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      by ISABEL BONO

      In this raw story, Diary of Disgust examines, in extremely sensitive prose, the meaning of life in a society where happiness is an obligation. Mateo comes back home with bandaged forearms and the certainty that he’s failed at everything: family, marriage, work, and even killing himself. He’s not crazy, he’s just a normal guy who doesn’t really feel like living. But Mateo is, above all, a responsible man who feels obliged to return to what was his home. Not only will he have to live again with his father’s neuroses; he’ll also have to reside with the ghost of his deceased mother and his absent brother. When life seems to ease into routine and tedium, he will meet Micaela, a teenage neighbor, dark and luminous at the same time, and the two of them will become friends in secret. Almost without knowing it, Micaela will become a fundamental and decisive factor in Mateo’s life.

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      An improbable love story that becomes an unforgettable tale of redemption, by the author awarded the 2018 National Prize for Narrative that has sold over 130.000 copies in Spain alone In 1954, the young psychiatrist Germán Velázquez arrives at the Ciempozuelos asylum for women in the south of Madrid. He escaped from the Civil War with his father’s help and took shelter with the Goldstein family in Switzerland, where he studied. In the asylum, Germán will meet a patient, the extraordinary Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira, a highly cultured schizophrenic parricide, and her assistant, María, a modest young woman whom she has educated and taught to read. Attracted by María, Germán grows disturbed when she avoids him and refuses to see him alone, and he suspects that she harbors many secrets she can only speak about outside the hospital’s walls. Maria’s humble origins as the granddaughter of the gardener, her years as maid to a powerful family in Madrid, her disenchantment with her first lover, her relationship with Aurora and the nuns, will become clear to readers as they learn in parallel of Germán’s life in Switzerland, where he witnessed the devastation suffered by a Jewish family amid the ravages of the Second World War. Soulmates yearning to flee their respective pasts, Germán and María want a new opportunity. Unfortunately, they come to see they are living in a country on its knees, where every sin is a crime and puritanism and repression provide cover for abuses and vileness of all kinds.

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      A family tale that drags the reader inexorably toward an unpre-dictable ending, named best book in 2019 by Babelia-El País, El Cultural-El Mundo, Forbes and La Esfera de Papel / Audiovisual rights sold to Alea Media, producer of Patria for HBO After a long time without seeing them, Gabriel decides to call his sisters and bring the whole family together to celebrate their mother’s eightieth birthday and try to heal the old wounds they all harbor and that have pushed them apart through the years. Aurora, sweet and even-keeled Gabriel’s wife, the confidante of everyone, the only one who knows how many of the demons from the past are still alive, tries to dissuade him, afraid that this attempted reconciliation will fatally aggravate the conflicts they have repressed up to now. The first phone call leads to others, to conversations that start off innocently and veer further and further into rage, and this introduces us to the lives of Sonia, Andrea, Horacio, Aurora, Gabriel himself, and their mother, showing the family history from the siblings’ childhoods up to the present day. Just as Aurora feared, old disagreements reappear like a light rain that threatens to turn into a storm and sweep them all away. Light Rain is the most moving and unforgettable novel by Luis Landero, with a force and determination that destine it to be a classic.

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      What if all the sudden men felt insecure with women’s reactions in the defense of victims of gender violence? A very contemporary theme, a unique and literary approach to female empowerment In a place that could be any city in any Latin American country, one where we can see the shape of our own societies reflected, violence against women is structural and abuses occur day after day, rising to a level of six hundred women murdered in one month with neither the police nor the state doing anything about it. At this moment, a protest and assistance movement arises, formed of women from all areas of life who want to shed light on the situation. Their numbers keep growing, and at first they are passive, patrolling during the nighttime to protect women walking alone and giving support to the families of abused women. But soon some of their leaders will radicalize and will issue a call to action using the same violence that has been used against them. “The Revelers” will be the name of one of these violent factions, and this novel will tell the story of the group and of the four women who serve as an example for the rest.

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      The discovery of an original and singular voice, awarded the Tusquets Editores Prize for Novel 2019 and the 2020 Critics Prize in Valencia, and shortlisted for the 2020 European Union Prize for Literature When Nuria, an artist for a satiric magazine, is downsized as a result of the economic crisis, she must confront the wasps that slumber in her childhood. A phone call is the sting that sets everything in motion. Her true father, whom she and her brother Raúl lost track of years ago, has reappeared. And he’s in the ICU. Her idyllic childhood with her father, her confrontations with her mother, her fear of wasps ‒a terror that Nuria purges by drawing them obsessively‒, all of that erupts forth, marking a contrast with the insecurity and precariousness of her life at present. Nuria will finally discover the hidden story of her father, the reasons he abandoned them, and perhaps will understand many other things, giving herself a second opportunity when she goes after the last wasps’ nests in the garden.

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