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    • Ball games


      by Carles Viñas

      Football took foot in Russia at the end of the 19 th Century, a country of Imperial decadence on the brink of a proletarian revolution. This fact influenced the course of History – and of course the history of football with it. This book explores how football came to Imperial Russia and evolved in the Soviet Union. In their beginnings in Tsarist Russia, football was considered an oddity, an entertainment reserved to local nobles and expatriates. It was after the October Revolution that football became a cultural phenomenon with strong working-class roots. Football was seen in a different light by those who had something to do with it: the courtiers of the Tsar were repulsed by what they considered to be a foreign sport and revolutionaries thought of it as a bourgeois amusement that diverted the attention of the toilers from more vital affairs. When did the situation change? Why those who reprobate the practice of the sport ended up instrumentalising it? How the Russian revolution changed football? Were the clubs political before the Bolsheviks? How a bourgeois sport came to be the favourite hobby of the Soviet working class?

    • Dating, relationships, living together & marriage


      by Several authors

      Sex? Love? Relationship? Partner? Free love? You have a challenge in your hands. It is a challenge against yourself and against everything you have learned, that we have been taught. It compels us to change the way we see the world. It moves us to rethink your sexual-affective relationships from a new, radical angle. Explicit content here! The one that can hurt your sensibility. After reading this book you could discover that your life and relationships were not what you thought. A shock? That’s precisely the intention: to force us to think about things we never thought we would ever had to think about. In Defence of Aphrodite wants to be a collective call to develop new forms of free relationship, were our sexual liberty is a key piece in the construction of a new men and women in a new society.

    • Ball games


      by Carles Viñas i Natxo Parra

      This is not a book about football. It is more than a collection of anecdotes, data, goals and players of a club. Carles Viñas and Natxo Parra follow the story of St. Pauli through German history, from the unification of the country in the 19 th Century to its present. The field is itself a metaphor: of social struggles, worker’s demands, resistance to Nazism and ecological and anti- nuclear militant demonstrations. From promotions and relegations, squatters, popular empowerment, the founding of the Bundesliga, gentrification, club culture, anti-racism, anti- fascism and anti-sexism. St. Pauli is more than a football club. It is a way of understanding football, its ties with the community and the neighbourhood, to everyday. It’s a metaphor of a city, Hamburg. But not everything is as nice as it sounds. Even for the St. Pauli, a club between professional football, navigating through the contradictions of modern football, where money is everything. Viñas and Parra shows us what is hidden behind the skull and bones of the St. Pauli, the pirates of the Bundesliga.

    • Environmentalist thought & ideology
      February 2020


      the 99% against climate emergency

      by Salvador Lladó

      We live in one of the most crucial periods of human history and we are pawns in a chess game that pits capitalism against every other living form in the planet. In Stand and Deliver! Salvador Lledó shows us the way out of the ecological crisis we currently live in – and he makes it understandable and entertaining. From the main cause (how our economic system needs growth) to the main symptom, the climate emergency, to the wide range of political proposals born from the need to bring the way we produce and consume and destroy our nature to a full stop. The book allows us to understand the scope of the natural catastrophe and what does it mean every solution we are confronted with. But it also invite us to ponder our lifestyles: if our Western societies are no more than an illusion fuelled by an amount of energy that we will never see again, if we have to organize to build for everybody a liveable future, in balance with our planet. Otherwise, the answer will be too late and leave many stranded.

    • Spanish Civil War
      March 2020



      by Jordi Martí-Rueda

      Fanny Schoonhey was said to be the bravest woman in Barcelona. Felicia Browne decided it was time to put down her paintbrushes for the gun. The Nielsen brothers took three bicycles and pedalled all the way from Copenhagen to the Pyrenees. Penny Phelps, a nurse, was worried about the wine in a fur vessel that had been shared by many and was about to be handed to her. During the Spanish Civil War something extraordinary happened. Thousands of men and women from all over the world left their families and jobs to cross borders to fight fascism in the Iberian peninsula. History had never seen a wave of solidarity like this and it has not been seen since.  ‘Brigadistas’ gives us 60 stories on those who took part in the International Brigades. They could be fictional material but the tales are real. And they tell us how during the epic events of the Civil War people loved, dared, and were scared. They wanted to cry and even laugh. Keeping their memories alive is more necessary than ever.

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