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      • De Gruyter

        The independent academic publisher De Gruyter can look back at a company history of over 260 years. Today, the De Gruyter group publishes over 1,300 new titles each year in the humanities, social sciences, STM and law, more than 700 subscription based or Open Access journals, and a variety of digital products. The company is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Basel, Beijing, Boston and Munich. For license requests please contact:

      • Eugen Ulmer Verlag

        We handle requests for foreign and domestic publication rights as well as requests concerning permissions to reproduce copyrighted material. Our rights catalogue, presenting new publications, is published twice a year, usually in February and September. If you're interested in receiving a copy regularly, please send us a note at and we'll be happy to include your address in our mailing list. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or would like to receive review copies of our books.You are welcome to visit our stand and to meet us in person at Frankfurt Bookfair in October and London International Bookfair in April. Apart from these two we regularly attend other fairs abroad like in Warsaw, Tallinn, Istanbul etc.

      • Hogrefe Verlag

        Hogrefe is the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry, and mental health in Europe. These core areas are supplemented by publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine.

      • Scholastic Inc.

        For 100 years, Scholastic has partnered with schools to support student learning. Today, the Company is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, a leading provider of literacy curriculum, professional services and classroom magazines, and a producer of educational and entertaining children's media.

      • Livres Canada Books

        Livres Canada Books supports Canadian-owned book publishers in their export sales activities, in developing international partnerships, and assists publishers in improving their overall results through a range of services, including financial support, collective marketing, promotion, research, training, and a collective presence at major international book fairs. We are delighted to showcase great Canadian fiction, non-fiction, scholarly books, children’s books and young adult fiction in English and French. We encourage you to consult the listings here to find the stories and relationships that speak to you most. Livres Canada Books appuie les éditeurs appartenant à des intérêts canadiens dans leurs activités de ventes à l’exportation, en établissant des partenariats internationaux et en améliorant leur rendement global au moyen d’une gamme de services, dont l’aide financière, le marketing collectif, la promotion, la recherche, la formation et une présence collective aux principales foires internationales du livre. Nous nous réjouissons de mettre en vedette des titres canadiens exceptionnels, qu’il s’agisse de romans, de livres de non fiction, de livres pour enfants, de romans jeunes adultes ainsi que des publications savantes, et ce, en français et anglais. Nous vous invitons à consulter ces titres pour y découvrir les récits et les histoires qui vous interpellent le plus.

      • China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd.

        China South Publishing & Media Group (CNS) is among the leading publishers in China in terms of market value and profit. Its business comprises publishing, printing, distribution, and newspapers, as well as television stations and networks.

      • FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange

        FILI, founded in 1977, is a centre for the export of literature. FILI promotes the export of literature from Finland by facilitating professional contacts and serving as a “home base” for translators of Finnish literature. We deal with fiction, children’s and young adult books, non-fiction, poetry, comics and graphic novels written in Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi. FILI serves as a support organisation for the export of literature, while publishers and literary agencies handle the sale of translation rights. FILI is a department of the Finnish Literature Society, and around 80% of our funding comes from public sources. FILI distributes approx. €700,000 in translation grants, travel grants and promotional grants for over 400 different projects annually organises Editors’ Week events for publishers to visit Finland from abroad participates in publishing trade fairs abroad acts as a focal point for translators of Finnish literature maintains a database of translations of Finnish literature published in other languages and collects data on translation rights sold abroad. You are welcome to contact us: if you want more information about our grants programmes (Grants Wizard) to let us know about a publisher abroad that’s interested in Finnish literature if you are a translator from Finnish/Finland-Swedish/Sámi and you’re not in our records yet to tell us about a new translation of a Finnish book that’s not in our database if you have questions about literary exports. Networks FILI constitutes part of the NordLit network, along with similar organisations from the other Nordic countries. We hold regular meetings together where we plan our future operations and joint projects. We have a shared Nordic presence at some publishing trade events, such as the London Book Fair. In 2015 NordLit had a joint Nordic stand at the Beijing International Book Fair and the Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair. In Finland, FILI is a member of the TAIVE network of arts information centres. Unlike Finnish information centres for many other artistic genres, FILI does not have a mandate or specific duties to perform here in Finland; instead, our focus is on activities outside Finland. Thus we refer to ourselves in Finnish as a literary export organisation.

      • Thieme Group

        Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years.

      • Bastei Lübbe AG

        Bastei Lübbe AG, based in Cologne, Germany, is a large, both traditional and modern company in the German publishing industry, specializing in the publication of books, audio books and eBooks with fiction and popular science content. The company's core business also includes periodically published novel books. The product range of the twelve imprints of the media company currently comprises a total of around 3,600 titles from the fiction, non-fiction, children's and youth book sectors. International and national bestselling authors such as Ken Follett, Dan Brown, Jeff Kinney, Rebecca Gablé, Petra Hülsmann, Andreas Eschbach, Timur Vermes and many more have published their books at the Cologne publishing house, some of them for decades. Die in Köln ansässige Bastei Lübbe AG ist ein großes, sowohl traditionsreiches wie auch modernes Unternehmen im deutschen Verlagswesen, das auf die Herausgabe von Büchern, Hörbüchern und eBooks mit belletristischen und populärwissenschaftlichen Inhalten spezialisiert ist. Zum Kerngeschäft des Unternehmens gehören auch die periodisch erscheinenden Romanhefte. Das Angebot der zwölf Verlage und Imprints des vor mehr als 60 Jahren gegründeten Medienhauses umfasst derzeit insgesamt rund 3.600 Titel aus den Bereichen Belletristik, Sach-, Kinder- und Jugendbuch. Internationale und nationale Bestsellerautoren wie Ken Follett, Dan Brown, Jeff Kinney, Rebecca Gablé, Petra Hülsmann, Andreas Eschbach, Timur Vermes und viele mehr veröffentlichen ihre Bücher zum Teil seit Jahrzehnten im Kölner Verlagshaus.

