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    • Fiction
      August 2020

      La caza (Hunting)

      by Alberto Vázquez

      Set in the jungle, La caza (Hunting) delves into the story of a primitive man hunting an animal. Through a narration full of metaphors and Art that oscillates between abstraction and figuration, universal themes such as the conflict between man and nature, pollution or emigration are discussed. Alberto Vázquez is the author of the comic Psiconautas, which animation film won a Goya Award.

    • Fiction
      March 2020

      La cólera (Rage)

      by Santiago García and Javier Olivares

      A new work by the authors of Las Meninas (Fantagraphics, Futuropolis), winner of the prestigious Spanish National Comic Award 2015. Two armies are fighting at the gates of Troy. On the one hand, the city’s defenders, commanded by Hector. On the other hand, the Greek Alliance, leaded by Agamemnon. Tired and sick of the battle, the Greek band has to face a big crisis : Agamemnon offended Achilles, his main warrior. Achilles fits of rage and decides to retire their soldiers. No one is able to make him change of mind. Achille’s anger is inflexible. This is the story that Homer told, a story of anger and rage, the first story of European Civilization. La cólera is not an adaptation of the Iliad, nor even a version of it. But it takes the Iliad as a point of departure. La cólera is not a historical book, but rather a fantasy that deals with the contemporary political reality in mythological terms. In a certain way, it can be understood as the poetic-mythic formulation that gives way to questions like What is Europe? Where does the idea of Europe come from and where is it headed?

    • Fiction
      December 2020

      Regreso al Edén (Return To Eden)

      by Paco Roca

      Paco Roca’s homage to his mother and a portrait of post-war Spain Based on a family photo from 1947 taken on the Nazareth beach in Valencia, Paco Roca paints a portrait of post-war Spain featuring one of its many humble families—a reflection of the vast majority of society that survived under Franco’s dictatorship—who faced serious problems in maintaining a livelihood, forced to turn to the black market in order to obtain basic daily provisions. A vigorous and delicate portrait in four colors of a Spain of grey tones and restricted liberties, under a political regime that was a breeding ground for the spread of moral misery. A tribute to autobiographical references, if The House was Paco Roca’s homage to his father, Return to Eden honors the figure of his mother. Emotional and balanced, full of graphic resources and narrative solutions of the highest level, Paco Roca raises his most ambitious work from The House, which received an Eisner Award 2020. Return to Eden will go on sale in Spanish bookstores this Christmas with a first edition of 25,000 copies.

    • Fiction
      July 2020

      Todas nosotras (All of us)

      by Elizabeth Casillas and Higinia Garay

      El Salvador has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the world and termination of pregnancy, both voluntary and spontaneous, is extremely harshly punished. In fact, the majority of convicted women are tried for homicide, after having suffered obstetric complications. They are accused of having killed their baby and face sentences of up to forty years in prison.

    • Fiction
      April 2021


      by Sara Soler

      ‘Us’ is the love story of Sara and Diana, and it is also the story of Diana’s gender transition. For eight years together as a heterosexual couple, Diana realizes that she feels like a woman, and she confesses it to Sara. At the beginning, both of them are afraid that this sudden twist in their relationship may destroy it, but they realize that they are still in love and that nothing has changed between them. Now, they have to come out and to deal with their family and social circle’s judgement.

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