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  • Travel & Transport
    August 2018

    Bored tourists

    by Laurence Stephens

    A colourful, ironic look at tourists on holiday, documenting their funny and bizarre behaviour Bored Tourists explores the phenomenon of travelling to a foreign country with every intention of being inspired by it, only to be left feeling bemused, disappointed, bored or half asleep. Taken in Spain and Portugal and shot in square format as a subtle nod to our current ‘Instagram generation’, these amusing images present an unforgiving vision of the tourist experience. Warning: this book contains a lot of selfie sticks.

  • Hobbies, quizzes & games
    September 2020

    Chess Improvement

    It's all in the mindset

    by Barry Hymer & Peter Wells

    This book sets out how the application of growth mindset principles can accelerate chess improvement. Many gifted players fall prey to self-defeating beliefs and practices and thereby fail to achieve the levels their ‘natural’ abilities predicted. However, through learned dispositions such as grit, risk-taking, strategic thinking and a capacity for hard work, players of apparently modest abilities can achieve impressive results. Blending both theory and practice this book provides a template for chess improvement which will be invaluable for any aspirational chess player or coach/parent of a chess player. Drawing on extensive interviews conducted with members of England’s medal winning squad of players, Chess Improvement establishes a bridge between what the authors know about talent development from academic research and the practical wisdom of experienced chess players and coaches.

  • Education
    September 2020

    Cognitive Load Improvement

    A handbook for teachers

    by Steve Garnett

    Cognitive load theory (CLT) is rapidly becoming education’s next ‘big thing’. It is natural, therefore, that teachers will want to know more about it and, more importantly, understand how they can embed it in their classroom teaching. Written by author and international teacher trainer Steve Garnett, this invaluable handbook offers a complete yet concise summary of what CLT involves and how it can impact on pupil performance. Steve covers a wide range of teaching strategies to help teachers avoid overloading their pupils’ working memories, and empowers them with the tools to get their pupils learning more effectively – particularly when learning new content.

  • Family & health
    September 2020

    Could It Be Insulin Resistance?

    by Hanna Purdy

    Do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, fatty liver? Are you tired all the time? Do you crave sweet snacks and have a bit too much fat around your middle? You may not yet have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, but you almost certainly already have insulin resistance, which is caused by chronic, sub-clinical inflammation and lies behind many chronic illnesses that are now reaching epidemic levels, even in children. Hanna Purdy presents this practical, evidence-based guide to the meaning and causes, and what to do about it, including how to reverse it with an inflammation-reducing diet and other lifestyle changes, in an easy, sustainable way that is compatible with busy family life.

  • Impact of science & technology on society
    February 2021

    Data Lives

    How data are made and shape our world

    by Rob Kitchin

    The word ‘data’ has entered everyday conversation, but do we really understand what it means? How can we begin to grasp the scope and scale of our new data-rich world, and can we truly comprehend what is at stake? In Data Lives, renowned social scientist Rob Kitchin explores the intricacies of data creation and charts how data-driven technologies have become essential to how society, government and the economy work. Creatively blending scholarly analysis, biography and fiction, he demonstrates how data are shaped by social and political forces, and the extent to which they influence our daily lives. He reveals our data world to be one of potential danger, but also of hope.

  • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
    September 2020

    Do Make

    The power of your own two hands

    by James Otter

    We are all makers. From brewing our morning coffee to folding a paper aeroplane, we find it satisfying to create something that didn’t exist before. And it isn’t just about the outcome. Making requires us to slow down and become absorbed in the process: an antidote to our fast-paced world. James Otter is an award-winning wooden surfboard maker with a passion for. In Do Make, he invites us to rediscover the joy of making. By using our hands to transform natural materials into objects of beauty and utility, we reconnect with our creativity, our environment, and back to ourselves. Isn’t it time to make your mark on the world?

  • Photography & photographs
    October 2020

    Do Photo

    Observe. Compose. Capture. Stand Out.

    by Andrew Paynter

    This isn’t a book about how to take the best pictures. It’s not even about the technical aspects of photography or how to ‘make it’ as a photographer. In fact, it argues that you should take fewer photographs. By sharing 10 practices honed over a lifetime working with clients such as Adidas, Levi Strauss, and Apple, photographer Andrew Paynter encourages you to develop a more considered approach to photography so that you craft pictures with care. Do Photo teaches novice, intermediate and advanced photographers how to use their cameras to really connect with subjects, create memorable and more impactful photographs, and to enjoy the process along the way. And guess what? It all starts before you even pick up the camera.

