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  • Psychology
    June 2020

    10 Rules for Talking

    An Expert's Guide to Mastering Difficult Conversations

    by Tim Harkness

    A top psychologist’s guide to resolving conflict at work, at home and in the public sphere. Psychologist Tim Harkness has noticed that everyone is shouting, but nobody is listening.We need to find a new way of talking. Aren’t we all born with an innate talent for communication and connection? And yet, in an age of Brexit and Trump, where social media provides a platform for instantaneous, unfettered opinion, doesn’t it sometimes feel that we’ve lost our ability to move our discussions forward? In the modern world, as our conversations and tone become ever-more adversarial we can find ourselves alienated from those who don’t share precisely our opinion. Climate change, diversity, TimesUp, Twitter spats, two-party political systems - the list of intense debate-generating topics goes on, but resolution often feels further away than ever. And it’s not just in the public sphere where we can improve - at home, in our friendships, with our family, at work, we need to find a new way to talk productively. 10 Rules for Talking is a timely guide to help us retrain our brains. Focussing on ‘crucial’ conversations where opinions vary, emotions are running strong and the stakes are high, Tim’s ten rules will help you listen, persuade, respond, adapt and - most importantly - keep the conversation progressing. Discover how to recognise that conversations and agreement are not as simple as we think, the importance of de-escalation to keep conversations safe, and why we must always respect our opponent, even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Welcome to a new way of talking.

  • Travel writing
    May 2021

    A Trip of One's Own

    Hope, Heartbreak and Why Travelling Solo Could Change Your Life

    by Kate Wills

    The triumphs and tribulations of a woman travelling solo. Kate Wills wasn’t expecting to be divorced after six months of marriage. She wasn’t expecting to be remaking a life that had, for the last twelve years with her partner, seemed so stable and fixed. But at 33, this is where she found herself. Luckily, her job as a travel journalist offered her the perfect opportunity to escape from it all, something she’d be doing since she was young and coping with her parents’ highly dysfunctional relationship. But this time she began to search history for female travellers to inspire her. In doing so, she discovered Nellie Bly, who made it round the globe in just 72 days in 1889 and the uber-cool Emily Hahn, a New Yorker writer who lived in Beijing for most of the 1920s, amongst many others. For anyone who has dreamed of leaving it all behind, and perhaps got a little way down the road, before the doubts and fears kicked in. Looking back through history, Kate will invoke some of the astonishing women who’ve broken free and cleared the path for us to do the same. Chronicling her most memorable journeys, the women who inspired them and her best solo travel tips (and ways to avoid disaster), A Trip of One’s Own is a funny, heartfelt invitation to take that trip to wherever your heart is calling.

  • Domestic animals & pets
    August 2020

    Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy

    Even More Of Your Dog Training Dilemmas Solved

    by Steve Mann

    Hundreds of your biggest dog-training questions answered by the No.1 dog trainer and bestselling author. What should I expect when I adopt a rescue dog? How can I stop my dog from barking at strangers? How do I teach an older dog, new tricks? Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy provides solutions to hundreds of dog training problems, including socialising, excessive barking and recall. Steve passes on his wisdom gained from working with thousands of dogs throughout his career. He teaches owners how to work out what kind of pet carer they are and what techniques will work best with their pup. Believing that dogs need to be treated ethically, with good habits rewarded, Steve has developed a fun and practical programme that works with dogs however old they are and whatever their breed and personality.

  • Domestic animals & pets
    July 2021

    Easy Peasy Awesome Pawesome

    Simple Dog Training for Kids

    by Steve Mann

    Whether you’re living with a brand-new puppy, an adult dog or rescue dog, Steve’s methods will give your kids verything they need to know. Using simple, proven and ethical techniques, he’ll show them how to have the best relationship with their pup, as well as teaching them how to get super-fast recalls, great loose lead walking, perfect manners and much, MUCH more... It really is easy peasy and every tip, trick and lesson will bring your kids and their puppy closer together.

