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    • Children's & YA

      A Tale of Violence

      by Pedro Riera

      Gabriel and Toni are close friends and have kept no secrets from each other since they were little. However, once they get to high school their friendship starts falling apart... Is violence fair when it?s used to impose justice? Much to Toni's dismay, Gabriel thinks so and is willing to go far to prove it.   A guy in a hoodie came out of nowhere and threw a petrol bomb. For a while, the world stood still. Everyone held their breath and stayed silent. The device seemed to fly over our heads in slow motion, and once it hit one of the excavators, it was as if someone had hit the fast forward button. The ensuing ball of fire opened the floodgates of hell. In the middle of a deafening roar, the riot police fiercely charged towards us, while they faced a rain of sticks and stones.

    • Children's & YA

      My Family is Awesome

      by Anna Rayo, Mónica Armiño

      All families are special, each in their own way. Traditional families are now joined by new family models, such as families where the parents are legally separated, families with same-sex parents, single-parent families... or even couples who do not want to have children. This book showcases different family models through the eyes of a ladybug that works for the post office and visits every house. The ladybug leaves a mysterious letter in each home, inviting the younger ones to find it. These letters bring us to the final scene, where an elderly lady who lives alone is visited by all of these families on occasion of her birthday.   A charming book showcasing all different types of families Includes a look-and-find element in every page

    • Children's & YA

      Olivia Rainshine

      by José Fragoso

      Some people have a beaming sun right on top of their head, some have a tornado, some have a gust of wind... Olivia has a cloud pouring rain all over her head, and that's because the play at school is keeping her really worried. Will she do well? Did she rehearse enough? A quick glance around is enough to see that everyone in the city is carrying their own cloud. Sometimes, just like in real life, once the clouds are gone... you can see the sun!

    • Children's & YA

      Surprise President

      by Sara Cano, Eugenia Ábalos

      Marta is a normal 13-year-old girl. She lives in Betulia, a minuscule country where nothing exciting ever happens. She likes normal things for her age (like the band Euphoria and going out with her friends) and politics has always seemed like a total bore to her until one day, in a fight with her arch rival at school, she decides to run for class president. Hector Ruffian, Jr. is the son of the sinister and corrupt President Ruffian. But the election for class president is at the same time as the national presidential election, and a misunderstanding leads the inhabitants of Betulia, fed up with the same old politicians, to vote in mass for Marta as the country's first president. Girl power!!! Marta is in shock. Her as president?! But Betulia's laws are very clear on this point: No president can step down without having served for at least 100 days. Being president is tough, but Marta has two huge allies: Agatha (best friend and Minister of Science and Sparkly Things) and Jeremy, her friend who loves cooking (even though everyone tells him that cooking is for girls). Even though being president won't get her out of having to wear the school uniform!   A novel that breaks cliches, switches up roles, and keeps you laughing.

    • Children's & YA

      The Chasers #1

      The Hidden City

      by Mara Blefusco

      The Chasers of the Dust Clan, a tiny people community, have been living in hiding for decades on the rooftop of a department store, right in the middle of the city. They steal from the supermarket, play in the aisles during the night and have fun frightening the customers. But all that peace and quiet is gone when the Chasers of a neighbouring clan vanish leaving no trace. What happened to them? Who are those humans who seem to know about them? And most importantly, what is LAEXHU, the corporation that?s after them? Sasa and Film, two young Chasers, embark on a dangerous adventure to solve the mystery. Their journey will reveal secrets that will change everything. What kind of enigma is hiding in the secret city?

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