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    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2018


      by Serhiy Zhadan

      "Antenna" is a collection of 80 new poems written by the author over the past two years. They represent 80 attempts to catch air vibrations, to catch the flow of invisible radio waves in space, to feel to the touch of the time in which we live, breathe, and speak. Time, every trace of which leaves a burn—a time when private diary entries could be war chronicles and Bible stories or the morning news. Sensual and deep.

    • History of art & design styles: from c 1900 -

      Art Nouveau. The Ukrainian Art Styles of 20th century

      by Iryna Mahdysh

      The twentieth century saw an outbreak of new styles in world art, among which Art Nouveau was the first chronologically. Ukraine absorbed all-new European creative ideas, filling them with Ukrainian meanings and forms. For those unfamiliar with Ukrainian art, this book will be a handy and attractive starting entry point to the world of Ukrainian visual culture. Art experts will be able to look at their field from a new angle: to see images of rare works of Ukrainian art nouveau from regional museums and trace the links between national and world trends in the art of the twentieth century.

    • Biography & True Stories
      January 2021

      Artistic glory of Ukraine

      Looking for yevshan-herb

      by Roman Bereza

      The book, in the form of essays-stories, depicts the life and work of individual personalities who played a significant role in the formation and development of Ukrainian thought, culture, and art. Using colorful means of the artistic word, the author depicts many little-known facts from the lives of outstanding Ukrainian artists, who made a bright contribution to the flourishing of Ukrainian and world culture. The book will be valuable for a narrow circle of specialists and a wide range of readers. It will also be of help to writers, cultural experts, and art critics, as well as to all those who are interested in studying the history of Ukraine based on the examples of the lives and creative achievements of its notable personalities.

    • History of Art / Art & Design Styles

      Embroidery in the clothes of outstanding Ukrainians

      by Tetyna Zez

      The book includes the stories of extraordinary Ukrainians who made a significant personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian literature, theater, and poetry. Among the characters of the book are Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Taras Shevchenko, Maria Zankovetska, Olena Pchilka, Olena Skoropadska, Maksym Rylskyi, Mykhailo Starytskyi. But we do not write about the gossip around them. We popularize the art of Ukrainian embroidery and highlight the private fragments of the lives of prominent Ukrainians that are little known to the general public. The book is organized in the form of a folder, which contains postcards-stories about the figure and a memorial item decorated with Ukrainian embroidery. The publication is the result of the cooperation of a team of like-minded people - museologists, embroiderers, scientists, clothing makers and publishers, who implemented a project aimed at popularizing the art of Ukrainian embroidery and highlighting fragments of the lives of prominent Ukrainians that are little known to the general public. Each postcard of the collection introduces us to the biography of a prominent person and the features of the domestic culture of that time through the presentation of a certain memorial item, which is decorated with Ukrainian embroidery. But the authors go further and present products sewn and embroidered by modern craftsmen, decorated with the same embroidery, as well as special schemes are presented, according to which everyone can reproduce both simple and complex ornaments from museum monuments in the material. The book will be interesting for everyone who is interested in Ukrainian ethnoculture, clothing manufacturing specialists, and embroiderers.

    • The Arts

      Emerging Art in Ukraine

      by Lucia Bondar, Anna Avetova

      Emerging Art in Ukraine is a book to be the first comprehensive publication about contemporary young art in Ukraine, that has flourished in the country in recent years. The authors named the project EMERGING ART since they are trying to demonstrate to the world the art of new age, young talents who each have an individual style, a specialised education, exhibition experience and promising creativity. And who grew up as both individuals and creative personalities alongside our country during its era of independence. Along with their works, the reader will find these artists’ biographies as well as their answers to questions exploring what art is for them and where they find inspiration; the manifestation of national identity in their works; changes in creativity during the war; and, of course, their hope for the future of Ukrainian art.

    • Photography & photographs

      I feel guilty when I throw away food. Grandma used to tell me about Holodomor (Famine of 1933)

      by Andrii Dostliev, Lia Dostlieva, introduction by Serhiy Zhadan

      Post-photographic research, which explores traces of a traumatic historical event in everyday practices and in contemporary landscape and tests the limits of photography as a medium in trauma representation. The starting point of this project was the personal sense of guilt which accompanies the acts of throwing food away. This feeling is common in contemporary Ukrainian culture and originates in our postmemory - it was imprinted into our generation’s behavioral patterns by the stories of our grandparents - survivors of the man-made famine of 1932-33 in Soviet Ukraine called the Holodomor, which killed millions. The ink prints document the thrown-away food while fragments of found black-and-white photographs of unrecognisable landscapes demonstrate the lack of the famine’s traces in the landscape – unlike many collective traumas which have exact geographic locations and present in the landscape in the form of ‘places of memory’.

