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  • Children's & YA

    A Trip Through Lost Cities

    by El Fisgón Histórico

    This book takes us to history's most incredible forgotten civilizations. How their people lived, their most popular legends, their historical figures... With the help of The History Gossip, we'll be able to sneak into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, attend a ritual at Machu Picchu or see what it's like to have fun in Angkor. Famous cities from the five continents such as Pompeii or Troy, as well as more mysterious ones such as Birka or Tikal. Cities of great historical importance that haven't reached our days but can be experienced through archaeology... and now, through this book too.

  • Children's & YA

    Heart & Seoul

    by Silvia Aliaga, Tatiana Marco, Inma Moya

    Paula is a young dancer who's newly arrived in the Korean capital. A few weeks ago she got a curious job offer and abandoned everything to settle in Seoul. She?s about to immerse herself in the world of K-POP, the Korean pop music phenomenon that is triumphing around the world. Cris is a young British girl with a terminal disease who journeys to Seoul with a single goal: to give back a necklace to a K-POP superstar whose path crossed with hers in England. She has something important to tell him. Jay is that superstar, a member of the band R*E*X. He's lost touch with his old friends and the future of the group is in danger. Being a K-POP idol isn?t as wonderful as it looks in the videoclips.When the fate of these three strangers intersect, their lives will change forever. The novel that fans of K-POP have been waiting for.

  • Children's & YA

    The Adventures of Thor #1

    The Quest of the Hammer

    by Erik Todensson, Valentí Ponsa

    Thor and Loki have made Odin mad again, who bans them from auditioning to become Gods. But instead of sitting back and doing nothing about it, they embark on an adventure across different worlds to prove their power? all while unexpectedly becoming protagonists of several myths. After getting hold of a chariot and a few goats, they travel to the country of giants to get their hammer back. Luckily, they?ll have Freya by their side, another aspiring Goddess who?ll refuse to take the cutesy role the myths have reserved for her.

  • Children's & YA

    The House of Dragons

    by Pablo C. Reyna, Mónica Armiño

    Marcos is obsessed with the book series "Dragon Races". However, he can't find the final installment of the series anywhere. For some unknown reason, the author J. T. Lekunberri hasn't published the book. The boy will have to go in search of the writer in order to find out why he stopped writing and help him to pick up the story where he left off. An exciting story in which the limits of reality and fantasy become intertwined and give way to a friendship between a writer and a reader that will go beyond the pages of the books that bind them. A novel that mixes adventures and fantasy with more deep and delicate topics, such as depression.

  • Children's & YA

    The Magic Rescuers #1

    The Door to Imaginaria

    by Sabrina Catdoor / David Sierra Listón

    Grandma Amelia is a very famous fantasy writer. What the kids don't know is that, when she was little, Amelia was the Magic Rescuer. Now she's too big to fit through the cat door. That's why Marina, Lucas and Zoe are the new... Magic Rescuers! The kids find a magic world that can only be entered through the cat door and hurry to save Arcano, King of the Forest, from an ogre's den. During their trip they will have to deal with lots of fun obstacles, such as fickle sirens, greedy dwarves and dragons that look like lizards. And above all, they'll have to overcome their prejudices.

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