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  • Children's & YA

    A Moustache Makes It Big!

    by Sarah Michaela Orlovský / Michael Roher

    »A Moustache Makes It Big!«: In an adventure full of wit and wisdom grandson and granddad battle grief together. Lately, Jojo’s grandpa has been interested in beards – even though he doesn’t have one himself! His goal is to participate in the World Beard and Moustache Championship. So they set out to work – first Grandpa needs to grow a beard, then they have to take care of it. What kind of beard does Grandpa need to be successful in the championship? And what if he really wins?

  • Fiction

    A Waste of Summer

    by Barbara Schwarcz

    »A Waste of Summer«: A summer full of wonders and peculiarities, experienced from the perspective of a seven-year-old girl who eagerly awaits fall and the adventures of life. It's the late seventies, and time moves slowly, like sticky chewing gum. During the first big school holidays of her life, a seven-year-old wants nothing more than for the boredom of summer to be over. All friends are away, the older siblings couldn't care less and her parents get swallowed up by their everyday lives. So, the girl keenly reads Astrid Lindgren and immerses herself in her own mesmerizing world. Soon the enigmatic summer silence will be the dawn of something new … A stunning debut about a young protagonist who sees the world with different eyes.

  • Absolute Religion. Sources and Forms of Puritanical Escalation

    by Jan Assmann

    »Absolute Religion. Sources and Forms of Puritanical Escalation«: Is it possible that radicalism is not the trait of one specific religion but rather indicates a commonality of all monotheistic varieties? Jan Assmann pursues the possible connection between propensity towards violence and the absolute claim to truth in monotheism.

  • Accounts Must be Kept

    by Stefan Peters

    »Accounts Must be Kept«: Stefan Peters’ new crime novel about welfare worker Michael Bogner leads straight into a tale of corruption on a European scale – and the world of greedy, cold-blooded businessmen. Over night there has been a strange change of procedure at the job training centre, Bogner’s workplace: From now on, every employee has to simultaneously advise two clients. This absurdity soon turns out to be the cornerstone of a cunning fraudulent scheme, enriching the consulting industry. Alas, it doesn’t take long before the first profiteer drops out of the game. Did someone else have a hand in this »suicide«?

  • All the Night Upon Us

    by Gerhard Jäger

    »All the Night Upon Us«: Of borders and inner barriers – every hour of an agonising night watch, more about a soldier’s past and future is revealed. A soldier alone on a watchtower, guarding a border which has gained unsettling political relevance: His thoughts roam far back into the past when his life was still filled with love and happiness, before it all changed and he was left a broken man. The night is long, there’s a storm, there’s guilt, despair and turmoil … and a face on the other side of the fence. A man on the run, in search of a better life – just like the soldier himself … What will the soldier do?

  • Almost a Fairy Tale

    by Susanne Falk

    Zwischen witzig und absurd bis böse schwankt Susanne Falks prominent besetzter Weihnachtsreigen. Mit dabei sind u. a. Goethe und Schiller, Rosa Luxemburg, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Juri Gagarin und Mary Shelley. Da vergessen die Gebrüder Grimm beinahe den Heiligabend vor lauter Arbeit und wer steht plötzlich vor der Tür? Das Christkind. Nur wollen die berühmten Geschichtensammler es weder in die gute Stube lassen noch in ihr Märchenbuch aufnehmen. Was es mit der Work-Life-Balance auf sich hat, muss König Artus leidvoll erfahren, als ihm seine Ritter der Tafelrunde einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen, weil sie sich weigern, ausgerechnet am Weihnachtsfeiertag einen Krieg anzuzetteln. Und obwohl die Erzherzogin Maria Theresia vom Volk als Mutter der Nation verehrt wird, schafft sie es doch glatt, an Heiligabend eines ihrer dreizehn Kinder bei der Bescherung zu vergessen. Dumm gelaufen, käme da der resoluten Herrscherin nicht in letzter Minute die rettende Idee ...