    • The Arts

      Icons on the Ammunition Boxes

      by Sonia Atlantova, Oleksandr Klymenko

      This publication is dedicated to the artistic project "Icons on the Ammunition Boxes" by Sonya Atlantova and Oleksandr Klymenko. The icons painted on fragments of weapons boxes brought from the front lines are silent witnesses of the war in Eastern Ukraine and at the same time evidence of the victory of life over death (not only symbolic, but also real). Since the spring of 2015, the project had a charitable purpose of supporting the Mykola Pyrogov First Voluntary Mobile Hospital that provided medical assistance to the Ukrainian army and to the civilians in combat zone of Donbas.

    • Professional interior design

      Interior Design in Ukraine

      by Lucia Bondar

      Interior Design in Ukraine / Interior Solutions in Residential Premises" is the first full-fledged publication on interior design in residential premises in Ukraine. The book highlights more than 50 of the brightest and most professional interiors created by Ukrainian designers and architects in recent years. The book is a combination of unique ideas and a variety of styles. Projects inspired by Ukrainian history, culture, nature and craft traditions deserve special attention, in most of which designers use materials and furniture from Ukrainian manufacturers.

    • Memoirs

      Kazimir Malevich. Kyiv Aspect

      by Tetyana Filevska

      Kazimir Malevich. Kyiv Aspect' is an anthology that contains 18 researches on Malevich’s Kyiv period, his first 17 years living in Ukraine, his time of teaching at Kyiv Art Institute and his artworks of that time; parallel comparisons of Malevich’s style and his relationships with his contemporary artists, new biographical studies, etc. Some of the most respected Ukrainian and international Malevich researchers (Jean-Claude Marcadé, Christina Lodder, Irina Vakar, Myroslava M. Mudrak, Iwona Luba, Aleksandr Lisov, Dmytro Horbachov, Tetyana Filevska, Serhii Pobozhii, Ostap Kovalchuk, Yaryna Tsymbal) are among the authors of this volume. Published by RODOVID and 'Malevich Institute' NGO

    • Biography & True Stories

      Kazymyr Malevych. Kyiv Period 1928-1930

      by Tetyana Filevska (compiler)

      This publication presents Kazymyr Malevich’s theoretical legacy, which is first and foremost connected to the time he spent in Kyiv and in Ukraine. When he lived in Kyiv, he taught at the Kyiv Art Institute and published in the journals Nova Generatsiia (New Generation) and Avanhard (Avant-Garde). The book also contains his letters, memoirs, and various publications related to his exhibition at the Kyiv Art Gallery in the 1930. Kazymyr Malevich: The Kyiv Period is unique in that it includes not only the artist’s well-known essays, but also tsome previously unpublished exts of his authorship that were discovered in 2015 in the Kyiv archive of a well known artist Marian Kropyvnytsky. In the late 1920s, Kropyvnytsky was Malevich’s personal assistant at the Kyiv Art Institute.

    • The Arts

      Knights of the Famished Renaissance

      by Dmytro Horbachov

      The phenomenon of the Ukrainian avant-garde was first revealed to the Western world in 1973 at the "Tatlin's dream" London exhibition where for the first time, world-class paintings by little known Ukrainian avant-garde artists Vasyl Yermylov and Oleksandr Bohomazov were exhibited. This famous show raised awareness also of other world-famous masters who, by origin, upbringing, self identification, and national traditions were associated with Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Odesa. Apart from the above-mentioned artists, the book mentions “the most faithful son of Ukraine” Davyd Burliuk, as well as Kazymyr Malevych, a Pole who considered himself Ukrainian; Volodymyr Tatlin, a professor of Kyiv Art Institute and bandura player; Oleksandra Ekster, a founder of the Ukrainian school of constructivist scenography; artists of the "Culture League"; Oleksandr Arkhypenko, a phenomenal sculptor. Supplemented with extensive cultural studies and personal memories of the author, the book is designed to present the reader with a complete picture of the origins and formation of the Ukrainian artistic avant-garde. Compiled by Oleksiy Sinchenko.