  • Domestic animals & pets
    May 2019

    Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy

    Your Simple Step-by-step Guide to Raising and Training a Happy Puppy

    by Steve Mann

    With over 75,000 copies sold, this is the must-have dog book for anyone who has or is thinking of getting a puppy. How do I get my new puppy to sit? When should I give it a treat? How do I build a trusting relationship with my pet? Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy is an easy to read and accessible guide to training a puppy from birth to young adult (2 weeks to 6 months). Every tip, trick, fact and commandment for making your new addition the perfect pup is included in a fun and informative style, broken down and explained so that you can begin to build the best relationship you can with your new addition to the family. Written by expert dog-whisperer Steve Mann, the no. 1 dog trainer, this is a must-have for anyone who has or is thinking of getting a puppy.

  • Domestic animals & pets
    November 2020

    Easy Peasy Doggy Diary

    The Training Journal with New Tips and Techniques

    by Steve Mann

    This weekly diary is the perfect tool to help you and your dogs stay on track, set out in a simple format with over 25 new tips and techniques to help you and your dog enjoy the journey to domesticated bliss. Beautifully designed with illustrations and line drawings with weekly targets and progress checks, Easy Peasy Doggy Diary is the perfect way to record those special dog moments such as walking without a lead, perfecting recall, sleeping through the night and socialisation with other dogs and visitors. Whether you want to keep track of diet, jot down your favourite local walks, record health visits or celebrate key achievements, this journal helps you plan for the future and see how far you’ve come.

  • Family & health
    July 2020

    Everything You Need To Know About Breastfeeding

    Advice, Solutions & Self-Care for Every Parent

    by Chantelle Champs

    A modern, up-to-date, friendly and non-judgemental breastfeeding guide with expert advice for all mums. In her down-to-earth style, Chantelle will act as your guide and support system as you prepare to breastfeed, including:Preparing before birth What to expect in the early daysMilestones to reach Breastfeeding in public and going back to work Problems to look out for with tried and tested solutions ...and much moreChantelle believes that every parent should feed their baby in whichever way they think is best, and it is her mission in life to make sure mums have as much information as possible when thinking about breastfeeding. Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding is her way of doing just that, and is written with the support and know-how of a certified lactation consultant to make sure it is as useful and up-to-date as possible. In personal notes, Chantelle tells her own story of motherhood and breastfeeding, including the issues she experienced and how she ended up tandem feeding her twins after their premature births. Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding shares other real mums’ stories of breastfeeding, mental health and body image, so that you know whatever you choose and are going through, you are not alone.

  • Family & health
    August 2020


    What Nobody Ever Tells You About Being A Mum

    by Louise Pentland

    The new Sunday Times bestselling memoir from Louise Pentland. MumLife; noun: the inescapable swirling vortex of love, guilt, joy, annoyance, laughter and boredom that makes up the life of a mum. Louise Pentland has been through a lot. From a traumatic birth with her first daughter, to single motherhood, to finding love again and having a second child, Louise’s parenting journey has been full of surprises. Discussing the realities most working mums face, plus the impact of maternal mental health, Louise is on a mission to make other mums feel less alone, and very much heard. She beautifully reveals her own imperfect but perfect route to motherhood, as well as the loss of her mum so early in her life, how it shaped her and the mother she became. Reflective, uplifting and with her signature hilarious wit, MumLife will share Louise’s ups and downs, reflecting on her route to motherhood and what she has learnt along the way. This is the honest truth about motherhood, from someone who’s been there and experienced it all.

  • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
    November 2020

    Scar Tissue

    by Ollie Ollerton

    The first Alex Abbott thriller from former-Special Forces soldier turned number one bestselling author Ollie Ollerton Ex-special forces soldier Alex Abbott escaped the Middle East under a cloud and now lives hand-to-mouth in Singapore. Scraping a living as a gun for hire and estranged from his family, Abbott is haunted by ghosts of the past, drinking to dull the pain. Life's tough, but there is one upside - at least he's not in Baghdad. That's about to change. When a job goes badly wrong, Abbott's in hot water. Next he learns that his military son, Nathan, is missing in Iraq. Knowing something is wrong, needing to find his son and desperate for redemption, Abbott has no choice but to go back. Returning to Baghdad, Abbott renews old acquaintances and begins his search for Nathan. The body count rises as old wounds open and he struggles to confront his demons, self-medicating the only way he knows how. But when one of his old crew turns up dead in mysterious circumstances and the link with Nathan is clear, Abbott begins to suspect a trap. But who is the hunter? And who is the hunted?

