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    • Poetry (Children's/YA)
      August 2018


      Poemas breves salvajes

      by María José Ferrada, Ana Palmero

      "Hidden in his horn he guards the secret of the jungle”. This might be as well the beginning of a novel, but it's an inspired riddle about wild animals. The illustrations in high varnish of this edition highlight the different skin textures of each animal and invites the reader to discover a new way of reading in a tactile and playful way.

    • Picture storybooks
      June 2018


      Para un breve diccionario poético

      by Andrés López

      My city, your city... are they really so different? This book is the result to a raw visual critique of our society. Feelings and thoughts mix together to share this out-of-the-status proposal.

    • Animal stories (Children's/YA)
      October 2019


      by Adolfo Córdova, Armando Fonseca

      Do you hear the wolves howling underneath the ground?  They are buried waiting to be invoked by mother wolf, grandmother wolf and sister wolf. Only then, from the deepest side of the earth, they will rise. From a great explosion they will then be acknowledged as what they are: wolves, corn, wolf opossum, human wolves.

    • Classic crime
      June 2018

      Burke & Hare Asesinos

      El oráculo

      by Pablo Boneau

      In Edinburgh, between the years 1827 and 1828, Mr. William Burke and Mr. William Hare committed a series of murders. Why did they do it? This is the story on Pablo Boneau's version.

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      October 2020


      by María José Ferrada, Pep Carrió

      The authors of this book take us on a journey through the different ways of inhabiting a house. Based on illustrations by Pep Carrió made with acrylic markers, the writer María José Ferrada uses poetic language and humor to propose a set of micro stories that invite readers to observe their own ways of inhabiting the world.

    • Horror & ghost stories, chillers (Children's/YA)
      October 2021

      El año de la rata

      by Jorge Alderete

      Our forests are shrinking every year due to fires forestry. Trees and all life that inhabits them, from tiny microorganisms to families of birds and animals are destroyed by flames that in most cases, are caused by we, humans.

    • Poetry (Children's/YA)

      El bolso

      by María José Ferrada, Ana Palmero Cáceres

      Keys, handkerchiefs, coins, three flowers from last spring, a bird. Boys and girls are expert observers and that is why they know that a mother’s purse fits everything. A book in Braille that reminds its readers that when observations are mixed with imagination, the most everyday objects are capable of coming to poetic life.

    • Picture books, activity books & early learning material

      El espacio entre la hierba

      by María José Ferrada, Andrés López

      This book object, composed of 30 cards, invites the reader to stop in the poetry that surrounds us.

    • Personal & social issues: body & health (Children's/YA)
      October 2020

      Enciclopedia de anatomía fantástica

      by Pedro Mañas, Mariana Alcántara

      For centuries, illustrious doctors have tried to find the ultimate weapon against disease: from hot stew to injections, trying even injections of hot stew. As tasty as they are useless. But not everything is lost. In this fantastic and incredible encyclopedia, if you read carefully, you will be able to find cures and remedies against new and unsuspected diseases. We prescribe you to read it carefully, preferably with a scarf on and with a bowl of stew broth. Just in case, get a scarf for the chicken as well, before you cook it.

    • Humorous stories (Children's/YA)
      February 2019


      by Andrés López Martínez

      Close your eyes ... insert your hand. You may discover something you were not expecting. This book by Andrés López attracts children and curiosity page after page defies reader expectations.

    • Science fiction (Children's/YA)
      September 2019

      La Nacionalien

      by Sandro Bassi

      How often do you check your cell phone? Do you wear it while you walk or take the bus? In the subway? Do you have WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook? How many likes did you get this week? The cell phone is without any doubt your door to the rest of the world. It connects you, but more important, you disconnect.

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      October 2017


      El nombre del barco

      by María José Ferrada, Ana Penyas

      On May of 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, 456 sons and daughters of republican fighters took the transatlantic boat Mexique, that set sail in Bordeau to arrive in Mexico. Previsions were that they would stay there three or four months, but the Republican defeat and the beginning of the Second World War changed that brief exile into a definitive one.  This books tells the story not only of those children, but also about the ship, being aware that we do not know how many boats try to cross our oceans every day, moving human beings that have full rights to a proper way of living and not to stand over a land that tears apart below their feet.

    • People & places (Children's/YA)
      March 2018

      Mi Barrio

      by María José Ferrada, Ana Penyas

      Every morning Marta goes out and verifies that everytthing is the way it should be: her friends in a terrace playing an eternal game of cards, the same beach as always in the usual place, children having fun in the schoolyard... Just a regular and amazing life in the neighbourhood.

    • Art: general interest (Children's/YA)
      December 2019


      by Jorge Alderete

      Mask is a tribute to Bruno Munari’s book. Dr. Alderete shows the mask not as a metaphor for hiding, but as a liberation of the spirit, that allows us to relate with ourselves and to know and understand us in an unexpected way.

    • Swimming & water sports (Children's/YA)
      October 2020


      by María José Ferrada, Mariana Alcántara

      There might be many swimmers for sure who, after training so much during the day (“50 meters of Front Crawl, 50 meters of Back and 50 meters of Butterfly”) at night they dream about being fish. But during those same nights, when the moon illuminates the oceans, will fish dream about being swimmers? The authors of this book use humor and poetry to show us that a page can be a deep sea or an Olympic-size swimming pool, depending on the eyes with which it is looked at.

    • Poetry (Children's/YA)


      by María José Ferrada, Mariana Alcántara

      Our forests are shrinking every year due to fires forestry. Trees and all life that inhabits them, from tiny microorganisms to families of birds and animals are destroyed by flames that in most cases, are caused by we, humans.

    • Personal & social issues: death & bereavement (Children's/YA)
      August 2018


      by Andrés López Martínez

      What happens when a mother dies? Death affects us in many ways, because of the absence and the emptiness it provokes. Sometimes the sadness is such that it makes us wonder through life aimlessly. Then we settle in nostalgia.

    • True stories (Children's/YA)
      August 2018


      by María Jose Ferrada, María Elena Valdez

      Thirty-four poems, one for each of the young children (all under the age of 14) that were executed, arrested or disappeared during the Chilean dictatorship. A book dedicated to all those little Chilean victims, but also to all the children that each day suffer the consequences of violence.

    • Social issues: war & conflict issues (Children's/YA)
      October 2019

      Noticias al margen

      by María José Ferrada, Andrés López Martínez

      Disappearances, ecological disasters and humanitarian crisis are most of the time less important topics in the news —or in our everyday life— compared to movie premieres or the result of football matches. The relevance of this matters, require our urgent reflection.

    • Wildlife (Children's/YA)
      October 2020


      by Andrés López Martínez

      Panther went hunting as every morning. While looking at her prey and its herd, she started to feel alone. Is it possible that no one has ever noticed her?

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