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    • Religion & beliefs
      April 2018

      28 cosas que debes saber sobre los ángeles

      by Díaz Latorre, José Ignacio

      In the spring of 2018 I was writing my second novel, "The Guardian of Omu", which by now and doing an exercise in temporal mysticism, I hope and wish that it has become a recognized "best seller". I was about a third of concluding the aforementioned novel, when one morning I dream, and I say exactly dream, with a rather vague scene in which the idea of ​​writing about the essence of angels materializes in my mind. It is at that moment when I regain consciousness and awake, but I decide to continue thinking about that dream, more than anything else because of the curiosity and exceptional nature of the event. I sing a sweet dream again, more than a dream, sleep it, I would say. In that diffuse period of space-time, I see clearly, as if it were a data transfer, a script of content that appears to my knowledge. A succession of clear and unequivocal ideas that I had never thought to ask myself before, and all of them, referring to the subject at hand here.At that moment I decide to get out of bed and sit in front of my computer. Approximately 60 minutes later I have written that dream or received script, or what do I know. After writing it all in a row, I decide to read it carefully and immediately afterwards I see that it really is the script of ideas that I must develop without wasting any more time. At that moment I decide to slice it and use it as an index.It is exactly the index of this book.

    • Religious & spiritual fiction
      January 2020

      Ciento once mil

      by Díaz Latorre, José Ignacio

      This novel narrates part of the life of Naraka Patel, but it could also have narrated that of anyone else, a path always riddled with evidence that we must learn to interpret.The young Naraka escapes from his family at a very young age. He lived in a small village near Delhi, and was fleeing from an abusive father who was about to kill him. On his way he grows, and crosses the north of India until he reaches Kathmandu (Nepal), where he enters as a Buddhist monk in a monastery, being recognized as the incarnation of Lama Savitri Parvati Rinpoche.Throughout his exciting life experience he achieves enlightenment, becoming the lama of the well-known Kopan monastery. He ends his days in an isolated retreat in a cave in the Mustang region of northern Nepal, where using the "Phowa" technique he achieves a lucid and conscious death.Naraka, during his retirement, writes multiple texts, this book being a small part specially dedicated to western culture, where some of his valuable and fully valid teachings are shown.

    • Fiction
      June 2019

      El guardián de Omu

      by Díaz Latorre, José Ignacio

      Juan suffers a spectacular camouflaged traffic accident, since his real objective was suicide. Then he discovers that it was not Juan, but an experienced special agent of the Solar Police of this galaxy, with jurisdiction over the entire solar system and a life completely opposite to what he had. Recover the memory and assume his situation, sharing mission and adventures with Yura, his eternal partner and co-worker.Argos recovers and learns to live "out of the box" again, facing alien species of clear negative polarity in his new mission. The very existence of planet Earth is in your hands.Without a doubt, it is a current and action novel. For minds of the New Earth, awake beings, with intuition, and capable of recreating in their imaginations scenarios, concepts, and fictitious events that could be very close to becoming real potentials in the immediate future.Take back the pleasure of fiction ... Or not.

    • Fiction
      May 2019


      En tierras de Urantia

      by Díaz Latorre, José Ignacio

      Are you ready to read the story of the second coming of Christ in full s. XXI? Do you want to know first-hand who he was, what he did and with whom? Do you know that this time she was a woman and that her mothers were lesbians?Get ready to explode your neurons with this groundbreaking, entertaining, and surprising novel, set in real settings in Spain (Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona) and Europe.Action, adventure, travel, sex, technology, chases, magical scenarios, extraterrestrial beings ...You have before you a new modern and daring thriller that will make you reflect on reality.

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