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    • Blood and Milk

      by Mohamed Al-Jezawi

      The novel poses the problem of identity, as it is the essence of the psychological and intellectual conflict of the main character (Hassoun), who is disputed by two contradictory identities; He was born in the land of Yemen from a Muslim father and a Jewish mother and carried the inheritance of the two religions and their old and new conflict.Hassoun's internal journey continues with his own human crises and transformations that he witnesses along with his external journey through various societies that he went through in transitional stages of their history. Over two thousand seven hundred years, Hassoun seeks to discover himself and reach his identity by retiring at times, and by experimenting at other times, thus he goes through multiple experiences to get closer to himself.

    • Devouring Himself, Starting with His Feet

      by Abdallah Al-Zioud

      Despite its small size, it managed to take its place among the best modern literature books in recent years. From the title and cover, going through its amazing preface and eloquent language, and to the element of surprise and unexpected ending. Abdallah Al-Zioud was able to make the reading journey of this novel a meaningful journey despite its shortness; a journey introduces readers to new terms that manipulate their imaginations and puts them in the eye of the event through a visual language that conveys the reader from paper to the visual world of the novel. It teaches them some of writing tricks and simplifies what seems complicated at the beginning so that the reader believes in its ordinary before discovering that he has fallen victim to fraud.I can say that the most beautiful thing about this novel is that it was not written in a style and did not follow a context. it rebelled against the ordinary, uniquified in style, and combined simplicity and complexity in a way predicting an amazing ability and counted in its writer favor.

    • The Land of Zeekola

      by Amr Abdelhamid

      Can you imagine entering a crypt to find yourself in a strange land whose people deal with intelligence units? You work and do not take your wage in cash, but rather your intelligence units increase, and if you buy something, they decrease. It is the wondrous land of Zeekola, where there is no place for lazy ones. Whoever runs out of units will be killed. A strange adventure in which the novel takes us with its hero Khaled, who suddenly finds himself there to get to know that country. We live with its people, witness his meeting with the doctor Aseel, and go with him on a path he never choose.

    • The Mud and Stars

      by Ahmed Lotfy

      Below the earth and above the sky. The two arcs between which a human lives his life and rotates through them. Who is more truthful than history if we look at human life as a whole? How does love attract him, how does authority blind him, how does inattention obliterate him, so he thinks of himself as the highest, and the law of time falls into the mud with him. Who is truer than history? With these tales, I only wrote about human.

    • Your Psychological Complexes Is Your Eternal prison

      by Youssef Al-Hasani

      If you are not ready to face your reality, if you are running away from yourself and avoid facing yourself, then this book is not for you! In this book, you will be shocked by discovering many things and facts that you thought were part of the postulates of life. Also, this book will deal with many bold and realistic matters in our Arab societies that were not discussed in detail in the past, and it will be enough to cause a bout of awareness within you.Get ready for a unique journey that will enable you to see things differently, know your true self, your psychological complexes, and how to have a decent and real life.The book addresses the following points: How are we indoctrinated intellectual legacies? And to what extent does the influence of parents in shaping our id entity and our reactions? A detailed psychological analysis of the most important psychological complexes that exist in the aspects of relationships, work, money, Authority, love, and others. A detailed explanation of the methods of deception and emotional manipulation in relationships. How do we become mature? Why are we afraid of confrontation and expressing our thoughts? How do we overcome our fears? The relationship between the psychological complexes and gender.And many other things.

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