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    • Travel writing
      May 2000

      Riding the Mountains Down

      by Bettina Selby

      Bettina Selby, mother of three grown-up children, decided at the age of 47 to undertake an adventurous project and cycle alone from Karachi to Khatmandu. The journey took five months a

    • Travel writing
      January 2003

      Riding the Desert Trail

      By Bicycle to the Source of the Nile

      by Bettina Selby

      One wet and windy day in the British Museum, Bettina Selby decided, almost on an impulse, to travel the length of the Nile Valley, from the Mediterranean Sea to the mysterious Mountains of the Moon and the great lakes of cent

    • Travel writing
      May 2000

      Beyond Ararat

      A Journey Through Eastern Turkey

      by Bettina Selby

      Beyond Ararat is a journey to the cradle of civilization, where the Tigris and the Euphrates rise. Along the corridor of ancient invasion fought over by Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byza

    • Travel writing
      December 2004

      Pilgrims Road

      A Journey to Santiago De Compostela

      by Bettina Selby

      Since the Tenth Century pilgrims have travelled the ancient roads through France and Spain that lead to the fabled town of Santiago de Compostela, the legendary shrine of St James the apostle. Travelling in groups for safety

    • Travel writing
      May 2014

      Like Water in a Dry Land

      by Bettina Selby

      In December 1994, at a time of intense political pressure for peace in the Middle East, Bettina Selby set out on a journey from Cyprus to the Holy Land. Riding her bicycle wherever p

    • Travel writing
      August 2014

      Two Cats Walking

      by Bettina Selby

      For two cats who trace their ancestry back to ancient Egypt , and who believe that they have a sacred duty to the human race, two house moves proves one too many. Deciding that &ls

    • Travel writing
      November 2004

      Frail Dream of Timbuktu

      by Bettina Selby

      In her latest journey, the most exotic and challenging of them all, Bettina Selby set out to explore the land of ancient African empires along the southern fringes of the Sahara Desert. Following the course of the river Niger

    • Travel writing
      May 2005

      Riding to Jerusalem

      by Bettina Selby

      People have made their way to Jerusalem in many ways. Some have ridden in triumphantly as conquerors, others have come humbly on foot as pilgrims. Today many arrive cocooned in package holiday coaches. Bettina Selby did it th

    • Travel writing
      May 2000

      The Fragile Islands

      A Journey Through the Outer Hebrides

      by Bettina Selby

      Bettina Selby, traveller and explorer, decided to spend a long summer idyll re-visiting the far flung islands of the Outer Hebrides. With an ‘all-terrain’ bicycle and a small tent, she sets out on a leisur

    • Travel writing
      May 2000

      Riding North One Summer

      by Bettina Selby

      Well-known and rightly admired for her marathon solo bicycle journeys along the Himalayas, to Jerusalem and down the Nile, Bettina Selby decided, in the summer of 1988, to explore a country that was, on the face of it, all to

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Spiritual Mountain

      by Zhou Qing

      The essence of 'Spiritual Mountain' lies in the shaping of natural emotions with 'lines', where poeticity merged with 'To be or not to be, this is the question; to silently endure the fierce and poisonous arrows of life, or to stand up to the boundless

    • January 2011

      China Mountain Huang Shan

      by Information Office of Anhui Provincial Government

      “China Mount Huang Shan” contains 4 parts: morning sunlight and rosy cloud, fairy mountain and cloudland, fantastic pines and grotesque rocks, Hui style cultural relics. The delicately selected photographs are shot by professional photographers at home an

    • May 2016

      Crow Mountain

      by Lucy Inglis

      A sweeping tale of love, legacy, and wilderness set between the present day and 1867 in the dramatic landscape of modern-day and territorial Montana. While on a trip to Montana with her mom, British teen Hope meets local boy Cal Crow, a ranch hand. Caugh

    • January 2015

      The Original Version of Jie Zi Garden Painting Album during the reign of Kangxi Landscape Stone&Mountain Scroll

      by Wang Gai, Wang Shi, Wang Gao (Qing Dynasty)

      This series were divided into landscape volume and flowers and birds volume, including paintings of trees, rocks, figures, houses, plums, orchids, bamboos, chrysanthemums, flowers, animals and insects. Besides, this series also attach the Chinese painting

    • Biography & True Stories
      February 2019

      Dayi Mountain in Changning

      by Fang Fugui

    • Travel & Transport
      January 2018

      Exploring Paths in Nanyue Mountain

      by Tan Minzheng

      Nanyue Mountain, one of the Five Great Mountains in China, enjoys a long history. The ancient paths in Nanyue Mountain are main spots for transportation and sightseeing with profound culture. In this book, the author has carried out a systemati

    • May 2020

      There's a mountain far away in the sky.

      by Gao Yuanhang

      It's a collection of novels done by the author, who's serving the army for more than a decade. The novels reveals colorful,mysterious life of Chinese soldiers in the remote area.It's easy to be touched when you see what they do and sacrifice for the count

    • January 2017

      Traditional Chinese Painting for Children Landscape river mountain (Volume 4)

      by Zheng Di Min

      This series are tailored for the beginners of Chinese traditional painting, which cover the introduction of the Chinese traditional painting, choosing of tools, painting techniques, coloring knowledge and examples. The books focus on flowers, animals, ins

    • 2018

      Riyue Mountain

      by Xu Zechen

      “Riyue Mountain” is a collection of 14 short and medium stories written by Xu, such as “The River Thief”, “Western Xia” and “Juyan”. These works present the theme which is the same as stories like “Flower Street” and “Beijing Drifters”. It is the manuscri

    • August 2015

      Bai Ethnic Group: Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake and the March Fair

      by Fang Suzhen, Xuan Sen

      Festivals of Chinese Ethnic Groups was co-authored by China's well-beloved authors of children's literature including Fang Suzhen, Tang Sulan, Wang Yimei, and was illustrated by celebrated Chinese illustrators such as Cai Gao, Chen Yadan and Z

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