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  • Sagas
    October 2020

    A Christmas to Remember

    by Anton Du Beke

    Return to the Buckingham Hotel in Anton Du Beke’s sparkling new novel... London, 1938. As the threat of war looms ever closer, the Buckingham Hotel’s difficulties grow. Still reeling from the events of last year, and with guests decreasing as foreign tensions mount, the staff of the Buckingham will have to struggle to keep up the hotel’s glamorous reputation. Life for Nancy Nettleton and the man she loves, demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise, is only about to get harder. But beneath the glitz of the ballroom lies a thousand secrets...

  • Historical fiction
    January 2021

    A Prince and a Spy

    by Rory Clements

    SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author Rory Clements is back with a new WWII spy thriller. Sweden, 1942Two old friends meet. They are cousins. One is Prince George, Duke of Kent, brother of the King of England. The other is Prince Philipp von Hesse, a committed Nazi and close friend of Adolf Hitler. Days later, the Prince George is killed in a plane crash in the north of Scotland. The official story is that it was an accident - but not everyone is convinced. There is even a suggestion that the Duke's plane was sabotaged, but with no evidence, Cambridge spy Tom Wilde is sent north to discover the truth... The thrilling follow up to the SUNDAY TIMES bestseller HITLER'S SECRET, as Tom Wilde returns to unravel a dangerous mystery that goes all the way to the heart of the Third Reich - and the British Monarchy. Perfect for readers of Robert Harris and Ben MacIntyre.

  • Crime & mystery
    August 2020

    Blunt Force

    by Lynda La Plante

    Jane Tennison must navigate the salacious world of theatre to solve a murder in the heart of London's West End. Things can’t get much worse for detective Jane Tennison. Unceremoniously kicked off the adrenaline-fuelled Flying Squad, she now plies her trade in Gerald Road, a small and sleepy police station in the heart of London’s affluent Knightsbridge. With only petty crime to sink her teeth into, Tennison can feel her career slowly flatlining. That is until the discovery of the most brutal murder Jane has ever seen: big-time theatrical agent Charlie Foxley has been found viciously beaten to death with a cricket bat – his body dismembered and disemboweled. Foxley had a lot of powerful friends – but just as many enemies. And alongside her old friend DS Spencer Gibbs, Tennison must journey into the salacious world of show business to find out which one is the killer, before they strike again. Gripping, thrilling police procedural at its finest. Over half a million copies sold

  • Thriller / suspense
    November 2020

    Body Language

    by A.K. Turner

    Meet Cassie Raven. Goth. Londoner. Mortuary assistant. As introduced in Cut and Paste and Open and Shut, two crime shorts for BBC Radio 4. The dead can talk - is anyone listening? Camden mortuary assistant Cassie Raven has pretty much seen it all. But this is the first time she’s come face to face with someone she knew on the slab. Someone she cared about. Geraldine Edwards, the teacher responsible for her returning to education after she got ensnared in a life of drugs. The woman who acted as a second mother to the orphaned Cassie. Deeply intuitive and convinced that she can pick up the last thoughts of the dead, Cassie senses that there must be more to the ruling of an accidental death. With Mrs E’s evasive son demanding the release of his mother’s body, Cassie knows that time is running out to find answers. Is her grief making her see things that aren’t there? Or is her intuition right, and there’s something more sinister to Mrs E’s death than the medical examiner thinks? Harbouring an innate distrust of the police, Cassie sets out to investigate the death and deliver justice for the woman who saved her life. For fans of Elly Griffiths and Kathy Reichs comes a new heroine for forensic medicine.

  • Fiction
    April 2020


    by Lynda La Plante

    A burnt out cottage, a fortune buried in the ashes, and a body that could solve a decades-old crime. Jack Warr is a young DC with the Metropolitan Police. Charming but directionless, Jack can’t seem to find his place in the world – until he’s pulled into an investigation that turns his life upside down. In the aftermath of a fire at a derelict cottage, a badly charred body is discovered, along with the burnt remnants of millions of stolen, untraceable bank notes – the hidden legacy of Dolly Rawlins and her gang of Widows.Jack’s assignment to the case coincides with an investigation into his own past. As he searches for the truth about his identity, Jack finds himself increasingly drawn into a murky underworld of corruption and crime. Those millions have not been forgotten – and Jack will stop at nothing to find the truth. With roots in La Plante’s WIDOWS series, this is a thrilling departure introducing a fatally charasmatic and unpredictable anti-hero.

