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    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2019

      Complete Poetry

      by Ernesto Cardenal

      For the first time, the work of the Nicaraguan poet has been compiled in a single volume. From his initial poetry books (Epigramas, Hora 0, Salmos) to more recent (Versos del Pluriverso, Pasajero de tránsito), in addition to poems not published before and the monumental Cántico cósmico. This book must be the reference edition of one of the most important legacies of Spanish American letters.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2012

      Invitation to utopia

      Historical study for times of crisis

      by Juan José Tamayo

      In times of crisis, utopia is more necessary than ever. In the middle of the present darkness, this book wants to rehabilitate and activate utopia in a critical and dialectical sense. It analyzes different typologies (utopias, counter-utopias and dystopias) covering its historical landmarks and setting its place in philosophy and theology, and elaborating a new utopian proposal that does not impose an ethnocentric vision of the future.

    • Biography & True Stories
      April 2007

      Life of Rainer Maria Rilke

      Beauty and dread

      by Antonio Pau

      Rilke's life, tenaciously dedicated to the culmination of a poetic work, ran through the tops of beauty and the chasms of dread. What remained behind it are several thousand poems that place its author at the head of twentieth-century writers. Life and work are exposed in this book by Antonio Pau as they passed: in an inseparable unity, in a constant reciprocal reflection.

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