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        Sheikh Zayed Book Award

        The SZBA is presented to writers, intellectuals and publishers whose writings and translations of humanities have enriched Arab cultural, literary and social life.

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        Frankfurt Invitation Programme Alumni

        The Invitation Programme offers independent publishers from Africa, the Arab world, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean the chance to participate at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

      • Art1st

        Based in India, it was founded in 2009 with the goal of advocating visual art education as a core discipline in public and private schools, museum education, and community-based settings. They publish books to build cultural knowledge for children.

      • Difference Engine

        Independent comics publisher based in Singapore, founded in 2018. They are inspired by stories from Asia. They are committed to offer diverse, well-written, and beautifully illustrated comics and graphic novels that span all genre and age groups.

      • ÔZé Editora

        ÔZé Editora, founded in 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil, focuses on titles in the children's book segment. The publisher mostly publishes Brazilian authors and illustrators and has more than 40 titles in its catalogue.

      • LEGS Édition

        Independent literary publishing house founded in Haiti, in 2012. Their objective is to support and promote authors and to make the Haitian book market more dynamic. They also publish a literary journal to increase reflection on literature.

      • Vovkulaka LLC

        Vovkulaka Publishing House was founded in 2017 in Ukraine. They publish graphic novels and comics for adults and children (fantastic, mystical, fairy-tale and fantasy stories) by Ukrainian authors, as well as European and American titles.

      • Prozart Media

        Prozart Media, founded 2015 in North Macedonia, is focused on a wide range of titles in segments such as fiction, YA and children literature. They organize the International Literature Festival PRO-ZA Balkan and the Skopje fellowship program

      • Éditions Ganndal

        Founded in Guinea, they have an extensive catalogue with publications for children and adults. They won the Prize for the best African publisher of children's books-BOP 2017 awarded by the international children's book fair in Bologna (Italy).

      • Ouida Books

        Founded in 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria describes itself as “one of the newest kids on the block”. Its objective is to cater to the needs of readers who enjoy high quality fiction. However, they also address readers who have a quirky taste in books.

      • Limonero

        Limonero is an independent Argentine imprint committed on publishing illustrated books. Founded in 2014, Limonero publishes works that are imaginative and innovative both visually and textually.

      • TUTI Books

        TUTI Books is among the handful of publishers in Iran which are active internationally and has sold its translation rights in many languages. It has won national and international awards including the BIB Grand Prix award in 2019.

      • Dar al Saqi

        Dar al Saqi is an award-winning independent publishing house based in Beirut. Founded in 1990, their books cover various subjects including children's and young adults’ for ages between 3 and 18.

      • Aser Al-Kotob

        Based in Egypt, their aim is to facilitate the readers' journey and make it easier for them to be in contact with their favourite authors. Aser al Kotob helped their readers in buying their preferred books and find them in every bookstore.

      • Cataplum Libros

        Cataplum Libros was founded in 2016 in Bogotá and focuses on children’s books - from 2 to 12 years. It seeks to investigate through collective memory recovering the oral tradition, playful language and its diverse and endless possibilities.

      • ZNN Network Literary and Illustrator Agency

        - International Copyright, Licensing, and Literary Agency - International Illustrator Agency and Management Services - Creative Content Development Services

      • Imagnary House

        Imagnary House is a South African publisher founded in 2016, focused on children’s books and young-adult literature. The house was built off the phrase, "If you walk in the measurable, you miss out on the imaginable".