can find friends, like-minded people or evil villains against whom you can defend yourself. Every time you read a book, a spark of magic jumps over into our “real” life and enriches it. As passionate graphic designers we not only care about stories, but also about the beauty, diversity and creativity of a book. We love to invent new fantasy worlds and to design figures. We also want our stories to make you smile and invite you to immerse yourself in unknown worlds and simply give you pleasure.

      • Dr. Constantin Pana Buchverlag

        Aim of our publications is to provide generally understandable knowledge from philosophy, psychology and health to be able to reach a satisfied, healthy and happy life.

      • Ravensburger Verlag GmbH

        Ravensburger Verlag is one of the leading children’s books publishers in Germany. It’s a subsidiary of Ravensburger AG. Ravensburger publishes books for young readers of all ages. Under the blue triangle logo, picture books for the very small, first reading books for beginner readers, novels for young readers and non-fiction books for children are published. Ravensburger publishes around 400 books a year and altogether more than 1900 titles are available. Since 2019, Hummelburg Verlag joined our company as an imprint, focusing on German authors and on children's literature for three- to eleven-year-olds. It publishes around eight titles per half-year (literary novels, individual titles, as well as outstanding picture books).

      • Ventura Press

        Ventura Press is one of Sydney’s leading independent publishers and has become synonymous with high quality titles and internationally respected authors. Our list covers a unique and specific market – books to enhance life. The Ventura mission is to provide boutique, innovative and exciting publishing in Australia and world wide – with particular focus on bringing strong, female Australian voices to the global stage.

      • Shake Book Projects Sdn. Bhd.

        Our picture book "You Are Not My Mother", about a young girl who had lost her mother and trying to adapt to the new lady in the family, was translated into Korean and sold in Korea. "How to be a Big Good Wolf" is our latest picture book based on a series of illustrations that had won the illustrator "The ASEAN Children's Book Illustrator Award of Excellence". Through one of our projects, Storymakers League, we have a talented group of young Asian authors ages 18 and below (from 9 countries) who have written stories for us to publish. The anthologies and novels written by them are perfect for school libraries around the world. We are constantly on the look out for more young authors around the globe, nurture them and have them write for their peers wherever they are. We are also looking for distributors worldwide to get these books into libraries at schools to inspire more kids to appreciate the written word and encourage them to start writing stories too.

      • Callisto Media

        Callisto Media’s scientific approach marries data and technology with deep publishing expertise to accurately identify unmet demand and create exactly the book that consumers are seeking.

      • Atrium Verlag | Arche Literatur Verlag | WooW Books

        Atrium Verlag was founded 1935 in Switzerland in order to be able to continue publishing Erich Kästner's work, who was by then a forbidden author in the so-called Third Reich. Since the beginning Kästner's children's books are a world-wide success story and continue to fascinate readers in more than 25 countries all over the world. Moreover, he has written famous poem collections and adult novels reaching a broad audience. Atrium has started to publish more children's books that share Kästner's spirit and instantly connect with our young readers. Furthermore, Atrium publishes important contemporary fiction, mystery and non-fiction. WooW Books is focussed on children's books for readers aged 6-11, ranging from timeless classics to modern adventures and unconventional stories. As the name suggests, the program stands for special and surprising children´s literature that conjures a »wow-feeling« while reading. Arche Literatur Verlag is a traditional literary publisher that started in the 1940s with authors such as Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch and Gottfried Benn. Today Arche publishes novels by outstanding international and German writers, telling stories about the rich variety of human relationships. Arche aims to reach women readers of all ages, both through content and through clear cover designs. The core of the brand is the “rich variety of human relationships” – deliberately targeting a female readership that feels addressed and entertained in a unique way by Arche.

      • Phileas Fogg Agency

        Agency representing picture books projects, Foreign rights for publishers of picture books, representation of portfolios, contract consultancies.

      • Wai Man Book Binding (China) Limited

        One-Stop Printing Services. Professional printer you can trust.

      • Amazon Publishing

        Amazon Publishing is a leading trade publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books with a mission to empower storytellers and connect them with readers worldwide.