    • Diaries, letters & journals

      Narbut. Studies. Memoirs. Letters [A Supplemented Reproduction of the "Narbut Anthology", destroyed in 1933]

      by Bohdan Zavitii (compiler)

      This story behind this biographical memoir of a great artist begins before Narbut’s death. The best-known experts were invited to participate and contribute articles, which they spent many years preparing. But the Soviet censors “trimmed” the texts to their liking. When it was finally published in 1933, nearly all the authors had been repressed or executed. The anthology went under the knife at the printing press. It was a shame, too, because the paper was beautiful, specially allotted by the state printing press, as was the print. Only two incomplete copies remain, both in private collections. Serhii Bilokin first proposed the idea of the Narbut Anthology to Rodovid Press ten years ago, and now it is finally came to fruition with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. This is thanks to Bohdan Zavitii, Anastasia Bilousova, and entire project team including designers Sasha Bychenko, Oleksii Salnykov, and Alina Bielova. The Institute of Art History, Folklore, and Ethnology, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Kharkiv Art Museum, and others assisted with the illustrations and texts. Heorhii Narbut was a decisive figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian art, yet the Communist taboos of the Soviet period ensured he remained unknown to a broader audience. This unique project fleshes out a significant aspect of art history and puts certain things back where they belong. Content and introduction: Serhii Bilokin Editors: Anastasiia Bilousova and Bohdan Zavitii Design: Sasha Bychenko and Numo Team

    • The Arts

      Permanent Residency

      by Serhiy Zhadan, Pavlo Makov

      Permanent Residency is an art book by two Kharkiv authors, poet Serhiy Zhadan and artist Pavlo Makov. It is an attempt to review the last 27 years of their presence in Kharkiv through the optics of their works. The book combines two views, two generations, and two different artistic languages ​. The publication contains graphic works and poems selected by Pavlo Makov and Serhiy Zhadan independently during the creation of the artbook. The works are organized in a reversed order. They do not comment on each other; poems do not describe graphic works, and graphic works do not illustrate poems. This allows a reader/viewer to become a third participant in the process of discovering common meanings.

    • The Arts
      September 2022


      by Olesia Gerashchenko (Shambur)

      The book contains over fifty interviews with artists, curators, and art critics, who talk about their reactions to contemporary events in Ukraine as citizens and as artists. Together with the author, they reflect on creative response of the modern art community to the events in Ukraine during the Revolution of Dignity and the war with Russia (before the full-scale invasion) and the role of art and artists in conflict. The book includes over 100 reproductions of visual works that have been provided by the courtesy of artists, Ukrainian museums, and private galleries.“Artists who record the overstrain of the present leave behind the artifacts for future cultural archaeologists. Socially engaged artists practice art because they understand the urgency of the situation, but even those artists who claim that they do not address the theme of war demonstrate the opposite in their works. It is this zone of conscious and subconscious artistic influence that creates the environment of this book.” — Olesya Gerashchenko (Shambur)

    • Art forms

      T. Shevchenko. Life in art

      by Dmytro Stus, Tetyana Chuiko, Anastasia Morozova, Yulia Shilenko

      Of course, the fate of the artist was formed in a certain way because he realized his vocation - to be a poet. On the other hand, he lived his life as a professional artist. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, T. Shevchenko worked as an artist in the Temporary Commission for the consideration of ancient acts (Kyiv Archaeographic Commission), applied for the position of drawing teacher at the University of St. Volodymyr in Kyiv. And when his plans were broken by arrest, then in exile, despite the strict imperial ban on writing and drawing, the artist was able to work in his specialty, although not officially. Shevchenko devoted the last years of his life to the development of etching, having received the title of academician in engraving. The publication consists of two parts. The first is devoted to the works of the artist, made in graphic techniques, as well as sepia and watercolor. Given the fact that there are few oil paintings in the artist's works, we singled them out in the second part, trying to break stereotypes about their perception. Each section of the first part is devoted to a separate genre, which was addressed by T. Shevchenko. The largest of the sections are divided into thematic headings, which allows you to see the works of the artist from a new, perhaps unexpected, angle. In turn, the commentary to each work contains a brief history of creation (places, circumstances, relationships, etc.) and artistic characteristics that reveal the performing skills of the author. In addition, an important addition is the part of the commentary "Interesting" and quotes from the novels, Diary, correspondence of the artist, memoirs of his contemporaries. You can start your acquaintance with the publication from any section or even heading. Traveling through Shevchenko's paintings on separate routes you will have a complete rich journey through the original world of the artist.