  • Family & health
    June 2021

    Secrets of the Mummy Concierge

    The Laugh-Out-Loud Memoir

    by Tiffany Norris

    The hilarious, heart-warming and perfect summer read from The Mummy Concierge. Acting as a baby’s personal assistant, on-call therapist and social director, Tiffany strives to be the ultimate parent protector, peacekeeper and negotiator when it comes to bringing a new tiny human into the world. Where demands go way beyond late-night food cravings, from sourcing a unique baby name, testing out breast casts, to designing couture gowns for the delivery room, Tiffany is on hand to help mammas and papas-to-be with all kinds of quirky and seemingly impossible requests... Sharing Tiffany’s own story of fertility struggles, IVF and post-natal depression - whilst keeping up her day job dealing with other people’s babies - Secrets of the Mummy Concierge is the perfect heart-warming read to escape with.

  • Politics & government
    September 2020

    The Art of Disruption

    A Manifesto For Real Change

    by Magid Magid

    A guide to hope, doing better, being courageous and disrupting age-old power structures in work, life and politics. This is for when you make the placard, join the march, tweet the hashtag, join a union, begin the chant, claim the occupation, spread the word, stand up to the power, feel the revolution, seek the truth, seize the day, make the change and take control. This is for when those in power don’t listen, those above don’t look down, those around you remain silent and those who want to can make a change. This is for the ‘remainers’, ‘remoaners’, activists and revolutionaries; conservationists, ecologists, naturists and humanists; men, women, black, white, young and old. This is The Art of Disruption and how we can all take back control and make a difference like our lives depend on it. In this book, Magid Magid will show you how it is possible to think differently about power and life, and the interaction of the two.

  • Hobbies, quizzes & games

    The Feminist Quiz Book

    by Sara Pascoe

    Test your feminist knowledge with over 100 questions on feminist history from around the world. Delve into the fascinating history of women who refused, dared, led, asked and discovered, from Queen Elizabeth II to Mary Wollstonecraft and from the incredible Rosa Parks to the inspiring Malala Yousafzai. Find out if you know the women who created the very items that surround you, like Mary Anderson who invented windscreen wipers but was told by car companies that it would distract drivers. Discover the women who weren’t afraid to be the first like Sojourner Truth, the first African-American woman to win a lawsuit in the United States when she fought to have her son returned to her from his life of imprisonment as a slave. Test yourself on the women who keep on fighting the good fight, like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Emma Watson, Caroline Criado Perez and so many more. The Feminist Quiz Book is a perfect celebration of women from around the world and the gift for the feminist in your life.

  • Self-help & personal development
    March 2020

    The Hidden Lives of Dreams

    What They Can Tell Us and How They Can Change Our World

    by Melinda Powell

    Tap into the power of sleep and dreams to enhance your wellbeing with this timely book from Melinda Powell, psychotherapist and Co-founder of the Dream Research Institute, UK. On average, we spend around six years of our lifetime dreaming. Yet, astonishingly, few of us understand the purpose of dreams and even fewer recognise what our dreaming mind can tell us about ourselves and our world. In The Hidden Lives of Dreams, Melinda Powell draws on both the art and science of dreaming to show us how better to remember, understand and benefit from our dreams, especially during life crises. As well as examining the importance of sleep and dreams, Powell explores the role of light, colour, landscapes, space, healing presence and lucidity in dreams, dispels common misconceptions and addresses our fears of nightmares – particularly apt for this time of ‘pandemic dreams’. Powell shows how to draw upon our dreams as a source of guidance and inspiration to enhance our wellbeing and to discover a healthier, more responsive and balanced approach to life.

