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    • History of Art / Art & Design Styles
      October 2020

      El misterioso caso del asesinato del Arte Moderno

      by Javier Montes

      The beginnings of Contemporary Art explained as in a detective novel following the traces of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. This thrilling essay may not let us know who the real murderer is, but in the way we will learn about key issues on what we understand by Art today.

    • March 2020

      Heridas abiertas

      by Begoña Méndez

      This essay dives into the intimate diaries of ten women writers such as Idea Vilariño, Alejandra Pizarnik or Susan Sontag, revealing the great distance between the private and the social self of women.

    • Prose: non-fiction
      May 2019

      La revolución de las flâneuses

      by Anna M Iglesia

      The flâneur has become a cultural icon, but what about flâneuses? This critical study reviews the history of "strolling" women with a contemporary perspective and collects the rights to which they led the way, not yet fully consolidated today.

    • Prose: non-fiction
      June 2020

      W.G. Sebald en el corazón de Europa

      by Cristian Crusat

      Following Sebald's footsteps through his works, in parallel to key episodes in the History of Europe, Cristian Crusat enters the heart of the old continent to find out that we must abandon any idea about a unique, homogeneous and harmonious Europe.

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