      • Verlag Herder GmbH

        If you are looking to buy permissions from Herder, please follow this link. Wenn Sie Abdruckgenehmigungen vom Herder Verlag erwerben möchten, folgen Sie bitte diesem Link.

      • Hanser Literaturverlage

        Der Name Carl Hanser steht für ein Verlagshaus mit einer Vielfalt, die ihresgleichen sucht. Der Bogen spannt sich von Kinder- und Jugendliteratur bis zur Gegenwartsliteratur und Sachbüchern aus aller Welt.

      • Wochenschau Verlag

        Das Programm des Wochenschau Verlags bietet Bücher zur Didaktik und Unterrichtspraxis der Fächer Politik, Geschichte, Ökonomie und Geographie

      • Deutscher Apotheker Verlag

        Specialist books in the fields of pharmacy - drug information - medicine.

      • Duncker & Humblot

        Duncker & Humblot was established in 1798 and is one of Germany's leading academic publishing houses, focussing on high-quality academic research and scholarly publications, especially in the fields of law and social science.

      • Hirzel Verlag Stuttgart

        Non-fiction books in the fields of health - nutrition - ecology - evolution - economic and social history - philosophy; and specialist books in the fields of chemistry - physics - engineering - ancient history - history of science and medicine - German studies.

      • Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart

        Specialist books in the field of pharmacy - drug information - pharmaceutical law - hospital and pharmacy administration - medicine - biology - nursing - nutrition - history of pharmacy

      • Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart

        Academic publishing house, founded in 1949. Its main focus is on ancient history of economics, history of science and medicine, transatlantic stues, geography, musicology and philosophy of law.

      • Hanser Fachbuch

        Hanser Publishers represents a wide range of products and concentrates at the same time on clearly defined target groups: Engineers and Technicians in training and at work in the following fields: Metalworking, Plastics Technology, Electrical engineering and Electronics, Computers, Economy and Management. Our portfolio has a range from Journals, Books, Training Books and electronic media up to seminars and conferences in German and in English language. Additionally Hanser provides information for different branches in the World Wide Web. Hanser Publishers also provides 25 Journals and about 200 new books each year. The whole backlist of books counts up to about 2,000 titles. With this amount of Books and Journals Hanser Publishers is one of the leading Publishing Houses in Germany. Our success mainly derives from the high quality of our products and content, from the expertise of our staff and their ability to identify new trends and products. Our strong and close ties to the industry and leading research institutes are the basis for a close cooperation with our authors. Supported by synergies of our books, journals, seminars and the World Wide Web we are accompanying our authors from their first discover of new technologies in form of an article in one of our journals till the maturity of a technology in form of an uptodate handbook. Characteristic for Hanser Publishers are its numerous cooperations with partners in Germany and other countries. The Journal “Kunststoffe” for example is the official Publication of the VDI-Society, the leading society of engineers in Germany. Our Journal “Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit” is the official publication of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ)”. Also the Books are made in close cooperation with leading companies, associations and Universities.

      • Brill Deutschland GmbH

        Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht in Göttingen, Germany, has been publishing academic literature since 1735. It ranks among the oldest independent publishing houses in the world.

      • National University of Singapore Press

        The NUS Press Story NUS Press publishes academic books and journals, as well as general non-fiction. Our home market is Singapore and Southeast Asia, but our books are distributed internationally. We publish books of special relevance to Southeast Asia and we maintain a disciplinary focus on the humanities and social sciences. Books and memoirs meant mostly for a general audience and to be sold in bookshops are published under our Ridge Books imprint. We publish some 30 books a year. NUS Press currently publishes two academic journals: China: An International Journal (for the East Asian Institute at NUS) and Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia. We are accepting new journal proposals. Please contact us at if you are interested to start a new journal. For more, see Journals. The National University of Singapore Press is heir to a tradition of academic publishing in Singapore that dates back some 60 years, starting with the work of the Publishing Committee of the University of Malaya, beginning in 1954. Singapore University Press was created in 1971 as the publishing division of the University of Singapore. The University of Singapore merged with Nanyang University in 1980 to become the National University of Singapore, and in 2006 Singapore University Press was succeeded by NUS Press, bringing the name of the press in line with the name of the university. Our publishing mission is to enable the dissemination and creation of knowledge through the publishing of scholarly and academic books; and to empower learning, innovation and enterprise for the Singapore- and Asia-focused global community. All NUS Press books must be approved by a Publishing Committee, drawn from the ranks of the academic staff at the National University of Singapore. NUS Press is currently managed by Peter Schoppert. Previous Director Paul Kratoska remains onboard as Publishing Director.

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