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      • Ediciones Universidad de Navarra, EUNSA

        Ediciones Universidad de Navarra (EUNSA) was established in 1967. With than 1800 titles in our catalog, we offer almost 100 new releases each year, in many topics: philosophy, psychology, education, history, law, communication, theology, design

      • Fun Readers SL

        Focused on children and juvenile public, each book is a unique project and is shown with strategies of reading animation, guides for parents and teachers, apps and different interactive resources in order to make reading a motivating experience.


        Dedicated to transferring, both to the scientific community and to society as a whole, all the knowledge generated by the International Center for Research in the Spanish Language around the origins and history of Spanish and its literature.

      • BAMBÚ

        Bambú is a young imprint of the publishing house Editorial Casals. Since 2006, we have published modern and classic literary works for readers aged six and up to Young Adults.

      • COMBEL

        Combel is an imprint of Editorial Casals, SA specialised in pop-up and novelty books. Combel is a publisher of lavishly illustrated children's books since 1989, with a wide range of formats, from books for babies to non-fiction and picture books.


        Gemser develops projects of illustrated children’s books and sells them to publishing houses all over the world.

      • Grupo de Comunicación Loyola

        Our thematic areas: children and youth, humanities and religion. Our books for children: education in values, character formation. Our target group: from the youngest to parents and educators. Our aim: to build a more just and fraternal society.

      • Impedimenta S. L.

        Impedimenta is a publishing house founded in 2007. It has been awarded with the National Prize to Best Publishing Labour in 2008. Nowadays publishes between 24 and 34 titles per year (fiction, graphic novels, comics and children’s illustrated books).


        Founded in 1969, Tusquets Editores is well known as a trademark of quality literary fiction, as well as for literary essay, poetry, history and social sciences books. List includes Murakami, Vuillard, Irving, Kundera or Márkaris.

      • Ediciones Hades

        We are an independent publisher that publishes narrative, poetry, and children. Our specialty is the novel and books in defense of animals.

      • Editorial UNED

        Its purpose is the dissemination of science, culture and knowledge. Its editorial production is aimed at both the students of the degrees it teaches and the general public interested in specialized publications on certain subjects.

      • Editorial Milenio

        Editorial Milenio was created in 1996. I has edited about 700 works organised in twenty collections. The objective is a commitment to quality and the creation of an editorial catalogue with its own identity to reach a readership as wide as possible.

      • Qì Ediciones

        Qì Ediciones es una pequeña editorial artesanal ubicada en la provincia de Valencia. Fue creada por Nacho Díaz Latorre en el año 2018 con el objetivo principal de fomentar y facilitar la publicación a autores noveles y sin trayectoria reconocida.

      • Pagès editors

        The will of its founder, Lluís Pagès, has always been the same: to do a rigorous work and a clear commitment to quality, both in terms of content and forms. The collections of Pagès Editors are directed by professionals from each field of study

      • Palabras de Agua Editorial

        Editorial Palabras de agua is a company founded in 2013 dedicated to the publication of novels and children's literature. It publishes very selected works by Spanish and international authors.


        Astiberri Ediciones is a 20 year old publisher of graphic novels. From the very beginning Astiberri has consolidated an image of prestige with high quality editions aimed at an adult and educated public.

      • Ediciones Babylon

        Ediciones Babylon is a Spanish publishing house founded in 2010. In the first stage we began publishing works by Spanish authors, specializing in the comic market. We have also published art books, novels and developed cell phone videogames.