  • Anatol Studies Life

    by Susanne Falk

    »Anatol Studies Life«A love greater than art theft: An entertainingand exciting story about how a peculiar young man tries to win his beloved over with impressive – yet illegal – dedication, by stealing a world-famous painting.Life is not easy for Anatol: His diva-like grandmother has dellusions of grandeur, his love affairs aren’t blessed with longevity and he doesn‘t fulfil his family’s expectations. Instead, he seeks happiness as a museum attendant. When he spots the french art student Marcelline intensely studying a Chagall painting, he instantly falls for her. Too bad, she is leaving the country. Anatol resorts to drastic measures: He steals her favourite painting and heads off to France with the Chagall. A turbulent journey ensues …

  • Boiler Suits

    by Harald Darer

    »Boiler Suits«: A man journeys into his own past when he travels home to visit a colleague from his apprenticeship as an electrician on the Styrian countryside. When his friend doesn't show he delves deeper and deeper into his memories. Feelings flare up, flashes of contempt and abuse, trickery and silent rebellion.Harald Darer paints a poignant real-life satire of the world of tradesmanship as it was until not too long ago. Close to life and captivating, grotesquely comical.

  • Chikago

    by Theodora Bauer

    »Chikago«: In nineteen-twenties Chicago three emigrants hope for a better life, but in search for paradise they find everything but heaven on earth. Life is tough at the new border between Austria and Hungary in the nineteen-twenties. Feri and Katica are living in turbulent times and most of all in poverty. But Feri sees a ray of hope for him and his pregnant girlfriend: America. A tragic incident makes the couple flee overnight with Katica's sister Anica. When they finally arrive in the land of opportunity they encounter misery and loss: Katica dies giving birth to her child and Feri becomes a drunk. After his death it's up to Anica to look after little Josip … Theodora Bauer leaves her protagonists to a painfully realistic fate in this gripping tale on the pursuit of happiness.

  • Cinnamon Ice Cream with Honey

    by Barbara Schinko / Ulrike Möltgen

    »Cinnamon Ice Cream with Honey«: Moritz spends a lot of time at the mall. His parents run the ice cream parlour there and he helps out after school. This girl Mila is there a bunch too, daily actually, as he notices. But she never has enough money with her to buy ice cream. So, Moritz gives her some cinnamon ice cream with honey, a flavour no one likes very much. But why doesn't Mila have to go to school? And what is she doing in the closed carpet store? Slowly it dawns on Moritz: Mila doesn't have a home. But what can he do to help his friend without getting her into trouble? Barbara Schinko's novel deals with homelessness in a way suitable for children: by means of a captivating story full of empathy and beautiful illustrations.

  • Darlings of the Gods

    by Amaryllis Sommerer

    »Darlings of the Gods«: Amaryllis Sommerer’s story about four young artists speaks of the experimental spirit of the early seventies and a generation that will not compromise in its quest for self-fulfilment. Nina, barely sixteen, is hungry for life, art and all kinds of experiences. She falls in love with Valentin, the most dazzling artist in town. Their love is full of passion, they are loud, radical and don’t compromise. But Valentin comes and goes as he pleases, vanishes without giving notice and only resurfaces when everyone already had thought he was lost. Karin and Martin, two filmmakers reaching for the stars, give Nina support – until, after many a detour, she finds her own way …

  • Death in Monte Carlo

    by Ivan Ivanji

    »Death in Monte Carlo«: In the year 1939, at a very high age, the Yugoslav doctor Moritz Karpaty goes on holiday for the first time in his life. His friend Viktor Elek, a rich factory owner, encourages him to join his trip to Monte Carlo, but soon a shadow is cast over the journey: World War II breaks out and the guests at the Hotel Hermitage can't do anything but worriedly follow the events on the radio. They believe to be safe and so does Moritz. After winning a fortune at the casino, he decides to lavishly spend everything in Monte Carlo. Meeting Ira, a young Russian ballerina, he is reminded of what youth felt like. In the meantime a catastrophe of war and persecution takes its course. Against the glamorous backdrop of the Côte d'Azur and in the face of destruction, Ivan Ivanji evokes the last days of a forgotten world.

  • Felix' Fantasy Weekend

    by Daniela Meisel / Sibylle Vogel

    »Felix' Fantasy Weekend«: Oh the boredom! No screens and no gaming over the weekend! How on earth is Felix supposed to get through this power outage? But when he befriends Kerim whose family – believe it or not – doesn't even own a TV, he learns to use his imagination! The boys go on a safari, sail the seas selling spices, defy pirates – and even fly to the moon! Why was Felix ever entertained by pixels on a screen? An exciting children's novel about how much fun it is to be imaginative!

