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    • Safety in the home
      January 2021

      Autodefensa feminista para todo el mundo

      by Karin Konkle

      This book deals with a subject of current interest, because there have been notorious cases of gender violence everywhere, leading to a significant increase in awareness of the issue. Self-defence is explained in a well-rounded way, including the handling of emotions, personal space, communication, and physical conflict, as well as the social framework in which violence occurs. The book has a unique focus, as it also deals with the relationship between the mind and body, and the usefulness of mindfulness for self-defence, as well as providing specific techniques for improving verbal communication.

    • Atlases (Children's/YA)
      September 2019

      Los Superpreguntones. Atlas XXL

      by Bruno Martínez Tabares

      This large Atlas is meant for children and adults to sit together on the sofa, turn the pages, share and enjoy its amusing maps, questions and illustrations with thousands of details of the five continents. Thus, curiosity, which is the source of knowledge, will continue growing. - Why it is said that Europe is the Old World? - Does France have a small Sahara? - Does Germany have a jungle? - Is there a little man peeing out in the middle of the street in Belgium? - Does Moldavia exist or is it an invented country in Tintin Adventures? - How much costs Alaska? - Do the people of Guatemala do the shopping with birds? - Does Laos have a million elephants? - Did the Japanese invent the chopsticks to eat?

    • Social issues: environment & green issues (Children's/YA)
      October 2020

      Los Superpreguntones. ¡Salvemos el planeta!

      by Bruno Martínez Tabares

      No topic is alien to children and their questions can be as ingenious as they are difficult to answer. To help us adults to find those answers and keep the little ones entertained we present our best-selling series Super Nosy, books that combine imagination, surrealism and curious facts, accompanied by fun illustrations. • Why are there so many seagulls in the rubbish dumps? • Is there an enormous plastic island on the Pacific Ocean? • Is it good for the planet to become vegan? • Is rubbish exported? • Why does Greta Thunberg refuse to travel by plane? • Are pandemics caused by climate change? • Does a lockdown benefit the environment? • Can we eat a perished yoghurt? • Do the farts of cows pollute the air? • Is it OK to throw away the dog's pooh in the litter bin?

    • Health & wholefood cookery
      May 2020

      Pan casero sin gluten

      by Juan C. Menéndez

      Written in an easy and didactic way, it goes into depth in the features and peculiarities of the gluten-free ingredients and how to use them in gluten-free bakery: from flower and starch to unknown hydrocolloids, also dealing with yeast, fats, seeds, sugars, eggs or milk among others. The elaboration processes and techniques that are used in gluten-free breadmaking need a wide section: the different types of kneading, the shaping, the different types of fermentation, the timing, the piece cutting and the baking.

    • Forgery, Falsification & Theft of Artworks
      September 2017

      Robos, expolios y otras anécdotas del arte viajero

      by Federico García Serrano

      An illustrated book about the world of art that can be read as a thriller. Paintings contain lots of stories. The intimacy of rooms or the oblivion of storerooms and attics hide the unalterable messages pictures have to reveal. This book gives a completely new approach to art, the intimate life of pictures and their social context. The author explains the different “journeys” many works of art have done over time until reaching their final location. Pictures whose biography wraps them in mystery and adventure. These adventures -plunders, the rise and fall of cultural heritage, fashion, art collectors, transactions or sometimes simply a strike of fortune- have taken them from one place to another.

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