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      • La Pollera Ediciones

        Editorial fundada en 2010 que publica narrativa latinoamericana, a la vez que busca y rescata textos inéditos o desconocidos de autores clásicos chilenos y traducciones que acercan obras extranjeras a nuestro público.

      • Libros del Fuego

        Libros del Fuego

      • NautaColecciones Editores

        NautaColecciones Editores

      • Planeta Sostenible

        At Planeta Sostenible we make books that seek to support fair and sustainable progress with an educational perspective. We are a Chilean Publisher that focuses on developing contents that favor environmental conservation, economic viability...

      • Two M Contents Spa

        We are in Santiago,Chile and Seoul,Korea.It serves as a cultural bridgehead between Latin culture and Asian culture.We are introducing valuable cultural contents from both sides so that the two cultures can learn and understand more about each other.

      • VLP Literary Agency

        We are a Latin American literary agency that aims to spread the voices of our authors and attract new readers from all over the world, with a special focus in the Asia-Pacific region.

      • Weupife Editores

        WHO ARE WE? We are a publisher of Chilean Graphic Narrative, and what we propose is to contribute to consolidating the national comic industry through the international distribution of Chilean material in digital format. WHAT DOES "WEUPIFE" MEAN?

      • Maclein y Parker

        Maclein y Parker is an independent publishing house born in 2014. We publish fiction, poetry, illustration (for children and for adults) and literary essays in a catalogue selected with loving care.

      • Trama editorial

        Trama editorial is an independent publishing house specialized on the universe of books. Our collection of memoirs and critical essays by the most important players in the publishing ecosystem has become a reference library in the book world.

      • Ediciones UC

        Titles from Ediciones UC/Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

      • Tormenta

        Tormenta is a literary agency that represents Children’s and Young Adult books.


        One of the most wellknown theatre and creativity editorial in SPanich

      • Cataplum Libros

        Cataplum Libros was founded in 2016 in Bogotá and focuses on children’s books - from 2 to 12 years. It seeks to investigate through collective memory recovering the oral tradition, playful language and its diverse and endless possibilities.

      • Dar al Saqi

        Dar al Saqi is an award-winning independent publishing house based in Beirut. Founded in 1990, their books cover various subjects including children's and young adults’ for ages between 3 and 18.

      • Más Cerca Ediciones

        Más Cerca Ediciones is focused on disseminating science among children, working with researchers from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. It seeks to combine science and art, harmony of scientific texts with humor, illustrations and photos.

      • Salaam Publishing

        Founded in 2010 by Mohammed Umar, Salaam Publishing has offices in Abuja and London. They publish a range of books for children and adults. Their titles have been translated into over sixty languages worldwide.

      • Deidayvuelta Libros

        Deidayvuelta is a project focused on the production of high - quality illustrated books, the dissemination of these works, and the formation of audience. The aim is to transform reading into an integral experience.

      • Kesaint Blanc

        Kesaint Blanc was founded in 1988. and focuses on books for 3 to 12 years old children. It has published more than 80 original titles with rights sold to China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia among others.

      • Imagnary House

        Imagnary House is a South African publisher founded in 2016, focused on children’s books and young-adult literature. The house was built off the phrase, "If you walk in the measurable, you miss out on the imaginable".

      • Dixi Books

        English publishing house with a passion in children's publishing. They publish exceptional books to equip children with socially responsible and ecological principles.

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