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    • Crime & mystery
      February 2019

      Death in the Maze. Barcelona 1909

      by Fernando García Ballesteros

      A drowned English nanny, a large house, and a maze that hides many secrets than. A new challenge for Inspector Requesens. On 19th July 1909, the day after a reception held in the Horta Maze Park, the Desvall’s British nanny, Elsie Thornton, is found dead floating in the lavoir. Governor Ossorio orders Inspector Ignasi Requesens and his inseparable assistant Cristóbal to handle the case. What appears to be no more than an unfortunate accident becomes more complex when the autopsy report reveals that Elsie was pregnant. No one knew she was in a relationship. What’s more the report also shows she had taken laudanum just before her death. In the turbulent Barcelona leading up to Barcelona’s Tragic Week, nothing is what it seems, neither is Elsie’s innocence intact. The investigation becomes entangled with another tragic death that happened many years earlier in the exact same place, involving espionage and a kidnapping... A new chal- lenge for Inspector Requesens.

    • Historical fiction
      February 2021

      Like the Autum Wind

      by Teresa Cameselle

      The hopes and fears of a resilient woman in the Spanish Second Republic —and the facts that would become history. October 1934, Madrid. Twenty-five-year-old Enma de Cas- tro is a qualified teacher in search of a job. But finding em- ployment in Madrid is not easy, so she accepts a teaching position at a village school in far-flung rural Galicia where she educates her pupils using novel methods that arouse the parents’ misgivings. She also starts an adult school, which wins her the friendship and confidence of the village women. Her subsequent close friendship with Elias Doval, a learned and sophisticated local union leader, gives rise to idle talk. An encounter with Miguel Figueirido, a rough, widowed peasant who worships his daughter, makes Enma reconsider her decision not to start a family of her own. Meanwhile, the Second Republic is teetering on the brink, and no-one is pre- pared for what is coming. Will Emma overcome her troubles and become the teacher she dreamt of being?

    • Crime & mystery
      February 2020

      Murder in Barcelona's Lyceum. Barcelona 1909

      by Fernando García Ballesteros

      A murder mystery, a tenacious detective, and the bourgeoisie of early twentieth-century Barcelona. Barcelona, 1909. Countess Victoria of Cardona is murdered during a lavish masked ball at the Lyceum opera house. She is discovered with a blow to her head and wearing a valuable ruby ring that had gone missing a long time before. This would not be the only death at the Grand Opera House. In- spector Ignasi Requesens undertakes the investigation, but there seem to have been no witnesses to the crime. Members of the city’s nobility, choralists, entrepreneurs, scroung- ers, stagehands, prostitutes, bastards, mediums, and social climbers parade through the pages of this thriller, which beyond the mystery of the Countess’ murder, immerses the reader in the convulsive years of turn-of-the-century Barce- lona. Of course, nothing is what it seems, and despite the silence of those implicated, Requesens finds answers that will compromise the good name of some of Barcelona’s most eminent families. Will they allow the inspector to re- veal the truth behind the Countess of Cardona’s murder? Who was behind the disappearance of the ruby ring and the death of the Lyceum’s manager? Who really was Victoria de Cardona and what secrets was she hiding?

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      March 2019


      by Susana Aikin

      A story of renewal, of endings that are beginnings, and of situations and places that we never hope to reach. Nadine and Alexandra are sisters whose professional lives have drawn them apart. Alexandra, a passionate actor who risks everything for her art, is poles apart from Nadine, an inhibited poet who has taken refuge in a conservative and supercilious world. Yet behind these disparate façades lies a troubling, decades-long family secret. This is what the two sisters revisit together when their lives run aground, and Na- dine encounters her sister in a cancer ward.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      October 2020

      The Voice of Portraits

      by Aurora Villalba

      Did the Dorias really have everything a family could want? Will Lucia still believe this years later? Lucia believed the Dorias were the perfect family. They seemed to have everything anyone could want: beauty, fame, and money. Just being near them made her feel safe and secure. However, the passing years reveal a very differ- ent reality to that which several family objects have borne witness: a wedding invitation, a pregnancy test, an urn that once held someone’s ashes, and a family photograph. The photograph is as tattered as Lucia’s life upon reach- ing adulthood. At twenty-five, she thought she had severed all ties with the Doria family, but one day she receives an invitation to a wedding from Alejandra Doria. Will Lucia attend?

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