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      • Libre Expression

        Livres Canada Books

      • Éditions de l'Homme

        Livres Canada Books

      • Firefly Books

        Livres Canada Books

      • Bouton d'or Acadie

        Livres Canada Books

      • Between the Lines

        Livres Canada Books

      • Tilly-Ink Rights Agency

        Tilly-Ink sells foreign rights for French Canadian publishers essentially.

      • Editions Les Malins

        A French Canadian award winning independent publisher, specialised in middle grade and YA fiction and comic books.

      • Phoenix Publishing

        Phoenix Publishing House has a list of over 10,000 titles in both fiction and non-fiction, for readers of all ages and reading levels,from the very first books for toddlers to great literary classics and bestselling contemporary titles.

      • eBookPro

        eBookPro is a publishing company and literary agency. Located in Tel Aviv, it is Israel's number one publisher of books translated from Hebrew, many of which become bestsellers. We offer excellent literary content in every genre – from children’s books and fictional novels to self-help, how to and lifestyle.

      • See Say Write

        The world's only kindergarten workbooks with interactive videos that teach kids to read from the world's best, anytime, anywhere.

      • MSL Master

        MSL Master focuses on developing Chinese learning materials for young adult and adult students. We are keen to solve problems they face when learning Chinese. When students are not making progress, we usually find problems else where. Take a brief look at our products here:

      • Trusted Partner
      • A Walk through History

        A Walk Through History is a Russian publishing house specializing in children’s nonfiction. Since 2011 it has created and designed about 50 titles on various periods of history and other subjects such as mathematics, sport, plants and animals.

      • Más Cerca Ediciones

        Más Cerca Ediciones is focused on disseminating science among children, working with researchers from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. It seeks to combine science and art, harmony of scientific texts with humor, illustrations and photos.

      • Salaam Publishing

        Founded in 2010 by Mohammed Umar, Salaam Publishing has offices in Abuja and London. They publish a range of books for children and adults. Their titles have been translated into over sixty languages worldwide.

      • Deidayvuelta Libros

        Deidayvuelta is a project focused on the production of high - quality illustrated books, the dissemination of these works, and the formation of audience. The aim is to transform reading into an integral experience.