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    • Children's & YA
      July 2020


      by Marina Núñez Monterroso; Avi Ofer

      Life is everything that happens – and everything we miss – while we gaze away at our electronic devices. Vera has a sure-fire plan to change this situation.

    • Children's & YA
      September 2019

      El collar de lágrimas

      by Franca Perini; Anna Pedron

      Pain, injustice, and heartache … someone carries our woes. Because life is beautiful, as beautiful as the text and illustrations of this book; but life also has its thorns.

    • Children's & YA
      November 2019

      El perro de Milu

      by Mariann Máray

      The winning entry of the 12th International ‘Compostela” Prize for Illustrated Books is a tale of friendship, freedom, and animal rights, set against a spectacularly coloured background.

    • Children's & YA
      January 2020

      Ninguén coma min

      by Ignacio Chao; Eva Sánchez

      The delusions of grandeur of a dictator, the attitude of a despot, egocentrism and the desire for eternal power are all embodied in a metaphor – one that is much more real than it appears – about the abuse of power.

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