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  • Shadow Existence

    by Brigitte Ungar-Klein

    »Shadow Existence«: What did it mean to go into hiding for Jewish people during the National Socialist regime? How many were able to hide and who helped them? How many survived – in spite of a constant threat of persecution and death – and what impact did years hidden away have on their psyche? And what were victims treated like after the war had ended?Evaluating countless written sources and conducting numerous interviews with survivors and helpers alike, Brigitte Ungar-Klein has written the first comprehensive study about people who were able to live in hiding during the Nazi terror in Vienna. This publication is the first to bring these stories to light, an outstanding record of oral history that is of utmost importance.

  • Soraya Discovers The Sea

    by Andrea Karimé / Annette von Bodecker-Büttner

    »Soraya Discovers The Sea«: A new atmospheric and imaginative story about the little camel Soraya! Once again things don’t turn out as expected for her. The little camel Soraya is a little bored. The desert life is too monotonous, all the walking, chewing and waiting! For a bright little camel this is simply not enough. Soraya wants to go on an adventure, which is only possible if she leaves the little village where she lives with all the other camels. However, they are not enthusiastic about Soraya’s ideas, since there is talk of a blue genie lurking out there. Soraya does not let such stories keep her from her big adventure. She sets off and wanders through the desert. One day she encounters a terrible blue monster. Does the evil genie really exist?

  • Soraya The Little Camel

    by Andrea Karimé / Annette von Bodecker-Büttner

    »Soraya The Little Camel«: A little camel reaching for the stars! An enchanting story of how wishes can come true, if you only believe in them. Soraya is Arabic and means small. It is also the name of the smallest and youngest camel in the herd. Nevertheless, young Soraya walks through the stone desert everyday. In between, there’s waiting. And chewing. And eating prickly desert herbs that sting in its camel belly. Sometimes Soraya has extraordinary ideas. Today it wants to wear beautiful jewellery like the Bedouin daughters, but of course these pieces do not fit a camel. Maybe somebody could catch the stars and thread a sparkling necklace out of them? But where can you find stars except in the sky? In a water bucket? Or at the top of a mountain? When the moon opens its treasure chest, Soraya’s wish is fulfilled unexpectedly.

  • Stray Light

    by David Krems

    »Stray Light«: David Krems' debut tells a story of love and betrayal: A ménage à trois reminiscent of a film noir – filled with dense atmosphere, a passionante affair and unsuspected consequences. In hindsight Schotter can't really explain why he took on this assignment. To spy on a married woman was a rather unusual task for the photographer. And as soon as Tanja stood in front of him, he knew he wouldn't be able to be very professional about this job, and everything that followed certainly wasn't according to protocol … Now, many years later, Tanja is dead and his former client demands Schotter's old pictures. Suddenly a man turns up, who bewilderingly looks like Tanja and Schotter has to finally face his past.

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