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    • Children's & YA
      January 2021

      Berta's Boxes

      by Dario Alvisi; Amélie Graux

      Berta is tidy, never throws tantrums and never cries. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she just opens one of her boxes of emotions and shuts in her tears, fear and anger. But what would happen if one day she loses control? Berta will realize that emotions should be felt and not locked up inside boxes. A great contribution to help raise emotionally intelligent kids.

    • Children's & YA
      February 2020

      Put Yourself In My Shoes

      by Susanna Isern; Mylène Rigaudie

      When Cricket goes for a walk, he finds Ladybug searching for something in her garden. She’s lost one of her spots! Since Cricket doesn’t have any spots, he doesn’t think they’re important. Bee has a problem too: her wing is all tangled up! Spider is running low on silk and Centipede doesn’t have enough shoes… But Cricket doesn’t think any of those things are that important. But what will Cricket do when he faces a problem?

    • Children's & YA
      March 2020

      Sam Can't Sleep

      by DAvide Calí; Anna Aparicio Catalá

      Why can´t Sam sleep? He decides to ask the other animals in the jungle to find an answer to his problem. But Elephant, Snake, Monkey, Tiger and Crocodile aren’t happy about being woken up. Will Hugo ever find out why he can't sleep?

    • Children's & YA
      September 2020

      The Incredible Ship of Captain Skip

      by Alicia Acosta; Cecilia Moreno

      Join Skip and her crew on their amazing journey across the sea. As you read the story, you’ll make your own paper ship with easy-to-follow instructions! Through her adventure, Skip’s ship will be damaged. At the same time, you’ll be tearing off pieces of your paper ship discovering a funny surprise in the end… the treasure of Captain Skip!

    • Children's & YA
      February 2020

      This Poop Is Mine!

      by Gusti

      When Lola the fly finds a mountain of poop, she sticks her flag in it and declares, “This poop is mine!” She’s so happy she has her own pile of poop… until Fiona the fly lands on her poop and declares, “This poop is mine!” Lola and Fiona have the battle of a lifetime as they try to decide who this poop belongs to. Who will win the fight for the big poop? Or can the two flies find some way to say, “This poop is OURS!”?

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