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    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      May 2020

      Mr. Korbes and Other Stories by the Brothers Grimm

      by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm; Oliveiro Dumas; Pedro Gálvez

      This collection, which includes twenty-four of the lesser known stories, hopes to prolong the life of these tales thanks to their new readers. Pedro Gálvez's translation is respectful towards the original form, which was unpolished and direct, though full of charm. Oliveiro Dumas was in charge of setting them on stage. Thanks to him, these folk tales from so long ago seem to have taken place this very morning, and they are sure to frighten and delight both young and old.

    • Other graphic art forms
      May 2008

      My First 80,000 Words

      by 333 illustrators

      333 of the most prestigious illustrators and graphic artists from different countries are participating in this singular project. Each was asked to choose a single word, one they considered as their favourite, and do the illustration for it.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      May 2020

      Once Upon 21 Times…, Little Red Riding Hood

      by 21 Illustrators

      This project has its origin in a workshop for illustrators which took place in Japan’s Itabashi Museum during the summer of 2003. The participants –of whose works the book comprises– were asked not to limit themselves to simply putting their illustrations alongside Perrault’s words. Instead they were to feel free to make any changes desired in order to realise their particular interests in the tale. The result is as varied as it is surprising: there are stories of fear, of laughter and adventure; also of ghosts, love or gastronomy.

    • Classic fiction (Children's/YA)
      July 2020

      Ten Little Puppies

      by José Mallorqui; Rafael de Penagos

      With this book we retrieve a work originally published in 1943 with a text by José Mallorquí, author of the popular series El Coyote, and illustrations by Rafael de Penagos. With very little text and a great profusion of images, the consecutive disappearance of ten puppies is narrated, which reappear together at the end of the story.

    • European history
      January 2020

      The War Is Over: Alicante, 1939

      by Negrin, J; Dickson, A; Azkarraga, JM; AA.VV.

      80 years after the end of the civil war in Alicante, the book collects testimonies from the vanquished.

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