  • Fiction

    Call of the Raven

    by Wilbur Smith

    The prequel to A FALCON FLIES. The son of a wealthy plantation owner and a doting mother, Mungo St John is accustomed to the wealth and luxury his privilege has afforded him. That is until he returns from university to discover his family ruined, his inheritance stolen and his childhood sweetheart, Camilla, taken by the conniving Chester Marion. Fuelled by anger, and love, Mungo swears vengeance and devotes his life to saving Camilla – and destroying Chester. Trapped in New Orleans as a kept slave, Camilla must learn to do whatever it takes to survive. Mungo battles his own fate and misfortune to achieve the revenge that drives him. But to regain his power in the world he must question what it takes for a man to survive when he has nothing, and what he is willing to do to get what he wants.

  • Women's Fiction
    April 2020

    Greek Island Escape

    by Patricia Wilson

    How far will a mother go to find her daughter? ‘I am Sofia. I am searching for my daughter, born 1st November 1972. Can you help me?’ On the beautiful beaches of Crete, an old woman is handing out scraps of paper. Sofia, eighty-five years old, unable to speak, is desperate to find a daughter she has never known. After a tragic childhood in Athens and a soaring career as a singer, the brutal treatment of the man she loved by a tyrannical regime forced her to give up her daughter mere days after her birth. Now she longs to be reunited with her child before it’s too late. Meanwhile in London, Zoë is searching too. In the months since the disappearance of her teenage daughter, Zoe's life has crumbled apart. Her husband has left her, her son feels forgotten, and every day is a struggle. But Zoe is desperate to track her daughter down, even if she doesn't want to be found . . . Perfect for fans of Victoria Hislop and Lucinda Riley. ISLAND OF SECRETS, VILLA OF SECRETS and SECRETS OF SANTORINI have sold over a quarter of a million copies.

  • Fiction
    March 2021

    Hope Nicely's Lessons for Life

    by Caroline Day

    In learning to write, will Hope Nicely learn more about herself? Hope’s mind is not like that of most people. Thoughts struggle to keep in a straight line and words slip away like through a fishing net. Teachers at school used to tell her that it was like an old jumble sale, with everything stacked up high, clothes and curtains and toys, all piled together with little order. It’s not always easy to tame it and express her feelings but if there is something Hope Nicely can rely on it is her determination and stubbornness. What she wants more than anything is to write her life story so she can find her birth mother and get answers to all her troubling questions. When she signs up for an evening writing course little does she know that this will turn her life into an adventure. In the space of a few weeks she’ll make new friends and a couple of enemies; she’ll understand that not everything in the world is what it seems; and when her mum gets ill her little universe of structured routines will turn upside down. What she’ll learn will be much more than teachings on style, structure and storytelling … This is a poignant and beautifully written story about a young woman and her emotional journey to find out who she really is and how she fits into the world around her. With the innocent/naïve charm of Amelie and the wayward quirkiness of Eleanor Oliphant, Hope is an irresistible character. Her brave, funny and honest voice will hit you like an unexpectedly tight hug, one that you might at times feel you will never be free from but that eventually you will never want to give up.

  • Fiction

    Legacy of War

    by Wilbur Smith

    The sequel to the number one bestseller, COURTNEY’S WAR. Just because the war is over and Hitler dead doesn’t mean the politics he stood for have died with him. Saffron Courtney and her beloved husband Gerhard just survived the brutal war, but Gerhard’s Nazi-supporting brother, Konrad, is still free, and those that survived the war are determined to regain power. A plot against the couple begins to stir – one that will have ramifications throughout Europe . . . Further afield in Kenya, the last outcrop of the colonial empire is feeling the stirrings of rebellion. As the situation becomes violent, Leon Courtney finds himself caught between two powerful sides, and a battle for the freedom of a country.

  • Fiction
    July 2021


    by Lex Croucher

    Mean Girls in the Regency era. A historical romcom for the modern woman.Abandoned by her parents, middle-class Georgiana Ellers has moved to a new town to live with her dreary aunt and uncle. At a particularly dull party, she meets the enigmatic Frances Campbell who lives a life Georgiana wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams. Georgiana falls in with Frances and her unfathomably rich, deeply improper crowd (think lots of inappropriate ankle chat). Georgiana is thrown into a brand new world of unescorted parties, special substances, handsome, curly-haired gentleman, and freedom. She is well and truly introduced to the upper echelons of Regency society and it’s anything but dull. But the price of entry to high society might just be higher than Georgiana is willing to pay... This witty novel is about status, friendship, and first loves. It's about sex and consent in a time where reputation was absolutely everything, and feminism in a time when women's rights were a completely different story. It's full of parties, men on horseback and a sense of humour that would have given Austen herself a chuckle.

