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    • Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
      May 2020

      Beyond the god machine

      by Antonio Solano

      Following a helium escape at the Large Hadron Collider, countless glares of a strange nature are seen in the Valsain area. Alberto Cuellar has the misfortune of being close to one of them and suddenly goes back in time, specifically to the Spanish post-war period. Our protagonist will be immersed in the hard task of explaining where he comes from and the objects he’s carrying with him. When news of him coming from the future are spread, several characters from different countries want to gather information about the Second World War development and how to influence it, through unprecedented personal conversations with the main character. Conspiracies and betrayals are present throughout the novel up to the resolution of the glares issues and the restoration of the normal situation… or the change of the future forever.

    • Historical fiction
      September 2019

      Nigrinus. The condemnation of memory

      by Xavier N. Cervera

      The greatest Roman of his time, Marco Cornelio Nigrino Curiacio Materno, suffers the damnatio memoriae (the condemnation of memory) for posing a threat to Trajan aspirations, the other candidate to Caesar’s chair. Nigrino carved the most brilliant military career of his time, became the most awarded general, was named consul and ruled the Aquitaine, Moesia, and Syria provinces. However, the emperor Nerva is forced to choose Trajan as his successor. The chance of a civil war disappears with a quick movement that leads to the cessation of Nigrino, his forced exile and the prohibition of mentioning his name. Nigrino and his family, from Edeta, fought to keep their memory alive no matter how regardless of the difficulties imposed by those who saw their disgrace as a chance to inherit their influences and great fortune. Historical novel thoroughly set in the 1st century, retrieving the character of one of the most important personalities of our history, forgotten during nearly twenty centuries. The Edetan Marco Cornelio Nigrino, condemned to memory due to his rivalry with Trajan to gain Caesar’s chair.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      March 2020

      Shadows of the past

      by Miguel Ángel Puente

      Son of an Iranian father and a Spanish mother, Fa’iq Shabazz is a child from Cadiz who suddenly sees his pleasant existence shocked by his parents harrowing death. This fact completely transforms his life and conditions his future forever. Forced to leave for Iran, where he will be taken care of by his paternal uncle, the new reality he will have to live shapes a personality completely different from that of the child he once was. His anger dominates his mind and body, and numb to the suffering of others, he quickly throws away every stage of his life in the middle of the Iranian army and ends up being one of the most lethal secret agents the world has known. Fed up of obeying other’s orders and taking a decision as little meditated as rash, which almost costs his life, he decides to become a soldier of fortune to end up being the organizer of the biggest terrorist attack in history: the 11-S attack. Back in Spain and after a severe disease, he’s taken care of by an old Spanish priest and university professor who shapes a person totally different from the former one. However, little after getting married, his past comes back haunting him, revealing little by little a surprising scenario full of spurious plots and hidden interests, which has not much to do with the scenario he believed he had lived. Reality and fiction mixed in this exhilarating thriller that aims to unveil some of the mysteries behind the 11-S terrorist attack.

    • Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
      February 2020

      The keys of the dodecahedron

      by Ángel Pajín Álvarez

      In the unstable Spain of 1937, where hates fought cruelly against inequities, a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Peaks of Europe lose their peace and stability to their people’s disgrace. During that cold December with mountain peaks overflowing flawless snow, squadrons of German war airplanes, from the Condor Legion, fly nearly at heads level of the terrified locals. Those engines from hell make their way to bomb the North Area, defended by brave and seasoned miners from Asturias, whose defensive bastions are located on the brink between León and Asturias, under the form of two sound and sturdy bunkers. Yet a terrible day, one of those planes falls (or is knocked down) in the village and its pilot disappears mysteriously… That fact triggers gruesome days of tortures, assaults, and murders carried out by the Luftwaffe soldiers and the Spanish Political-Social Brigade agents sent from the capital. And by a satrap of a fateful memory… in the area. Nevertheless, such sorrow is compensated as through magic: love. The love between the North inhabitants and a beautiful “princess” from that land. It is not until 1964 when a diverse group of young people made up by one Spaniard, two German persons, and one American woman, resident in the precious German town of Freiburg im Breisgrau, decide to go back to the conflict area to puzzle out all pending mysteries. And they certainly do! United by something else than the affection they had to each other and their relationship with some of the tragedy actors, these two couples bring in the positive side to all previous inequity. They do so despite all risks their trip involve and mostly in the final part of the journey. The peace, friendship, and respect between different ethnic, religious, and ideological groups would be the result of so much sacrifice and effort by the members of the new “Legion”, now made up by the noble and peaceful youth of our time.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      May 2020

      The princess and the monster

      by Olga Redrado

      Nereah is a 27-year-old woman who emigrates to the United States from Belgium pursuing a dream. She wants to be a singer and knows for certain she will have more opportunities in the States than in Europe. A month after arriving in Chicago, the New York Twin Towers are destroyed. Almost as a bad omen and despite it, she decides to continue her path and meets a man she falls in love with. She even breaks her remote relationship with a Belgian true love. After a few months, they get married and together they begin a life that soon displays a less gentle side than what she had expected. When their son is born, problems increase gradually and she looks for answers with therapists and regressions to previous lives. When the situation gets unbearable, Nereah finds help in the most unsuspected person. Then she will have to take a final decision to preserve her life and that of her son.

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