  • April 2020

    Hitler's Third Reich in 100 objects

    A material history of Nazi Germany

    by Roger Moorhouse & Richard Overy

    Hitler's Third Reich is still the focus of numerous articles, books and films: no regime of the twentieth century has prompted such a body of literature. Collated by one of the world's leading historians of Nazi Germany and illustrated throughout, this book is a compelling and revelatory guide to the Third Reich. The 100 objects, fully colour illustrated range from documents and postcards to weapons and personal effects. The objects include Pervitin, Hitler's Mercedes, Hitler's grooming kit, the Messerschmitt 262, the Luger pistol, the Tiger Tank, Eva Braun's lipstick case, the underpants of Rudolf Hess, and, of course, the Swastika and Mein Kampf. A fascinating and accessible format to bring history alive.

  • Travel & Transport
    June 2020

    Hotel Carpets

    by Bill Young

    When a pilot’s daughter tweeted saying that all she wanted for Christmas was for her dad’s Instagram account of hotel carpets to go viral, she didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Hundreds of thousands of people now share Bill’s love of the fascinating, wacky and sometimes ‘challenging’ designs of the hotel carpets he sees around the world (he now has a dedicated following of 426k). This pocket-sized book documents the weird and wonderful patterns we tend to ignore on our travels and is accompanied by the photographer’s tongue-in-cheek commentary.

  • Politics & government
    September 2020

    It’s the Government, Stupid

    How governments blame citizens for their own policies

    by Keith Dowding

    In this topical book Dowding shows that responsibility for many of our biggest social crises – including obesity, gun crime, homelessness, drug addiction and problem gambling – should be laid at the feet of politicians. Governments have developed a convenient habit of blaming social problems on their citizens, placing too much emphasis on personal responsibility and pursuing policies to ‘nudge’ their citizens to better behaviour. Dowding argues for a radical shift, encouraging us to stop scapegoating fellow citizens. He calls instead for us to demand more from our governments, who have the real power and responsibility to alleviate problems and bring about lasting change.

  • June 2020


    Know, love and inspire your people

    by Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston

    Practical, evidence-based and optimistic, this book will inspire leaders in any setting to lead through service and empower them with the tools to help their team flourish. In this wide-ranging book, the authors eloquently combine up-to-date research in psychology and neuroscience with inspiring examples of success to show that leadership can be learned and that it is all about looking after your people. They take you on a journey to meet a diverse selection of great leaders from multiple spheres and talk you through the process by which effective leaders have become great leaders. The book features a wide range of practical activities designed to help the reader reflect on both their own and their team’s points of action for future progress.

  • August 2020

    Level Up

    The fitness professional's road map to achieving excellence

    by Mark Coles

    Aimed at fitness professionals trying to improve themselves as trainers and improve their business, Level Up is about developing the business that you want to run, and creating the life you want to live. For every step you take on the journey to achieving these goals, you will have to Level Up. With three clear Level Up road maps to guide you on your journey: The Personal – Be More! will help you break through personal limitations and strive for excellence; The Physical – Learn More! will help you improve your coaching skills, knowledge, results and reputation in the fitness industry; – The Professional – Do More! will increase your business acumen, your levels of professionalism, and your understanding of marketing, money and sales.

  • August 2020

    Life after Covid 19

    The other side of crisis

    by Martin Parker

    Almost every aspect of society will change after the pandemic, but if we learn lessons then life can e better. Featuring expert authors from across academia and civil society, this book offers ideas that might put us on alternative paths for positive social change. A rapid intervention into current commentary and debate, Life After COVID-19 looks at a wide range of topical issues including the state, co-operation, work, money, travel and care. It invites us to see the pandemic as a dress rehearsal for the larger problem of climate change, and it provides an opportunity to think about what we can improve and how rapidly we can make changes.

