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    • Architecture

      Architecture of Chinese Wooden Covered Bridges

      by Liu Jie

      In all the world there be no better workmen for buildings than theinhabitants of China. Architecture of Chinese Wooden Covered Bridgesis a study of the architectural art regarding Wooden Covered bridgesin places like Zhejiang, Fujian, Gansu, Yunnan, Hubei and Chongqing,etc. Special attention has been paid to some 100 ancient bridges in 17regions within 5 cities located in Zhejiang and Fujian. Constructingenvironment, material, scale, standard, structure, decoration, color as wellas craftsmanship are aspects for in-depth study. This project probes deepinto them and accomplishes a systematic reorganization. Descriptions inprose, combined with visual materials such as architectural mappings,exquisite photographic images and line-drawing illustrations from ancientdocuments, successfully reproduce a full picture of the ancient Chinesearchitectural art concerning Wooden Covered Bridges. Therefore, thispublication will fill in a gap in our domestic literature. The initiation andpublication of Architecture of Chinese Wooden Covered Bridges willenable people to view these architectural remains in mountainous regionsof Zhejiang and Fujian from a brand new perspective, that is, to see themas an architectural art that has created a unique environment.

    • The Arts

      Classical Ancient Chinese Drama Novels

      by Peng Lianxi, Wu Sheng , Dai Honghai and others

      Classical Ancient Chinese Drama novels with colored drawings disseminates Chinese classical literature and  traditional skills of painting., including Dream of the Red Chamber, Three Kingdom, Peony Pavilion, West Chamber and A Tale of the West Garden. This series has two surprises: one is that all the drawings is newly created in recent years by famous artists, while the others is that the design is quite unique corresponding to the traditional Chinese realistic painting. No mantter the color, the line or the artistic conception, all the paintings show  high standard of the traditional Chinese realistic painting.

    • Children's & YA

      Creating the World

      Comic Books Series on Chinese Creation Myths

      by Feng Yuan,Shi Dawei et al

      The History became legend, Legend became myth. This series of picturebooks on Chinese Creation Myths Presents Fascinating stories of ancientChina, which make nowadays people recall the heroes in the time ofchaos, and meanwhile, help us admire the immortal spirits and vitalityof our mythical ancestors. These series contain 30 books, which arePangu Creates the New World, Nvwa Mends the Sky, The Grand ArcherYi Shoots Nine Suns, Fuxi and Nvwa Create the World, Fuxi Inventsthe Net, Chang’e flying to the Moon, Yu the Great Engages himself inFlood Control, Yu the Great Captures the Water Monster, etc. All theHeroes mentioned in the picture books are very famous and even thekids know them well. In the childhood, most of us heard the legend fromour families and attracted by the appealing stories. By using Bilingualversion, the series is more convenient for foreign readers and more usefulfor native speakers to learn English. Even though you don’t understandChinese history, it is definitely possible for you to comprehend theChinese Creation Myths series. A westerner Reading the series of ChineseMyths is the same as a Chinese person reading Ancient Greek Myths.

    • The Arts

      Deconstructing Chinese Antique Porcelain

      by Fan Dongqing

      Deconstructing Chinese Antique Porcelain serves an openwindow through which you can see the history of AntiquePorcelain in thousands of Chinese civilization. It is a bookconcentrating on identification and collection of ChineseAntique Porcelain. By breaking through the traditionalnarration of such books. This book seems quite ubique.The content is professional but not obscure, precise but notdull. The most special part of this book is the cover whichpresent the new idea of three dimensional. The readerscan appreciate the art handed down from ancient times byscanning the QR code.Written by a very famous and prefessional author, FanDonqing, this book vividly depicts the Antique Porcelainwith works and historical documents, as well as personalexperience of excavation of Ancient kiln site, not only hasgreat academic value, but also provides guiding value forcollectors. The book becomes even more attractive with thepreface wrriten by Lv Chenlong, the director of the ImperialPalace.

    • The Arts
      January 2019

      Golden Printing Chinese Famous Rubbings

      by Wang Xizhi and others

      Golden Printing Chinese Famous Rubbings, containing 20 copies all together, present to the readers an exceptional editing perspective as well as manufacturing skills. The main features are as follows: Firstly, we’ve chosen the best edition of all, which is present by calligraphy and rubbings separately. The calligraphyies are golden with blue background, and the rubbings, golden with black background. Secondly, we not only respect the original works, but also make the incomplete words complete. Thirdly, the advanced printing skills have been used. The skills of golden ink etc, are used for the first time to make the books exquisite, Finally, we invited Sun Baowen, a very famous publisher on traditional Chinese rubbings.

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