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    • Annemarie

      by María Castrejón / Susanna Martín

      A FASCINATING BIOGRAPHY OF ONE OF THE ICONS OF FEMINISM This is the first graphic novel about Annemarie Schwarzenbach, a Swiss writer, journalist, photographer and traveler. It’s a coming-of-age story rather than a biography, paying special attention to the character as she grew up. Apart from her life, the novel will include many other aspects to reflect on, for instance, the power of literature as a catharsis or travelling as escapism and soul- searching.

    • Carvalho. Tattoo

      by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán / Hernán Migoya / Bartolomé Seguí

      THE COMIC-BOOK ADAPTATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER BY MANUEL VÁZQUEZ MONTALBÁN One day, the body of a naked man appears on the beach of Vilassar de Mar. With the fish eating away at him, a tattoo engraved on his skin is the only clue: “I was born to revolutionise hell.” Carvalho is in charge of finding out this unknown man’s identity. A search that will take him from the streets of Barcelona to the canals of Amsterdam in this, the first adventure of one of the most famous sagas in contemporary noir literature. Created by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán in Yo maté a Kennedy, Carvalho returns in Tatuaje, the first novel in which he is working as a private investigator. This November, Norma Editorial will publish this graphic adaptation, masterfully created by two veterans of the Spanish graphic novel scene: Hernán Migoya (Todas putas, Olimpita, Plagio) for the script and Bartolomé Seguí (Premio Nacional Award 2009 for Las Serpientes CIegas) for illustrations.

    • Picasso in the Civil War

      by Daniel Torres

      AN HOMMAGE TO ONE OF THE GREATEST ARTIST OF OUR TIME AND A BEAUTIFUL STUDY IN THE POWER OF FICTION France, 1953. Picasso is 72 years old and is already a myth. He only regrets one thing: not having being able to participate in The Spanish Civil War. However he has an idea. “Let art rewrite the past”. He decides to employ a comic book artist to write a history about a young Pablo Ruiz Picasso fighting in one of the most decisive battles of the war: the Battle of the Ebro.

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