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    • Children's & YA

      The Amazing Imitation

      by Fan Ling / Brain & Machine Studio

      Can intelligent machines draw pictures? What do the pictures drawn by the intelligent machines look like? How to make intelligent machines draw like a human? Who learns faster and draws better, the girl Xiao Li or the artificial intelligence Xiao Zhi? From the interesting and easy to read story, young readers will understand how intelligent machines learn to draw. Intelligent machines do will surprise people after massive picture learning and a huge amount of creative practice.

    • Children's & YA

      The Birth of Xiao Zhi

      by Fan Ling / Brain & Machine Studio

      Speech robots and image robots can't communicate to each other at all, because speech robots and image robots work in completely different ways. So the question is that are there any intelligent machines which can understand both languages and images? Put these two functions together and then artificial intelligence Xiao Zhi was born. From the interesting and easy to read story, young readers will learn about how language information and image information are matched one by one to develop machine intelligence.

    • Science & Mathematics

      The Brain and AI:Correspondence between a German Engineer and a Chinese Scientist

      by Karl Schlagenhauf & Gu Fanji

      Volume one:Brain Research, a New Continent to be Explored  Armed with powerful AI weapons, engineers are trying to challenge the new world of human brain. Will this be the dawn of a new era, or a dream of just talking to themselves? Who can laugh at last? Volume two:Mystery of Consciousness and Myth of Mind Uploading Now some people think that artificial intelligence in the future, like the human brain, will have the characteristics of consciousness and thinking, and become the "container" of human intelligence. Will mind-uploading and digital immortality be the next human creation, or just an illusion? Volume three:The Third Spring of AI At what stage is AI at present? Will the "marriage" between brain science and artificial intelligence succeed? Will AI really breed the next new species to dominate the planet?

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The Brightness of Being: A Theory of Poetic Attribute on Wang Guowei's “Theory of Realm”

      by Liu Fengjie

      Wang Guowei’s Renjian Cihua has been published for 110 years, and since then “realms” (or conceptual scenes), which contains “Theory of World” “Theory of Image” “Theory of Idea” “Theory of Spiritual Level” “Theory of Feeling” “Theory of Inner Beauty”, has resulted in great controversy. This book generally explains the meaning of Wang Guowei’s “realms”, and advocates the theory of “the Brightness of Being”. Be mindful that “realms” refers to a poet’s personality, bosom, insight and vision; while “conceptual scenes” means the relevant environment, the execution of the relationship between words and meaning, and to chase after the long-lasting meaningfulness of poetic composition. “Realm” is the base, the source poetry; “conceptual scenes” is the expression, the delivery of poetry. “Theory of Realm” was influenced by western ideology yet it was also rooted deeply in the tradition of Chinese poetry. The author dedicated to explain such a complex idea with easy-understanding language, hoping that it will benefit readers the most. The author invites you to walk to the saints, walk to the classics.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The Eastward Dissemination of Western Culture and the Social Changes in Modern China

      by Xiong Yuezhi

      Ever since capitalism started its global wave, encountering few difficulties along its way, China was passively drown into this global tide, being forced to acknowledge as it was striving to adjust. This book discussed about the drastic reformations that took place in modern China under the great impact of western forces from the aspects of culture and mind, orientation of people, educational reformation while also reshaping the acknowledgement toward some of the people, events and objects when as modern east and west engaged with each other. What this book is explaining not only is the process of Chinese people learning about the west when China was opened to the whole world, but also the process of how China regained the initiative, progressing continuously with comfort and awareness on the path of globalization.

    • Children's & YA

      The Puzzle of Xiao Zhi

      by Fan Lingn / Brain & Machine Studio

      Intelligent machines can talk a lot when confronting various problems or questions. But what will the answer be in the database when the machines are asked by a human girl "Why does the Scissors beat the Cloth?" Would they still answer the question? From the interesting and easy-to-read story, young readers will understand that intelligent machines are not omnipotent, and they must learn to build their knowledge map.

    • Children's & YA

      What Does AI Study?

      by Wei Hui / Song Weiqun / Little Inventor's Studio

      This book helps children understand what AI studies and the principles behind them. Lots of AI has been widely used in our daily life, such license plate recognition technology, shopping face recognition, fingerprint recognition. The phone calls a map to help you find your way...All this is the application of artificial intelligence.

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