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    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      April 2015

      Crónicas de la era K-Pop

      by Fernando San Basilio

      A student from Yonsei University who frequents a fortune teller's office. A comedy actor who lives in fear of being killed by the screenwriters. A nonagenarian who sells wooden ducks in the shopping malls of the Seoul underground. A couple in love with a discount coupon to taste the world's best-selling milk bun. The bubble of franchise cafes in South Korea. And Fernandez, a man with hardly any attributes who has come to Seoul to participate in the International Coffee Fair and keeps finding excuses to stay in the country. The winds of war with the northern neighbour are blowing, the cherry trees will soon be in bloom and Buda's Birthday is about to fall.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      May 2012

      El joven vendedor y el estilo de vida fluido

      by Fernando San Basilio

      Israel works in a corner of a shop built into another shop located on the ground floor of the La Vaguada shopping centre. He used to be a dreamer and had a head full of birds and romanticism, but now, after reading a self-help book that has promised him to be a better person, he has adopted a fluid lifestyle. Caught up in a destiny that leads him to nihilism, Israel, like all good anti-heroes, will have to face its own destruction. In a frenetic, feverish, and frenzied journey, which seems to have been taken from the chapter of Joyce's Ulysses' descent into hell, and which also takes place in a single, maddening day, the shopping centre (mirror of the whole of reality) becomes our modern playground, where everything is achieved and everything happens, and a perfect metaphor for the world.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      May 2010

      El mes más cruel

      by Pilar Adón

      Two strangers have to share a three-storey house for a few days, and both are determined to maintain order and be indispensable; a woman waits anxiously for the arrival of a younger boy who will free her from her boredom and frustration; Scott returns to England after his polar expedition but no one will receive him; a girl named Clara follows the footsteps of an elusive cat; a mother terrorizes her son so that he never leaves her side. The fourteen stories that compose "El mes más cruel" are a careful collection of recipes to survive loss, separation, madness and fear.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      February 2017


      by Sergi Puertas

      "Estabulario (Animal facility)" is like the controlled habitat where you experiment with rats in the lab. A collection of six long stories: amidst the noise of gunshots and explosions, two friends chat on their cell phones while cooking for some mysterious guests, until one day the TV starts talking to them; the software that manages the work uniform of a poor devil breaks down and the technical service leaves him on hold... An authentic download of great narrative, risky, brave, full of those leaps into the void that only the great ones can solve, sensitive, shameless, beautiful, extreme. Sergi Puertas is capable of building his own narrative world with just one book, which participates in science fiction and realism, and which is both uncomfortable and engaging.

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