  • Adventure
    June 2021

    The Long Journey Home

    by Cecily Blench

    A moving and powerful novel of love, secrets and redemption in a country torn apart by war. It's 1941 and Kate is living in Rangoon, the capital city of Burma. A world away from her traditional English upbringing, she loves the exotic climate and the culture of the people. When Edwin, a young man from London, starts working in the government office with her, a friendship develops between them. But Kate can sense that Edwin has secrets and is looking for a place to call home - something that she shares.As their bond grows, Kate helps Edwin to settle into life in Burma. But war is coming and when the Japanese invade, Kate and Edwin are forced to flee. They begin a perilous journey to India, but soon become separated. As Kate continues on her journey alone, she can't get the troubled young man she has come to care so deeply for out of her head. With the fallout of war all around them, in a place far from home, will Kate and Edwin survive their journey and find the peace they both so desperately seek? For readers of Kate Furnivall and Dinah Jefferies. THE LONG JOURNEY HOME is the winner of the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize, Best Unpublished Manuscript Award.

  • Fiction
    April 2021

    The Mistake

    by Katie McMahon

    Moriarty meets Jane Fallon in this gripping tale of family, love and secrets. Kate and Bec are sisters, but they could not be less alike. Bec lives the perfect life: perfect house, perfect husband, perfect children. That is, until she meets Ryan - ten years her junior, wild and exciting, his arrival makes her question everything she thought she wanted. Her sister Kate's life is anything but perfect. Her career as a model ended dramatically over a decade ago; now she lives alone miles from her family, and has been lonely for a long time. That is, until she meets kind, funny Adam. But something doesn't quite add up, and as he avoids Kate's questions, she begins to wonder if he is too good to be true.Bec thinks Adam is only after her sister's money, and Kate can't see why Bec would throw her life away for Ryan. But as tensions mount and secrets are revealed, which sister is about to make a mistake? A novel about mistakes and choices, relationships and forgiveness, THE MISTAKE will have you turning pages long into the night. Not since Liane Moriarty and Marian Keyes have we met such sharp, sassy characters and been captivated by such a suspenseful, tantalising read.

  • Fiction

    The New Kingdom

    by Wilbur Smith

    The first book in a thrilling new series which returns to Ancient Egypt. Hui grows up on the burning red sands that lie on the banks of the Nile Valley mud fields, a motherless son born to a doting father. When his father gifts Hui a robe as a mark of his favour, Hui’s embittered and resentful step-brother, Qen, seeks revenge for being passed over. He poisons their father and reveals Hui’s birth mother to have been a Hyksos – condemning Hui as a murderer and barbarian. Just as he is set to be killed for his crimes, his sister, Ipwet, sets him free. Desperate and with nowhere to go, Hui joins the Hyksos and travels across the Sinai, learning the art of charioteering and becoming a master. However, after a chance encounter, he enters the service of Tanus and joins with the Shrikes, abandoning the Hyksos. There he meets Taita, and the two work together to foil a plot by Qen – now working with the Hyksos – to take over the city of Lahun. Now a hero and champion, Hui joins Taita and Tanus on their future adventures.

  • Thriller / suspense
    October 2020

    The Return

    by Harry Sidebottom

    Death isn’t finished with him yet... 145BC - Calabria, Ancient Rome. After years of spilling blood for Rome, Gaius Furius Paullus has returned home to spend his remaining days working quietly on the family farm. But it seems death has stalked Paullus from the battlefield. Just days after his arrival, bodies start appearing – murdered and mutilated. As the deaths stack up and panic spreads, the war hero becomes the prime suspect. After all, Paullus has killed countless enemies on the battlefield – could he have brought his habit home with him? With the psychological effects of combat clouding every thought, Paullus must use all his soldier’s instincts to hunt the real killer. Because if they are not brought to justice soon, he may become the next victim. For readers of Bernard Cornwell, Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden.

  • Romance
    June 2022

    The Royal Station Master's Daughter

    by Ellee Seymour

    A heartwarming and dramatic World War I saga of family, secrets and royalty.Roll out the red carpet. The royal train is due in half an hour and there's not a minute to be wasted. It's 1915 and Ada, Jessie and Beatrice Saward live in a small Norfolk village with their parents. Their father, Harry, is the station master at Wolferton, the local stop for the Sandringham Estate. With members of the royal family and their guests passing through the train station on their way to Sandringham, the Saward family have a unique position within their small community. But despite the privileged position the village and the family is in, and the excitement a visit from the royals always brings, it's World War I and the community is suffering. The men are away fighting, rationing is hard and they all need to work together to get through the tough times. When the Saward sisters' destitute cousin Maria arrives in Wolferton, everything is turned on its head. As products of Willie Saward's second marriage to a much younger woman, they were shunned by their extended family, and were left in poverty after Willie's death. Will the Saward family be able to help Maria and what could her precence do to the balance of their happy family life? The Royal Station Master's Daughters is the first book in a brand-new WWI saga series, inspired by the Saward family, who ran the station at Wolferton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Through this family we get a glimpse into all walks of life – from royalty to the humblest of soldiers.

