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      • Dodo Vole

        Since 2006, Dodo vole Publishing desires to promote endangered cultures, silenced minorities, literature and arts of the Southwestern Indian Ocean by producing attractive book-object for the enjoyment of children and the happiness of their parents.

      • Furaha Publishers

        Furaha Publishers founded in 2014 is an independent children’s book publishing house based in Kigali Rwanda. It publishes 30 to 40 titles a year in both Kinyarwanda and English. Two titles were among the top 10 favorite children’s books in 2017.

      • Topito Ediciones

        Topito Ediciones, founded in Uruguay in 2012 is focused on children's picture books. It specializes in “rare books” that mix pop culture with traditional kids subjects.

      • Editora Trinta Zero Nove

        Editora Trinta Zero Nove is an independent press based in Maputo, Mozambique. It was started in 2018. This year the press debuted a kid lit and young adult collections translated from Arabic, Italian and English into Portuguese in print and braille.

      • Kibondo Éditions

        Kibondo Editions Ltd is an independent Publishing House operating in Rwanda since 2009. It is focused on a wide range children’s books, especially for ages between 2-6 years.

      • Animals


      • Zaffre

        Zaffre is our flagship adult fiction imprint. Focusing on a wide range of crime, thrillers, women’s and reading-group, we pride ourselves on publishing commercial fiction with strong narratives and compelling storylines.

      • Manilla Press

        Manilla Press is a home for novelists, journalists, memoirists, thinkers, dreamers, influencers. Our reach is international, our range broad, we publish with focus, passion and conviction, and we seek to find and publish underrepresented voices.

      • Blink

        Blink is focused on the world of commercial adult non-fiction. With an emphasis on the official and authorised, Blink's titles seek to explore the vibrant world of popular culture and share the stories of household names and up-and-coming voices.

      • John Blake

        John Blake is renowned for being among the first publishers to tap into new commercial trends and has been creating bestsellers since 1991. John Blake publishes non-fiction, specialising in mass-market autobiographies and real life stories.

      • Piccadilly Press

        Piccadilly Press publishes books primarily for readers aged 5 – 12 years old. Their books are fun, family-orientated stories that possess the ability to capture readers’ imagination and inspire them to develop a life-long love of reading.

      • Echo

        Echo is a quality Australian publisher of books for adults. Echo's interests and fascinations include resilience, the effects of time, Australian landscapes, the dark underbelly of human societies, and the beauty that gives us a reason to celebrate.

      • China South Booky Culture Media Co. Ltd

        Culture media, creative publishing, digital publishing, and other related culture media services.

      • Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

        Committed to the dissemination and inheritance of excellent culture, and more than 300 books have won provincial and ministerial awards.

      • Hunan Juvenile & Children's Publishing House

        Established in 1982 to serve the society, to educate the people, to serve the education industry, to guide young children to pursue the realm of truth, goodness and beauty

      • Hunan People's Publishing House

        Hunan People's Publishing House is a comprehensive publishing house that mainly edits, publishes and distributes philosophy, literature, history and social sciences.

      • Hunan Education Publishing House

        Teaching materials, teaching aids, digital media, early childhood education, student reference books and educational theory books.

      • Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

        Publisher of fine Literature and Art books from China.