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    • Children's & YA
      February 2021


      by Gloria Castanares Marti

      “Never” is a book that brings us closer to the reality of bullying, narrated in the first person by the protagonist. As a teenager Alvaro accumulated a great deal of problems. When he moved to a new city, his father was ill and in the new high school he was the target of all sort of aggressions of a group of students. Alvaro discovered Pablo another student suffering bullying too. Helping Pablo might be the way to solve his own problems. The book shows us the effects of bullying in the state of mind, in food, in physical deterioration. How Alvaro talks to himself, his lack of self-love. He becomes desensitized to the violence he suffers. How much damage does he need to react and call for help? It is a dynamic story that addresses other dimensions of the lives of the protagonists, delving into their personal desires and family life. Fear, anguish and pain, but also hope... a crack that allows us to glimpse that another reality is possible.

    • Historical fiction
      June 2021

      The Admiral's Baths

      by Dana Gynther

      The Admiral’s Baths is composed of four inter-connected stories, each told from the perspective of a different woman in her own time period.  The story opens as a contemporary historian conducts research at the baths, making discoveries which lead us back in time. History unfolds through the stories of the struggles, desires, tragedies, and triumphs of these four protagonists. Although they are separated by hundreds of years, we find that what connects them is more powerful than the passage of time. The Admiral’s Baths (102,300 words) revolves around an actual monument in Valencia, Spain, a medieval public bathhouse which was open for nearly seven centuries and is now a museum.  Some years ago, I translated several articles about the monument, covering its history, owners, architecture, and restoration. I became fascinated with the subject, and was particularly struck by its longevity. The Baths’ long history became an integral part of the story; instead of choosing one moment in the Baths’ – and Spain’s—history, I chose four: the 14th, 16th, and 19th centuries as well as the 21st.

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