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    • Children's & YA


      by Medardo Ángel Silva, Humberto Fierro, Arturo Borja y Ernesto Noboa y Caamaño

      “There is poetry, and there are poets, that never disappear. They circulate through new channels, at times hibernate, and with a certain persistence they are laid bare, until someone revives them.”

    • Children's & YA

      El nido infinito

      by Liset Lantigua, Majo Rodríguez y Miti Miti

      All of humanity is contained in this simple story: from prehistory to a present which could be today, told through a man and his stubborn desire to have a bicycle.

    • Children's & YA


      by Javier Vásconez y Roger Ycaza

      Between glasses of whiskey, the city’s gloom adheres to the window of the Crystal Hotel. In one of its thirdfloor rooms, the gaze of Orfila, a former horse race reporter, is lost in the eyes of Amelia, who has come into his life to disturb his solitude.

    • Children's & YA


      by Roger Ycaza

      “Middle of the world, Ecuador’s capital, “God’s face”, the first city (along with Kraków) to be declared World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO, all these and more is Quito.”

    • Children's & YA

      Quito Express

      by Ludwing Bemelmans

      “If the world were a lemon and one were to tie a string around its middle, then that string would be what is called the Equator. It divides the world in half, and it is under the path of the sun. The bumps on the two ends of the lemon are the north pole and the south pole, both cold and icy. About where the knot of the string is, where it is warm the year round, is the land of Ecuador.”

    • Children's & YA

      Vueltas por el universo

      by Roger Ycaza

      “A ticket for an amusement park ride that enters a tunnel where we don’t know what we may find. A guessing game that traverses both worlds. A challenge for the imagination and for the encyclopedic audiophile spirit which lies dormant inside of us, waiting to come out and play at a mere snap of the fingers...” Alberto Montt

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