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      • Dar al Saqi

        Dar al Saqi is an award-winning independent publishing house based in Beirut. Founded in 1990, their books cover various subjects including children's and young adults’ for ages between 3 and 18.

      • Aser Al-Kotob

        Based in Egypt, their aim is to facilitate the readers' journey and make it easier for them to be in contact with their favourite authors. Aser al Kotob helped their readers in buying their preferred books and find them in every bookstore.

      • Cataplum Libros

        Cataplum Libros was founded in 2016 in Bogotá and focuses on children’s books - from 2 to 12 years. It seeks to investigate through collective memory recovering the oral tradition, playful language and its diverse and endless possibilities.

      • ZNN Network Literary and Illustrator Agency

        - International Copyright, Licensing, and Literary Agency - International Illustrator Agency and Management Services - Creative Content Development Services

      • Sifirdan Publishing House

        Sıfırdan Publishing House has started its journey in January of 2015 was founded based on “ethics, aesthetic, justice and love” concepts. It creates literary value, social benefits, and awareness via its books. According to these policies, each book has to have a reason and value for publishing. Acknowledging the healing power of art, it will continue its services to turn causes into beneficial effects.

      • Imagnary House

        Imagnary House is a South African publisher founded in 2016, focused on children’s books and young-adult literature. The house was built off the phrase, "If you walk in the measurable, you miss out on the imaginable".

      • Alboroto Ediciones

        Alboroto Ediciones is a Mexican publishing house for Children’s books. Their books deal with several topics mainly related to a social context: dictatorship, exile, disappearances, social integration, disabilities among others.

      • AGO Media

        AGO Media, based in Lomé (Togo), is a young independent company created by writers and illustrators for the production and distribution of comic books and animated films.

      • Hardie Grant Children's Publishing

        Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing is the children’s division of the largest independent publisher in Australia.

      • Lindbak + Lindbak

        Lindbak + Lindbak is a fresh new Nordic publishing house adding an innovative twist to popular genres like crime, romance & children's books.

      • Trusted Partner

        Frankfurt Invitation Programme

        The Invitation Programme offers small independent publishing companies from Africa, the Arab world, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean the chance to participate in the world's biggest book fair. For publishing companies from these regions, globalisation is a two-edged sword. Access to the world market seems easier thanks to all-pervasive communications. At the same time, the advance of new conglomerates makes it harder to break into the market. The main goal of the Frankfurter Buchmesse Invitation Programme is to guarantee the presence of a select group of around 20 publishing houses at the industry's biggest get-together.

      • Gakken Inc.

        Our company philosophy is to provide everyone the sensation, satisfaction and peace of mind for the day along with the dreams and hope for tomorrow.

      • Ediciones Loynaz

        Ediciones Loynaz was founded on July 1991 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. The publishing house focusses on a wide range of titles from different segments such as children’s literature, poetry, historical literature and fiction.

      • De Vecchi/DVE - Confidential Concepts International Ltd.

        We are from De Vecchi Ediciones / DVE, a publishing house with about 4000 titles in Spanish.

      • Desfiladero Ediciones

        Publishing House specialized in Graphic Novels and cinema books. We've Biographies set in WWII and Spanish Civil War, Fantasy graphic novels and humour

      • Parkstone International - EParkstone International Ltd.

        Parkstone International is a cosmopolitan publishing house that specialises in fine art books.

      • Russian-Ukrainian War

        Books about Russian-Ukrainian war

      • Non-fiction

        for Adults