  • Historical fiction
    October 2021

    The Three Sisters

    by Heather Morris

    From the international bestselling author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka's Journey, comes a novel of breathtaking power, the story of three brave sisters. Cibi, Magda and Livia were aged 19, 17 and 15 when they were taken to Auschwitz from their home in Vranov, Slovakia. Cibi, the eldest, fought each day to keep the family together. Magda was fierce, a dreamer, a rebel - she made sure they had enough food, blankets, the best work. Livia, still a child, lived often in her head, dreaming of a bright future. For years, they had so little - but they had each other. When the war ended these determined young women, who had lived through so much, made their way to Israel, to be present at the birth of the Jewish homeland. There they worked, prospered, found love, and made a rich life for themselves, always together. This is a story of survival, of hope - and of renewal. Two of the sisters are alive today, in Israel, surrounded by family and friends. They have chosen Heather Morris to reimagine their story in her remarkable new novel, THE Three Sisters.

  • Thriller / suspense
    September 2021

    The Whistleblower

    by Robert Peston

    One man's secret is another man's weapon... The ground-breaking debut thriller from the UK's foremost political journalist, ITV News' Political Editor Robert Peston. 1997. A desperate government clings to power; a hungry opposition will do anything to win. And journalist Gil Peck watches from the sidelines, a respected commentator on the sport of power politics. He thinks he knows how things work. He thinks he knows the rules. But when Gil's estranged sister Clare dies in a hit-and-run, he begins to believe it was no accident. Clare knew some of the most sensitive secrets in government. One of them might have got her killed. As election day approaches, Gil follows the story into the dark web of interests that link politics, finance and the media. And the deeper he goes, the more he realises how wrong he has been. Power isn't sport: it's war. And if Gil doesn't stop digging, he might be the next casualty.

  • Fiction
    July 2021

    Time after Time

    by Louise Pentland

    Number one bestselling author Louise Pentland is back with her brand new novel that will make you laugh, make you cry and thoroughly charm you! Sometimes you have to go back, to move forwards. Tabitha is stuck. She still lives in the small town she grew up in . . . the town she's barely ever left. So, when her dad drops a bombshell over their weekly Sunday dinner, Tabitha takes a look at her own life. She lives firmly in her comfort zone and doesn't know how to break out. Sometimes she wishes she should go back and start it all again. When she meets Bea, a free spirit like no one else she's ever known with an 'interesting' sense of style, Tabitha quickly befriends her, recognising in Bea the change she's been craving. But soon it becomes clear that more has changed than her new friend. Somehow Tabitha has been transported back to the 1980s, with the chance to reinvent herself in another time, will Tabitha ever manage to move forward?

  • Fiction
    June 2021

    Waiting for the Miracle

    by Anna McPartlin

    A powerful exploration of motherhood, filled with unique and unforgettable characters, as funny as it is moving, and as poignant as it is wise. 2010. Caroline has hit rock bottom. After years of trying, it's clear she can't have children, and the pain has driven her and her husband apart. She isn't pregnant, her husband is gone and her beloved dog is dead. The other women at her infertility support group have their own problems, too. Natalie's girlfriend is much less excited about having children than her. Janet's husband seems to be having an affair. And then there's Ronnie, intriguing, mysterious Ronnie, who won't tell anyone her story. 1974. Catherine is sixteen and pregnant. Her boyfriend wants nothing to do with her, and her parents are ashamed. When she's sent away to a convent for pregnant girls, she is desperate not to be separated from her child. But she knows she might risk losing the baby forever.

  • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
    January 2021

    What I Did

    by Kate Bradley

    You can run, but you can't hide... Lisa is running. She has taken her child, Jack, and she has run from his father.Lisa thinks she's safe. She's found a remote house where no one will be able to find them. Lisa is about to wake up in her worst nightmare. And now she must face what she's tried to escape. Risking everything to protect her little boy, Lisa knows that in order to survive she will have to fight, but it's hard to face someone you loved, especially someone you still love, who knows who you really are - and what you are really capable of. Family is everything. What would you do to protect it? The new 'gripping' (CLAIRE MCGOWAN) and 'fast-paced' (C. J. TUDOR) suspense thriller from the author of TO KEEP YOU SAFE. Perfect for readers who love Rachel Abbott and B. A. Paris.

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