  • Filomena Grey

    by Sarah Michaela Orlovský / Michael Roher

    »Filomena Grey«: Filomena's world turns darker than her name when her family decides to move to the countryside. She misses the city, her old school and all her friends. And it sure doesn't help how much her parents are enjoying and celebrating their new lifestyle. Nor that the stars compete with the campfire about who can shine the brightest. And above all, silly Merlin know-it-all-wannabe-friend keeps bugging Filomena and makes her anger even worse! Maybe a fuzzy friend could help?Sarah Michaela Orlovský creates a brave and fun young heroine who lives in her own filo-world and speaks her own filo-language. A filo-menal children's novel!

  • Finn's Odyssey

    by Manfred Rumpl

    »Finn's Odyssey«: Rebellion, unspeakable yearning, political activism and first love: Manfred Rumpl combines all of the above in a captivating and current all-ager. Finn is fifteen years old, the son of divorced parents, bad at maths, a music lover and a passionate rock climber. But after a serious climbing accident he falls into a coma and wakes up with changed spirits: His latent rebellion against his hated stepfather turns into an open revolt and culminates in an act of political protest which leads to Finn and his friends running away. Their trip through the summer heat resembles a road movie, Finn having only two goals in mind – wanting to find his biological father and to conquer the climbing wall that made him fall …

  • Fridolin Fringe

    by Michael Roher

    »Fridolin Fringe«: A hairy and mind-boggling adventure! Fridolin Fringe’s hairdressing salon contains only a small stool and the hairdresser himself. When a woman with long hair asks for a new hairdo Fridolin creates most fantastical hairy landscapes!

  • To Kill a Genius

    by Ingvar Hellsing Lundqvist

    »To Kill a Genius«: In 19th century Vienna, amidst euphoria and madness, Hans Rott struggles for survival. The young, gifted composer lives in poverty and solely for his music. His exceptional talent gets him caught up in the artistic rivalry of an era: Between Anton Bruckner who supports him and Johannes Brahms who disapproves of his work. Gradually the circumstances worsen. Trying to make due with inheritances, gifts and loans, Hans is forbidden his beloved's hand in marriage and his state of mind steadily deteriorates. Plagued by increasing delusions, his last hope is to finally perform his symphony.In this moving »Künstlerroman« Ingvar Hellsing Lundqvist brings a forgotten genius to life.

  • Two Contenders

    by Cornelia Travnicek / Birgitta Heiskel

    »Two Contenders«: Johanne und Ranjeet are different – in pretty much every way imaginable – but both have the same dream: participating in the Olympic Games. In figureskating, to be precise. Too bad it’s way too hot for ice-skating where Ranjeet is from, and all the other kids make fun of him for being small. Where Johanne is from it is freezing cold and everybody plays ice hockey. Strong and tall Johanne always wins, but no one ever wants to dance on the ice.One day, Johanne from the North and Ranjeet from the South travel to the Olympic Games. Will they be able to figureskate there and fulfil their dream? Award-winning author Cornelia Travnicek has written an empowering children's book on overcoming the feeling of being different and going for one's dreams.

  • Vienna City Guide for Children

    by Alexander Potyka / Brigitta Höpler / Sibylle Vogel

    Picus' City Guides for Children: an ever-growing longseller-series! Our city guides provide kids with fun facts, great activities and mapped out walks in many major cities in the Germanspeaking realm! Discover sights, history and anecdotes in colourful drawings, stories and interactive riddles. Picus' city guides for children encourage looking closely at known and unknown places and convey information through creativity and play. Many cheerful illustrations animate the successful series' detailed maps, while historical excursions and extensive informational materials make these guides not only a joyful read, but also a trusty resource! Much loved travel companions for children and grown-ups from all over the world! Published in English and German: Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg. Published in German: Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Lübeck, Linz, Munich.

  • What Swallows Dream of

    by Daniela Meisel

    »What Swallows Dream of«: A strong girl in the past as an inspiration for the present – Daniela Meisel links a remarkable girl's story in the nineteen-thirties with society's expectations of women today. Freda, an illegitimate child, is a tomboy and doesn’t fit in. Her father rarely shows up, her mother’s plans for her smother her. Only the new boy in school, Benjamin, truly understands her. Despite of dark times, a fragile first love starts to blossom. But National Socialism is on the rise, and Benjamin and his family disappear. Freda’s father abandons her and war is approaching. The girl has to face a grim world, but will not be broken.

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