  • April 2020

    Making Soft Dolls

    Simple Waldorf designs to sew and love

    by Steffi Stern

    Why do Waldorf dolls have such simple facial features? What is it about dolls that captures the imagination of children and adults around the world? This book answers these questions and highlights the power of dolls when used for therapeutic purposes, recognising that soft dolls aren’t just for children. From the simplest rag doll to more complex characters, this book gives clear instructions, a guide to buying your materials and upcycling materials you already own. These dolls are easy to make and are a perfect present that will be loved for generations. A Foreword by Philipp Reubke, Council member of the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE) explains why it is important for Waldorf dolls to have simple, open faces.

  • Travel & Transport
    September 2020

    Paris, China

    by François Prost

    An obscure town in China has built itself in the image of Paris. See if you can spot the difference. Oscar Wilde said ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ so the French capital ought to be flattered indeed! The small city of Tianducheng in China, built just 13 years ago, boasts an Eiffel Tower replica and 31km2 of convincing Parisian architecture, landscaping and fountains. Photographer François Prost became fascinated with the ‘duplicature’ movement in China and travelled there to capture the phenomenon. His resulting images presented side by side with the French originals, are playful if a little unsettling.

  • October 2020

    Power of Love Leadership

    7 proven strategies to drive success, maximise results and inspire compassion and trust

    by Sarah Higgins

    What’s stopping you being a great leader? Uncertainty and doubt, fear and frustration, anger and resentment, pressure and stress all stand in the way of getting top results from your team and business. In this inspiring and highly practical guide, leadership expert Sarah Higgins coaches you on how to break through the fear-based barriers that hold you back so you can lead from the heart. With the Power of Love Leadership®, you can build a fearless team that’s motivated to collaborate, create, inspire and innovate to achieve excellence, top results and business success. You’ll think more clearly, make better decisions, push morale and productivity to new levels and navigate success with compassion, confidence and care.

  • February 2021

    Radical Empathy

    Finding a path to bridging racial divides

    by Terri E. Givens

    The book explains how we can all contribute to social change by using the notion of ‘radical empathy’, and how we might all practice it. Radical Empathy explains that the persistence of inequality is an indicator of the stubborn resilience of the institutions that maintain white supremacy, and to bridge our divides, renowned political scientist Terri Givens calls for ‘radical empathy’ - moving beyond an understanding of others’ lives and pain to understand the origins of our biases, including internalized oppression. Deftly weaving together her own experiences with the political, she offers practical steps to call out racism and bring about radical social change.

  • June 2017

    Release your inner drive

    Everything you need to know about how to get good at stuf

    by Bradley Busch and Edward Watson

    Release Your Inner Drive is a book of infographics designed to show teenagers how they can excel at school and in life. The graphics distil the latest research into psychology and neuroscience, alongside explanations of what exactly this means for teenagers and what they can do with these insights in practice. Researchers and academics in the fields of psychology and neuroscience have spent years trying to understand why some people flourish and others never truly fulfill their potential. Bradley and Edward have condensed that wisdom into this no-nonsense, visual guide which also provides clear explanations of the concepts, along with links to the latest research, for those who want to delve deeper into these fascinating insights.

  • September 2020

    Slow computing

    Why we need balanced digital lives

    by Rob Kitchin & Alistair Fraser

    Given the growing public concern about digital dependencies, data privacy, and the right to disconnect or be forgotten, the time is right for a book which explains to a general readership what is occurring and why, and gives practical and political advice about how to live digital lives while also protecting one’s well-being and data. Drawing on the ideas of the ‘slow movement’, Slow Computing sets out numerous practical and political means to take back control and counter the more pernicious effects of living digital lives such as the effect on well-being extensive data extraction and profiling that helps determine life chances. The book asserts that it is possible to experience the joy and benefits of computing, but to do so in a way that asserts individual and collective autonomy over our time and data.

  • February 2021

    Stories to Light the Night

    A grief and loss collection for children, families and communities

    by Susan Perrow

    Using the power of metaphor and imaginative story journeys, combined with the sensitive art of ‘listening’, Stories to Light the Night offers story medicine for children, families and communities at times of grieving, loss and separation. Stories and words have healing potential. They can strengthen us, help to reframe things, and help make meaning. Included are stories for the loss of a loved one, the loss of family connection, the loss of a pet, separation from home, country or place, loss of health and well-being as well tales for the loss of nature and eco-grief/anxiety and stories on cycles of life and change. Each story includes a description of who the story was written for, the age group and the situation.

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