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    • Fiction

      In Barcino

      by Maria Carme Roca

      Minicia is almost 25 years old when she suffers the contempt of her father, Lucio Minicio Natal Quadronio Vero, governor of proconsular Africa (152-154 A.D.) and winner of the Olympic Quadriga’s race of the year 129 A.D. The reason for his rejection: Minicia had been the secret lover of Theseus when she was very young, before Theseus died competing, precisely, against her father in a quadriga’s race. The noble Minicio cannot consent this and even less that his daughter has had a son with the man he hates, the slave of Dacian origin who mortified and marked his life since they were children. Puzzled by the news, since Minicia thought she had gotten rid of the baby (she didn’t know anything about her lover’s authentic identity and when she finds out she can’t stand the idea of having a son of the man who betrayed her), she will have to undertake a long search to find who is responsible for ensuring the lineage of Theseus and fulfill his revenge that affects not only her, but the entire empire.

    • Fiction


      by Lluis Prats

      Based on a real story, on a hot midday in July, the Guardia di Finanza of Lampedusa rescues a burning boat in the middle of the sea. In it travels Kambirí, a nine months old baby. Her mother has died in the fire, but before dying she entrusted her to a traveling companion, who delivers the child to Niccolò Salviati, the doctor who awaits the migrants in the port. A few weeks later the doctor decides to adopt her and look for her father with the few references that the mother’s friend has given him. But the negotiations are unsuccessful. Time passes and Kambirí grows and becomes a slender and intelligent girl. They have raised her among all those who frequent the Café del Amicizia. Fifteen years later, the doctor realizes by chance that he looked for Kambiri’s father in the wrong place and tries again. This time he is sure that he will be able to reunite father and daughter despite assuming he will drink the most bitter coffee of his life, but he knows that he must comply with the law of the sea: shipwrecked people are helped no matter what happens.

    • Fiction

      The Coltan's Conspiracy

      by Jordi Sierra I Fabra

      A journey to the darkest edges of society by Magda Ventura, the new creation of the prolific Sierra i Fabra. In this first volume, Magda Ventura, a journalist, discovers what is going to be the most important case of her career. A case that could cost her life. Magda's existence has not been easy, apart from her profession, which always takes her to the dark edges of society. She lost her partner, who was killed just before their wedding, and she herself was the victim of an attack in Afghanistan. Now she has to go and meet a high-class prostitute who wants to tell her something very important. But she is late, the woman is dead, apparently because of a risky sexual practice. From here, Magda Ventura plunges into the world of luxury prostitution, of the powerful and of foul play, and discovers an international plot about to explode. At the moment she has no proof, unless she puts herself as the target. And if that was not enough, Magda must solve her personal problems with her current lover and with a family that has always considered her a being from another planet.

    • Fiction

      The Cook of Castamar

      by Fernando Muñez

      La cocinera de Castamar tells the story of an agoraphobic cook, at the house of a Spanish nobleman whose heart she conquers, against all odds. Clara, the main character, lives in her own small universe, the kitchen of Castamar, where the only windows to the outside world are the dishes she cooks with so much passion. But she also is an independent woman, who knows how to read and write and who lives on her own, in a world full of enemies and lies. The Duke of Castamar, on the other hand, is a young widower who lost his beloved wife in an accident, a modern man for his times… The characters of the novel are very beautifully drawn, the setting shows a tremendous amount of research. The recipes grant additional value to the book, inspiring us with lovely descriptions of the kitchen scenery, the smells and the ingredients of the dishes, very much in the style of Laura Esquivel’s Como agua para chocolate. Yet, at the same time, La cocinera de Castamar, with all its mysteries, intrigues and surprising twists, takes a new turn on sagas like Downton Abbe

    • Fiction

      The Good Sisters

      by Costa Alcalá

      In the ideal city of Concordia everyone is a Good Citizen. Their day to day life is placid and without distress as long as they obey the rules and the government that watches over them at all times. Among the Good Citizens of Concordia, the March family is one of the most respected and the daughters are all that is expected from them: talented, docile, good sisters and good citizens, but all this will change as soon as they begin to see the fissures of the system, as soon as they begin to wonder if that world in which they live is as ideal as it seems.

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