    • Biography: general


      by Oksana Zabuzhko, foreword

      "TEURA. SOFIA YABLONSKA" is a project that presents an outstanding Ukrainian female photographer, writer, traveler, and film documentarian Sophia Yablonska. It combines a photo album and 3 books of traveling prose from the literary heritage of Sofia Yablonska (1907-1971) Sophia was called "Theura" - a red bird - and thus recognized as female native of the island of Bora Bora, where she was one of the first to appear with a photo and film camera. In Indochina, Egypt, Ceylon, Bali, Tahiti, New Zealand - everywhere in the world, she filmed a "live" picture of life, and not fashionable productions at that time. The photo album, which was printed in Ukrainian and French (separate versions) with the support of the UKRAINIAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION, includes her photos from a trip around the world in the 1930s. Foreword - Oksana Zabuzhko (Kyiv) Photos from the archive of Natalie Udin, Yablonska's granddaughter (Paris) Biography: Veronika Khomenyuk and Andrii Benytskyi (Lviv) Photo captions: Natalka Beshta (Bangkok) Selection of illustrations and design (almost curators): Maria Norazyan and Ilya Pavlov, Grafprom studio (Kharkiv) Project manager: Lidia Likhach"

    • Photography & photographs

      THE INDEPENDENT. 100 Most Outstanding Photos of Modern Ukraine

      by Mstyslav Chernov

      THE INDEPENDENT is a unique collection of modern Ukrainian photography reflecting on political, cultural, and sport events, the tragedies, hopes, pride and joy of Ukraine. The photographs are taken by professional artists and documentalists. The book includes the previously unpublished images of the known Ukrainian photographers and some of those images are published exclusively for The Independent project. The book draws attention to the high professional level of the modern Ukrainian documentary makers and photographers. Despite risks and obstacles, they tirelessly continue to record history every day. This edition will be of interest to wide audiences both in Ukraine and abroad.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2016


      by Serhiy Zhadan

      And so they return from the war and notice that the war exists only in their reality. And that now they will have to bear responcibility for that war. The space between their responsibility and their war is filled with fierceness and anger, but also faith and perseverance. And only the one who remembers where it all started can overcome this chasm. And most importantly, he knows how everything should end."The Templars" is a collection of 39 poems about the war that no one declared, about the pain that no one can cope with, about the love that no one can refuse, and the hope on which everything rests.Serhiy ZhadanI was honored to illustrate Serhiy Zhadan's new book. In a sense, we all live in the Age of Desire. Serhiy today is perhaps the most important figure of the new Ukrainian literature. I also perceive him as a voice of reason and a role model of the honest position of a writer in our tattered time in our already self-reborn country. I decided not to literally illustrate specific texts, but to create a kind of suite based on my own works from different years, that resonate with Serhiy's poetry. Alexander Roitburd

    • The Arts
      January 2021

      The Ark Ukraine

      by Yaryna Vynnytska

      An exclusive gift edition on the cultural heritage of Ukraine with special features - lace cutting, golden foil embossing, blind embossing, textured varnish. This is a book of initiation, a journey through thousands of years of Ukrainian history and culture. The book became a visiting card of Ukraine, an official state symbol. The artbook 'The Ark Ukraine' comprises all cultural heritage of Ukraine under one cover: artifacts of traditional culture, masterpieces of professional art, symbols and archetypes, prominent historical and cultural figures - all that deserves the status of 'the Ukrainian brand'.

    • Memoirs

      The Charm of Morocco

      by Sophia Yablonska

      "The Charm of Morocco" is the debut travel novel of the Ukrainian traveler, writer, artist and photographer Sofia Yablonska, first published in Lviv in 1932. The author lived in Morocco for four months, during which she researched and described Arab Africa. The writer's report is deeply personal, her unbiased view of this country is devoid of French influence and established genre traditions of the exotic novel, despite the fact that Sofia had already lived in Paris for several years before going to Morocco. It describes the different strata of Arab society, their relations with each other and with foreigners, the position of women and the Berber tribes free from the European protectorate. The 2018 edition is part of the TEURA art project. Sofia Yablonska", the purpose of which is to return Sofia Yablonska to the cultural discourse and establish her as a relevant character of Ukrainian art. In addition to "The Charm of Morocco", two other travel novels by Sofia - "From the Land of Rye and Opium" and "Far Horizons", as well as a book of her photos taken in the 1930s - will be published as part of the project. Compilers: Andrii Benytskyi, Veronika Khomeniuk Designer: Volodymyr Gavrish The publication was made with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Faundation

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