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    • November 2016

      Bioética: el pluralismo de la fundamentación

      by Ferrer Negrón, Jorge José ; Lecaros Urzúa, Juan Alberto ; Molins Mota, Róderic ; Valdés, Erick

      The foundation of bioethics has to do with the rational or reasonable justification of our moral choices. H. T. Engelhardt wrote more than two decades ago that "bioethics" is a plural noun and therefore so are the foundations.

    • Christian theology

      La lógica de la fe

      Manual de Teología Dogmática

      by Cordovilla Pérez, Ángel

      In a fragmented and plural cultural context like ours, this work offers a systematic compendium of the Christian faith, trying to express in a faithful, current and significant way the foundation and content of that faith. The objective of dogmatic theology is to articulate and understand the logic of the faith, asking about Christianity as a whole, and from here trying to show what is its most specific and singular reality that distinguishes it and, at the same time, puts it in relation to other human sciences and other religious traditions.

    • Philosophy
      February 2020

      La utopía conservadora

      by Mario Ramos Vera

      Conservadurism has traditionally been conceived as opposed to the great abstract schemes and ideals of political perfection while the utopian has been situated in an order of promise or a blissful non-place. This apparent polemic would entail a singular paradox, since there is a conservative utopia of a desiderative and normative nature, that is, a moralistic yearning and a critical mirror of the reality of its time, as opposed to the outlines of perfection that aspire to build a new and perfect world on the embers of a previous order. The study of conservative utopianism that this work addresses aims to challenge the convention that polemically opposes utopianism and conservative political thought. Ultimately, it denounces the ideological reductionism that links utopia with totalitarian projects of social transformation and that, at the same time, devalues imagination as an element of political reflection that is opposed to the conservative defence of traditions, ideas and successful practices throughout the history of thought.

    • 2018

      Matrimonio y causas de nulidad en el Derecho de la Iglesia

      by Peña García, Carmen

      This work will be very useful for members of ecclesiastical tribunals and canon lawyers, as well as for teachers and university students of canonical marriage law and, in general, for all those who wish to know about a subject as exciting -and often so controversial- as marriage and canonical nullities and dissolutions.

    • May 2019

      Ética animal

      Fundamentos empíricos, teóricos y dimensión práctica

      by Aguilera Dreyse, Bernardo ; Lecaros Urzúa, Juan Alberto ; Valdés Meza, Erick

      Humanity has benefited throughout history from the use of animals in many different ways. Since the middle of the last century, and especially in the last ten years, there has been growing concern about whether we have been and still are abusing them. This book aims to provide a broad overview of all the ethical and philosophical questions that have appeared since then, mainly in the academic world, but also from the social and political movements around animal ethics. It analyses issues such as the possible cognitive capacities of the different species and their degree of sophistication.

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