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    • Children's & YA

      22 Seconds

      by Eva Mejuto

      What is not said is as if it did not exist, grandfather hadtold him one day, and it was time to exist. Alex, until then, had only lived behind the scenes. Now there was no going back. The camera was asking him to speak. Before he had time to think, he connected the camera to the computer. Twenty two seconds. That was the time it took to upload it to the networks. 22 seconds recounts first-person events from the childhoodand adolescence of a transsexual boy who, from his earliestyears, knows that his gender identity does not match the sex assigned to him at birth. A work that seeks to make visible, from empathy, a group ofhistorically silenced and denigrated people who fight for the laws - and society - to stop considering them sick.

    • Health & Personal Development
      October 2018

      Biting without Teeth

      Guide for Families to Introducing Supplementary Foods with the BLW – Method

      by Juan Llorca, Melisa Gómez

      A unique book with simple recipes and practical valuable advice to support families who seek to give their babies a healthy diet in their first months. This accessible and comprehensive guide will help you solve frequent doubts about the next steps from breastfeeding to complementary feeding regulated and directed by the baby itself (also known as Baby Led Weaning or BLW). This baby food cookbook by Valencia Montessori School chef Juan Llorca and dietitian-nutritionist and pediatrics specialist Melisa Gómez, is a unique and timeless resource, providing parents with the essential know-hows about necessary nutrition to start and accompany your baby’s diet at the different stages, from their first bite to their first birthday.

    • Children's & YA
      September 2020

      Bruno Ucelay's best worst Days

      by Àlex Maruny

      Bruno Ucelay is sixteen and ahead of him, the best summer of his life until his parents decide to upset his plans and send him to a godforsaken village in Ireland to learn English. Alone, unhappy and with an overactive imagination, Bruno finds himself caught up in a journey which begins with a penalty but which ends up changing him forever. Love, friendship and irrepressible feelings come together in this hugely honest portrayal of adolescent insecurities and the difficulty of finding a way to traverse those bridging moments between childhood and adult life.

    • Health & Personal Development

      For Everyone's Mouths

      by Juan Llorca, Melisa Gómez

      After “Biting without Teeth”, the guide to feeding your baby in the first twelve months of life, Juan Llorca and Melisa Gómez have established themselves as the chef and nutritionist who are revolutionizing ideas about infant nutrition in Spain. “For everyone’s mouth” is their new – and indispensable – book where they clear up those uncertainties which often arise about feeding children after their first birthday. As well as this, they offer us the best advice on how to adopt a healthy diet, including weekly menus, tricks to use in cooking for children, and more than sixty simple delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy. The guide to healthy eating for families and children from the age of twelve months.

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