Know Your Rights

Welcome to our ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign

For far too long many authors have not fully understood and appreciated the sometimes complex world of book rightsAs such, Frankfurt Rights have bought about the Know Your Rights campaign where you can ask anything you want to know about the subject.

Our aim is to bring some much needed transparency to the rights trading process so that authors can get a better grasp of this potentially lucrative market and maximise opportunities in different territories.

We hope the campaign will broaden the horizons of publishing for many authors. Please contact us at info@iprlicense if there are any specific elements of the rights process that you would like us to answer.


The value of the rights revenue stream – starting out

When I set-up Legend Press is 2005, I did so on the back of a single idea, a generous credit card and a good line of credit at the local internet shop in North London. I had worked in magazine publishing for the last year, had some book publishing experience, but none of running a business.

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 Know Your Rights: Glossary of Terms 

Confused about publishing terminology? You've come to the right place. 

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