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    • A Special Avocado Tree

      by Jonas Ribeiro

      Sometimes, a tree can be your best friend. The story of this book gathers trees, muss, a grumpy old man, and a dash of humor and world of imagination. From that mix, came out the Special Avocado Tree. A messy and dreamy tree that helps his old best friend to find back the joy of life.

    • A Tale of two towers

      by Alessandra de Paula and Graham Meaden

      When the neighbor’s sun shines always brighter ... Mr. Mouse and Mr. Hedgehog both loved lying in the sun and having tea. One day, being disturbed by Mr. Mouse’s cherry tree, Mr. Hedgehog builds a tower in order to lie in the sun without any shadows. As Mr. Mouse discovers the tower, he has the idea to make one for himself and being nearer to the sun. But this means new shadows for Mr. Hedgehog ... So the two towers got taller and taller – until they finally collapsed because of an earthquake. Now, the two friends try to find a solution together...

    • Fairy Tale Collection

      The Three little Pigs

      by Brothers Grimm

      A new visual approach to well-known fairy tales by the artist Rosinha Campos. Rosinha’s strong and expressive illustrations capture each story’s atmosphere: You can feel Hansel and Gretel’s fear when they get lost in the forest, and the malicious joy of the third little pig when it manages to fool the wolf. Rosinha narrates each fairy tale through her images alone, allowing parents and children to tell each other the story in their own words. The reader can find the original texts at the end of each volume.

    • Haunted Tales

      by Edson Gabriel Garcia

      Stories that make your spine tingle! Jorginho’s girlfriend has disappeared for a week when he suddenly gets an invitation to meet her at the cemetery. A mannequin with eyes that appear to be alive strangely gains power over her creator. A young man is overwhelmed by the desire to own the most beautiful leather jacket he has ever seen – and will bitterly regret it . . . Edson Gabriel Garcia’s stories carry his readers away and leave them behind with goosebumps and a strange sensation.

    • Healthy Planet


      by Lucilia Garcez

      In the modern world, almost everything requires energy. Simple things such as taking a shower or drinking cold water depend on energy. Discover the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy, learn more about hydroelectric plants, wind and nuclear energy.

    • Healthy Planet


      by Lucilia Garcez

      The amount of garbage we have in the world is a serious problem. A diaper, for example, takes up to 450 years to decompose. Learn more about recycling and other environmental solutions.

    • Mistery Trackers

      Robbery in the Old Mansion

      by Barbara Menezes and Ricardo Barreiros

      Ice cream makes your detective brain more efficient. Artur, Mariana, and Pedro have a very exciting life: Their father is a detective at the local police department. When they come home from school, they first hear about the new crimes that happened in town. This time, a very precious violin has been stolen from a rich man living in an old mansion. The three of them decide to conduct their own investigation. And they soon find the main suspects. But who really robbed the violin? The housekeeper who needs the money for her mother’s medical treatment, the music teacher who loves violins, or the lawyer responsible for the instrument’s safety . . . Artur, the younger brother, has his own investigation methods, and after some elbow grease and ice cream, the three of them discover the truth . . .

    • Native Brazilians

      Children's Edition

      by Daniel Munduruku

      A carefully produced Brazil’s native populations. This title introduces the most important elements of the culture, beliefs, and lifestyle of Brazilian Indians, explaining the differences between the numerous nations that inhabited the country long before the arrival of the Portuguese colonizers. Today there are more than 200 native nations in Brazil, with a population of approximately 750 thousand people.

    • Old Bob's Dentures

      by Thiago Lopes

      The hilarious odyssey of a lost object—written in humorous rhymes. One morning, Old Bob saunters into the bathroom, still half asleep, and accidentally drops his denture into the toilet. While he calls a bunch of specialists to help solve this problem, others are having a terrific time with the strange object. Full of funny little details children will love to discover while listening to the story.

    • The Boy and the Sparrow

      by Daniel Munduruku

      A charming story about freedom and independence. During a nice walk with his mom, a little boy finds a cute baby sparrow that has fallen from its nest. Unable to locate the sparrow’s mother, the boy decides to adopt it. From this day on, the boy takes care of the bird with a great deal of love and affection, caring for its survival and development. However, as the sparrow grows, it refuses to be looked after by the boy, since it wishes to fly and find food by itself. Despite his broken heart, the boy has to accept that the bird is meant to be free.

    • The Bridge

      by Eliandro Rocha

      It is not always easy to accept changes, but often if you can manage to, you discover they are for the better. Nestor the rabbit is very happy with his life: He has a beautiful house and garden near the river and, most important of all, silence all around... until the day that someone starts constructing a house on the other side of the river and Nestor starts to get really nervous. How could he and this strange monkey from the other side ever become friends?

    • The Flight of the Blue Macaw

      by Maria José Silveira

      A moving coming of age story about a first love and political resistance during the military regime in Brazil, putting up some universal questions about the individual’s role in a dictatorship. André, aged thirteen, is absolutely charmed by Lia, his new neighbour. The young woman recently moved into the house next door together with her husband and her uncle. During their long conversations, the young nurse tells him that it’s her dream to study and become a barefoot doctor. Then one day, André e finds out that Lia an her husband are involved into a clandestine resistance group against the military regime. To save Lia and her comrades from being caught by the military police, André takes a very high risk. When the police comes during the night to hunt the neighbours’ house, they have already gone . . . The narration is completed by the comic strips André had drawn in his teenage days and an authentic political pamphlet that plays a crucial role in the story. By choosing a teenager’s perspective, Maria José Silveira poses some very important questions about dictatorship in general and makes them accessible for young people.

    • Where Dreams live

      by Jonas Ribeiro

      In one town, there live many people with hidden dreams: The dressmaker dreams of studying fashion design in Paris, the pilot whishes he were an astronaut, the telephone operator dreams of being a radio speaker, and the biologist desires to live in the Amazon rainforest. Then one day the dreams decide to come out of their hideaways and nothing will be as it was before ...

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