  • Self-help & personal development
    August 2021

    The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need

    by Jade Bowler

    The only study guide you need to help you pass your exams. When it comes to studying there isn’t a one size fits all. Some learn best by visualising, some by note-taking and some by studying with others. On top of learning which techniques works best for us, how do we keep motivated? Not stress out? Or get past the fear of failing exams? In The Only Study Guide You’ll Ever Need, Jade will teach you how to get started (the hardest part!), staying motivated (just one more page!), how not to procrastinate (goodbye social media!) and how to be productive (ticking off that checklist!). Not only will Jade help you through the year with tips and tricks, she will also provide you with different ways to study so you can learn which ways works best for you. Alongside getting your study method right, Jade will importantly discuss mental health, self-doubt, work-life balance and rejection. From day 1 of studying to the night, morning of and after an exam, this is the book you need to help you get through it all and pass those exams!

  • Psychology
    December 2020

    The Power of Not Thinking

    How our Bodies Learn and Why We Should Trust Them

    by Simon Roberts

    A fascinating and revelatory look at how we learn unconsciously through our bodies and how understanding this can transform our lives. Have you ever held out your hand and used your fingers to remember your pin? Have you ever had a physical response to a decision you have to make? Have you ever forgotten how to ride a bike? In this brilliant new book, business anthropologist Simon Roberts breaks down the revolutionary idea of embodied knowledge: the information that is unconsciously picked up by our body for use in almost every area of our lives. Drawing on his own experience working with some of the world’s leading industry experts and looking at an incredible range of real-life examples and cutting-edge science, Roberts explains the various ways in which our body acquires, retains and employs information - and shows why we should learn to trust the instincts that inform the most crucial decisions and actions in our life. In The Power of Not Thinking, Roberts shows why Big Data doesn’t have all the answers, why there are limits to what’s possible with AI and why humans are capable of far more than we are currently led to believe. We just have to stop thinking and trust our bodies.

  • Biography & True Stories

    The Secret Doctor

    by Anonymous

    Angrier than The Secret Barrister, funnier than Adam Kay. In this journey into the insane world behind the curtain of a clinic, where patients bring their growths, feelings, injuries and existential crisis, The Secret Doctor explains why this is the most fascinating, frustrating and fun area of medicine. As well as capturing the stories of everyone from those who should have gone to the hospital months ago to those who really should just go to a therapist, he reveals why he can only spend ten minutes with someone, why the system is broken, why he’s sometimes late, why he loves his job, why it makes him despair and why you should never, ever Google it beforehand.

  • Biography & True Stories
    November 2020


    My Journey From War to Wonder

    by Tom Karen

    A century-spanning story of art, wonder and invention by toymaker Tom Karen. Tom Karen is a living embodiment of a life immersed in inventiveness, imagination and thought: visit his home and you will see his world come to life with papier-mâché birds, life-size cardboard tiger and various toys hogging every corner. His work-bench is a vibrant collage of creativity, from hand-drawn maps and postcards to newly devised toys for his ever-spoilt grandchildrens. He’s a real-life ‘Geppetto’: a man who lives for children and for creativity. Should his toys ever come to life they would have such a story to tell. Toymaker takes us on a journey from his early life in Czechoslovakia and fleeing Nazi Germany across continental Europe, his formative years in the UK as an immigrant with little-to-no money, through to his ascent to the top of the design tree, becoming the ‘man who designed the 1970s’ and his later years as a creative polymath and design mentor. In Toymaker, Tom Karen presents some of the most cherished items that tell a story of not just an extraordinary life, but show the importance of nurturing one’s own imagination.

  • Humour
    October 2020

    Would You Rather?

    Ultimate Collection of Preposterous Posers to Ponder

    by Joe Shooman

    The ultimate house party book. Would you rather... Look ten years older from the neck up, or from the neck down? Would you rather... Have everyone always be able to read what you’re thinking, or always be able to see what you’re doing? Would you rather... Lose the ability to lie, or have to believe everything you hear? Get stuck in with friends and family to work your way through over 200 mind-bending, side-splitting hypothetical dilemmas. Guaranteed to split opinions and get everyone talking - and laughing - at your next party, gathering or festive get-together!

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