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    • April 2009

      Ancient Chinese Coins

      by Lu Jiabin & Chang Hua

      This volume systematically introduces the origin and development of Chinese coins, interspersed with many legends and anecdotes. It is an informative and readable book for disseminating knowledge of Chinese coin culture.

    • April 2009

      Ancient Chinese Philosophy

      by Zhang Jianan

      After summarizing the traditional philosophy, this volume explains its spiritual connotation in a simple way, introducing the philosophy of engagement, the philosophy of retreat and the philosophy of accommodation from a new angle. It explains the abstruse philosophy in a story-telling way, and discusses the value of Chinese classical philosophy.

    • April 2009

      Ancient Poems

      by Liu Lei & Hu Sheng

      This volume collates Chinese ancient poems from the Tang Dynasty, highlighting The Book of Songs, as well as the lives and masterpieces of Qu Yuan, Tao Yuanming, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi and Li Shangyin, by analyzing the historical background and the artistic conception of the poems.

    • April 2009

      Chinese Cuisine and Its Cultural Connotations

      by Pang Yi & Wang Jingwu

      This volume illustrates the cultural characteristics of Chinese food, Chinese cooking, food-related myths and legends, food and worship, food and celebrities, and literature.

    • April 2009

      Classical Gardens

      by Lin Lanying & Wang Renjuan

      This volume presents the art of Chinese classical gardens, including gardening techniques, garden types and garden structures. It also introduces the famous ancient gardens in China.

    • April 2009

      Classical Novels

      by Zhao Yulong & Hu Sheng

      This volume introduces some representative works in Chinese classical literature, including Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Heroes of the Marshes, Pilgrimage to the West, The Scholars, A Dream in Red Mansions, and Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio.

    • April 2009

      Cultural Exchange

      by Hu Taichun

      This volume introduces the Chinese cultural exchange with other cultures during its development, which is informative, readable and interesting. It is well-illustrated and suitable for all readers interested in Chinese culture.

    • September 2013

      Industrial Revolution

      by Zhang Wushen

      The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.

    • April 2009

      Inventions and Discoveries

      by An Zuoxiang

      This volume, following the time sequence, based on the four great Inventions of ancient China, presents a general picture of ancient Chinese inventions and discoveries. It makes a detailed introduction to the inventions and relevant figures in the three flourishing periods of technology in history, as well as the features of these three periods.

    • April 2009

      Old Dwellings

      by Chengxu & A Ying

      This volume introduces the architectural art, structure, and style and the cultural connotation of Chinese ancient dwellings, including the dwellings of scholars, merchants, officers, ordinary people and ethnic minorities.

    • April 2009

      Temples, Pagodas and Pavilions

      by Wang Hongzhi, Zhang Dongjie

      This volume gives us a general picture of temples, pagodas and pavilions because they have important positions in Chinese architectural history not only for their architectural art, but also for their historical position and value as cultural relics.

    • Geography & the Environment
      April 2009

      The Charm of Folk Customs

      by Hong Jiang

      This volume gives an authentic introduction and brief explanation of Chinese folklore and customs from such aspects as mascots, zodiac, folk deities, birthday customs, traditional wedding and funeral ceremonies.

    • September 2013

      The French Revolution

      by Zhang Wushen

      The French Revolution was a period of radical social and political upheaval in France that had a lasting impact on French history and more broadly throughout Europe.

    • September 2013

      The Mongol Empire

      by Zhang Wushen

      The readers of this book may understand more about the upsurge of Mongol Empire,the establishment of Yuan Dynasty,etc.

    • September 2013

      The Newly-Born States

      by Zhang Wushen

      This book tells about the born of the U.S. Federal Government, the open-up of virgin land,the westward and the civil War,etc.

    • September 2013

      The Renaissance and Grand Voyage

      by Zhang Wushen

      This book helps the readers know the european Renaissance, religious reform. geographic discovery and the formation of a national government,USA.

    • September 2013

      The World War 1

      by Zhang Wushen

      The First World War was mainly occurs in Europe but affects to the world world war.At that time in the world the majority country has all been involvedin this war.

    • April 2009

      Toys and Folk Arts

      by Song Peixian & Dan Ni

      This volume has two parts: the first part introduces 55 kinds of Chinese toys; the second introduces 23 kinds of folk arts.

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