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    • Children's & YA

      I'm like this and that's not a problem

      by Fan Grande

      Imagine that you wake up one morning with your biological sex changed. Close your eyes for a moment and think about it. I’M LIKE THIS AND THAT’S NOT A PROBLEM   narrates the effort that a trans person has to go through to be. Being trans is not a choice. Not a whim. Trans people do not choose to be born trans, and have the right to have their own identity, because the right to identity is one of the fundamental rights of every human being. A right needed to benefit from other fundamental rights. Being trans is not something that happens to others, it is something that happens to this society and this society needs to embrace diversity as the only possible way out of intolerance, which is the seed of transphobia.

    • Blog

      Look me in the eyes!

      by Carme Morera, Tona Català

      “Hello! What do we do, how is your life? How long, eh? I was already looking forward to telling you more stories. I've grown up and I've noticed that a lot of people around me think I'm just one girl who smells tenderness whom they must protect. And that has to end. I would like to be able to do half the things you do that you don’t even realize. Since you are privileged, I only ask for a little effort: I am also one person. When you talk to me, look me in the eyes”.  LOOK ME IN THE EYES is the second part of WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?,  the experiences of Carmen Morera, a teenager girl with intellectual disability, written by her mother, Tona Català.

    • Children's & YA


      by Susana Gisbert Grifo

      Lucia arrives at the high school as a new student when she has already started the course. It doesn't look like it adapt too well to the new environment, and even less so to new classmates than they despise her and give her the nickname “Sadface”. Only one girl, Carla, realizes that Lucía's sadness hides a big problem important and decides to help her. Sadface shows the reality of gender violence through the eyes of two girls and their family environments. Friendship, solidarity and above all empathy will be the keys of its history.

    • Fiction

      The breath of life

      by Teresa Broseta

      Florence, 1564. At the gates of the church of Santa Croce, while Piero is expected to visit the tomb of Michelangelo Buonarroti, recalls his childhood in Carrara, the flight to Rome challenging his destiny as a stonemason and the months of learning at the foot of the scaffolding, while the great master of the Renaissance painting the Sistine Chapel. Time of silence, solitude and work while a beautiful homosexual love story is born between the master and the disciple. A tender one novel of initiation and motions in full swing, set in the pontificate convulsions of Julius II.

    • Blog

      What is happening to me?

      by Carme Morera; Tona Català

      “I’m Carmen. I was born on the 9th of the 9th in the year 99with 9 toes. From the very first moment my father and mother sensed that I would be different”. This is the beginning of this  funny book that  includes the experiences of Carmen Morera, a teenager girl with intellectual disability, written by her mother, Tona Català. Throughout 90 pages, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME we can discover what life is like for Carmen told with large doses of humor, but also tenderness. Finding out the funniest anecdotes, but at the same time real selfimprovement lessons without losing the wit and the unceremonious, innocent look in front of all kinds of events.

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